April 2, 2020
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Korean Kimchi – Ultimate Keto Side Dish!

hey guys welcome back to the Korean keto
guy Channel and in this episode got
something extra extra awesome I say
extra awesome because I’m gonna kind of
dedicate it to a subscriber
Tina Kim she actually commented on one
of the videos before which I can
probably put up here you guys check it
out it was one of the more fun videos
but in that video she had mentioned to
do a side dish a keto side dish video
and what better side dish then of course
my favorite kimchi oh yeah Korean kid oh
god how can you do a Korean kid guy
channel and not mention a side dish like
kimchi you know and definitely kita
probably in my opinion one of the most
keto side dishes you can get and not
only do I have one kimchi here but you
can see I’ve got two and three different
kimchi’s for you all today and these are
there’s probably more kimchi there’s so
many different kinds of kimchi out there
trust me but these three are gonna be my
favorite okay they’re my favorite kimchi
that you can get did my favorite type of
kimchi you can get pretty much at any H
Mart which black coffee right of course
I’m gonna sip on my black coffee here
but um if you don’t have an H Mart right
so I actually live mmm
I live here I live in the I live in New
York City so H Mart’s not too far away
so for me it’s really easy and to have
access to this but I understand that
some of you watching may not have an H
Mart in your city or town or country but
if not perhaps you can try your local
grocery maybe your these days the health
food stores may have stuff like this but
it may not be the exact same brand as
this but they’ll have kimchi at least
but um but yeah these are my top my top
three favorite kimchi’s right Kito of
course keto Kim Chi’s side dishes that
have have
all today and let’s start with let’s
start with the most common right so this
is pull geeking cheap right says their
Pony Kim cheek and this is probably your
standard inchi that like this is the
kimchi you would see if you go to a
Korean restaurant right the cabbage
fermented cabbage you know very it’s the
most common kimchi you’ll see basically
like it’s when you say kimchi this is
what people are referring to this the
Polka GG they referring to the fermented
cabbage and of course you know at a
quick glance right I know that it’s
gonna be a little hard to see there but
probably covering it but if you look at
the nutrition facts totally keto
friendly it’s got 6 grams of carbs
3-game 3 grams of fiber 2 grams of sugar
but sure enough you know you take the 3
fiber subtract it out of the carbs maybe
even with the sugar and maybe you can
say it’s got like 4 to 5 grams of carbs
so totally fine and it’s not you’re
gonna be eating this whole package right
unless you really love kimchi like I do
which I could probably but chances are
you’re not gonna eat the whole bag but
yes the pokey kimchi the most common
type of kimchi you’ll see at a
restaurant or at a H March or something
like that but yes moving on to my second
you know what I think it back this is my
second favorite kimchi I should say this
is probably gonna be my favorite even
more than the the Polka kimchi this
there we are is my most favorite
probably kimchi you can you can probably
get an in H Mart this is got cookie and
dr. G is funny because you know you may
have seen this okay it’s pretty popular
and common and if you go to a Korean
restaurant right you’ll see these if you
can see the picture here it there cubed
they’re actually like they’re cubed up
for you there they’re little square
radishes right like little cut up square
radishes that are fermented just like
normal kimchi would be but instead of
it’s gonna be radish right it seemed
kind of deal here if you I know it’s
gonna be hard to see on this this
portion of the video but if you look at
if you take a quick glance the nutrition
facts seem kind of deal six grams of
fiber three grams of fiber two grams of
sugar all in all you’re going to net
probably three to four I would say four
to five if you want to be conservative
with it four to five grams of carbs and
you’re not gonna be eating the whole bag
anyways chances are unless you like me
I’ll be pulled back sometimes but but
yeah this is gonna be actually my
favorite kimchi and not as popular as a
poker game to you the cabbage style a
bit but still this is probably second
most popular you’d see at a restaurant
and it’s my favorite it’s my personal
favorite so that’s that one last but not
least all right this this is definitely
out there right this this in captain he
competes in might in my opinion um in
terms of how much I like it
if you can see there okay this is John
Locke kimchi okay and chungu kimchi is
basically very similar to country except
so it’s still radish right but look even
says your ponytail radish kimchi
ponytail radish kimchi so it’s like it’s
basically like the cock Turkey that
wouldn’t have been cubed up for you it’s
just the normal version of it so it’s
almost like you can probably cube this
up and mistake it for cock duty but but
it’s like the whole radish kind of and
you know same thing if you look at the
nutrition facts I know it’s gonna be
already there but maybe if you guys
pause the videos and stuff it’ll show
but I can always read it out right same
kind of deal actually this is gonna be
slightly higher in in carbs so it’s
seven grams total but the fiber is only
one then you got the shearers if that’s
three subtract one from seven you got
six and
yeah the sugars probably kind of kills
it a little bit but I mean still let’s
just say conservatively even with the
sugars you’re gonna range from seven to
seven to nine grams of carbs and again
you’re not eating the whole bag so it’s
like it’s totally fine
oh yeah this one’s a contender I think
this one so the Tanakh the Tamaki
machine the Karthikeya are gonna be
contenders for me in terms of how much I
love these and I can eat these like with
anything I know that in one of the
videos will probably also reference it
is the like the rotisserie chicken
videos like so I eat history chicken
like crazy like normally if I have the
luxury to have these I’d be eating it
with that all the time I’ll deal with
anything basically but it really goes
these go really well with the rotisserie
chicken because you know the rotations
will get kind of dry and stuff like yeah
without further ado I’m also going to do
a little taste test for you all I mean
how could I not do taste as for y’all
it’s it’s keto friendly as heck
super keto kimchi friendly and it’s a
side dish that you can now use for any
of your keto dishes so yeah
I’ll use some of that YouTube’s metric
and you’ll see it all in front of you in
just a sec alright and I’m back alright
good old YouTube magic first up we’re
gonna eat some of this hoji GIM Chi
right and I have it here right here for
y’all take a look it’s got a lot of
juice on it so I’m not gonna tilt it too
much right this is the most popular oh
sorry Michael stands away this is the
most popular kimchi right that you’ll
see at the restaurants this is probably
the one you’ll find at the at the health
store if you do end up going there sort
of the H market but um I’m super excited
because I know this is crazy but this is
not my meal but I’m actually breaking my
fast as you guys all know every time you
you see B I’m basically gonna be
breaking my fast so in this case I’m
breaking my fast with some kimchi how
exciting so without further ado let’s go
to try China Boca samhita alright
and of course didn’t cut it
that’s okay when I say they that the
packaging probably wouldn’t see
this is a little there’s a little
chopstick hack you need to separate the
kimchi oh this is just cabbage right so
you can separate it this way
well here’s a little once give a little
taste yeah
that’s fantastic
when all the times with these kimchi’s
depending on which band and all that
like it some some may be more firm into
than others
okay listen seems to be right in the
middle in terms of how fermented it is
well I’m gonna be careful here
especially if you’re gonna being where
you know we’re white like me yeah so
hint of caution there extra bonus note
if you’re gonna wear white B Californian
kimchi I’m just gonna bite into this so
that’s really good
like if I’m not too careful I can
honestly probably see all this and me
potentially have a stomachache but
phenomenal it’s crunchy like I said it’s
like right in that middle area it’s not
so ripe or so fermented that it’s like
mushy but it’s just fresh enough where
it’s crunchy and still fermented oh man
phenomenal this was similar to Street
chicken right with no brainer but yes
let’s say it’s remove or the other king
cheese and I put that over here second
my personal favorite doctory
yeah look at that oh this is my favorite
as you can see where am I gonna tilt it
too much does it the juice and stuff but
it’s cubed it’s like these cubed little
and um yeah it’s give it a go maybe a
you mean that kind of help show a little
bit of thought up
amazing amazing
no man hmm
now this one there’s probably a little
bit on the riper side I should say a
little more on the fermented side still
crunchy but a little soft softer than
I’m I’m normally used to mmm this is
no I’ll take just you need it with the
chicken rotisserie any day every day
mmm okay roughs up I could probably all
this about good oh yeah because you guys
didn’t remember into the traffic Unni
that could have been bad
saved it last but not least we’ve got
chunky G you guys can see it so that’s
what it looks like up close
this is that um this one right here
right so this is like the cock piggy
where it’s like nah cube literally pony
tail radish like it’s like what would
have been before it got cubed I mean if
you guys gonna see like these are huge
that you see like the ponytail on it’s
like this is actual radish let’s give it
a try
this is great hmm this is really good um
this is what I wanted to talk to you to
be funny enough but this crunchy very
crunchy I guess I excuse me I got lucky
for the perigee on this one this one
happens to be just the way I like him
not fermented not too much with very
fresh very crunchy hmm
and if you’re eating a rotisserie
chicken oh my gosh this is probably I
think this would be better this would be
the best kimchi to eat with rotisserie
chicken that is so crunchy and is so
like tardy and not very spicy and I
think it would complement the texture of
the chicken because it’s so like soft
and stuff is the winner
hmm leave me that the hair kill like the
end of the radish is really good too
so yeah this is the tongue vacuum chief
I think this is the winner there’s a
winner for today let’s make you forget
very discreet it’s all fresh and
crunching I can already imagine what it
would be like when I was eating a
chicken with it or a tissue chicken but
really hope you all enjoyed this video
definitely if you like this type of
content right give it a thumbs up give
it a like subscribe to my channel if you
like this stuff
shout out to Tina Kim again because she
did comment and asked about Korean or I
should say keto side dishes you guys you
have it now shout out to you you got it
and yeah stay tuned for the next episode
and of course check out the other videos
that done as well alright thank you

Randall Smitham