April 4, 2020
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Korean Galbi BBQ: Grilled Beef Short Ribs (갈비구이)

Hi everybody! It’s summertime! Time to grill! Today’s recipe is Korean style galbi-gui. Gui means “grilled” Grilled beef short ribs. Oh my, beef short ribs are big and thick! How can we cook quickly? Korean style! We slice thinly. And then after that marinate. And then roll it up so nicely wrapped. Some of you guys know that already. You just go to Korean barbecue restaurant, you order beef short ribs Galbi, one serving, just a little small amount, is really really expensive! And they bring it rolled up, and they grill in front of you. So today we are going to make this, but today is very special The marinade doesn’t need any soy sauce. I’m going to use just salt, salt, sugar, and ground black pepper and sesame oil That’s it. You will be surprised. Just like I was surprised. I learned this recipe from a famous Korean barbecue restaurant owner. So easy, fast and quick, delicious! I’m going to cook on my patio today. Let’s start! Open sesame! (laughs) Open ses- (laughs) Look at that! Beef short ribs! This is three pounds. With three pounds you can share with four to six people. I just got this from a Korean grocery store. They made a nice package and you can pick it up so easily. When you choose this beef short ribs, try to find some with a nice beautiful square shape and also of course, there should be a lot of meat instead of bones. These are king oyster mushrooms. Ok, I’m going to use this one king. If you are vegetarian, use just only this. King oyster mushroom feast! (laughs) I’m going to wash quickly to remove any blood also some bone fragments. Dry. So now, this is the bone, and then the meat. Lots of meat, isn’t it? And then here… Turn over… And turn over… Turn over. This way makes really thin strips. Score both sides. Some excess fat or muscle, just remove this. two, four, six, eight. Eight. (mushroom squeaks) And next, garlic. Garlic, push away garlic, and green onion. Now all my cutting is done. Let’s make some marinade powder. This is organic cane sugar. But you guys can use white sugar, or brown sugar. So three tablespoons. Salt. One teaspoon plus half teaspoon. One… Plus half teaspoon. And ground black pepper. This is around one teaspoon. This mushroom guys don’t have any bones, so jealous. (laughs) I’m going to make bones with my skewers. Ok. And sesame oil, let’s drizzle sesame oil around two tablespoons here. Ok ready? My hands are going to be really wet from now. So now this mushroom, too. And then this powder. Mixture of sugar, salt, and ground black pepper. Use all. And… Next is garlic. How easy it is. And green onion… Garlic… Time to roll. This way rolling… And it’s going to be well-marinated. Ok, here… This way roll. Sugar is dissolved, by itself, so it looks really shiny. That’s why whenever you go to a Korean restaurant They serve this way. Really shiny but not brownish. Really pretty looking. Gorgeous. How is it? So easy, eh? Yeah easy, but you need to know how to slice this thinly and spread the meat. And cover this, and keep in the refrigerator. Hi guys! (laughs) I’m preparing my meal here! Some side dishes. Now my grill is heated, right now. And some, this is my side dishes. Kimchi, kongnamul-muchim soybean sprouts, spinach. Garlic This is ssamjang. How to prepare all of these is on my website especially this ssamjang recipe You need to eat together like this. Always we Koreans, when we eat barbecue, it has to be eaten with vegetables A lot of vegetables. And this is lettuce. Perilla leaves, green chili pepper, and this is daisy greens Ok, let’s do (sizzling) Hmm my! Nice nice! Some garlic… So let’s turn it over. Cut into bite sized pieces. And I will turn down the heat. I don’t want to burn too much. So now it’s ready to eat. I will just turn off. Whenever I eat this I can’t skip it, green onion salad. This is my rice. (laughs) Of course we need rice. And lettuce. And this is perilla leaf. Cooked meat here. I want some raw garlic. Here. And this is ssamjang. And green onion sala. Look at that! This is an awesome combination! Whenever I make any grilled barbecue, even pork belly, grilled beef, and galbi I always prepare this way. And wrap it up. And eat. Cheers everybody! Mmm! Amazing! Sweet, chewy, juicy, and tender. You will love it. This time I’m going to wrap it with my rice. And perilla leaf, and this is daisy green. Ssukgat. In Korean, ssukgat. I love this. Flavorful. And then rice. I made japgokbap, multigrain rice. Rice, just a little amount. And this guy. Wow, huge. And then… Saamjang. And wrap this. Eat! Mmm! I want some beer. Cheers, everybody! (laughs) Mmm! so delicious! Cold beer, and beef, my rice waiting for me It can’t be better. Let me know when you make this, how yours turns out. Have a party, galbi party (laughs) Enjoy my recipe, see you next time! Bye!

Randall Smitham