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LARGE FAMILY BREAKFAST HACK & Unboxing // Peanut Butter + Banana Smoothie Recipe

– Today’s video is
sponsored by our friends
at Thrive Market who
make healthy living easy
and affordable to
everyone and I appreciate
that since I live way
out in the wilderness,
there are no health
food stores nearby here
and being able to order things I want to
try and experiment with and things
that I already know I love but
I just can’t get them at Wal-Mart.
It’s very nice that I can
order them at Thrive Market.
There’s also my special link in
the description below where you guys
can get 60 dollars in free groceries
with free shipping plus
a free 30 day trial.
And let’s see what I got in my
Thrive box order real quick here.
Okay so pretty green box already open,
oh and also Benjamin David at this moment
he’s sleeping he’s letting mama talk
but he’s the boss so we’ll
see how long this goes okay?
So we have our box full of good stuff.
Flyer from them.
We have just a little
bit of paper products
and then all kinds of goodies in here.
So I got again peanut
butter love of my life.
I got the Justin’s classic peanut butter.
Naturally delicious this is a good
natural peanut butter I’ve had before.
The only thing with natural peanut butter
is a lot of times they
need a good stirring
whenever you open it.
Let’s see look on the back here,
so 190 calories for two table spoons.
It’s seven carbs and then
you subtract your fiber
so that would be five grams of carbs.
You’ve got eight grams of protein.
I was out of this, haven’t
had Justin’s in a while
so that’s why I picked that for this order
and then in here to go with my peanut
butter and banana smoothies I got
some vanilla protein powder.
This is protein superfood.
One scoop, stir, smile, yes I
can read the labels to you.
It looks super healthy.
They have many different protein powders
to choose form on their site so
this is the one I went with this time.
So it’s gluten free, no sugar added,
plant based, non GMO,
all those good things
that smart people are concerned about
and things that I can’t always be
concerned about because real life,
what can I say right?
So we got PB2 with premium chocolate.
Two is nice with or without the chocolate
because usually it’s lower calories
than regular peanut butter.
Let’s see this one so two table spoons,
45 calories, six grams of carbs,
one fiber, four protein and so you mix
it with a little bit of water.
This time when I orders on Thrive Market
I thought I would try it with also
the chocolate laver
because you can’t go wrong
at least in my world with peanut butter
and chocolate mixed
together so I got that.
And then now I had yet to try this.
Let me you see everything
comes in it’s own nice bags.
This is supposed to be an excellent
alternative to soy sauce.
I have never seen it in the store.
This is a huge bottle of it that I got.
I will look up my price sheet but
I am excited about this
huge bottle to try.
My different recipes.
Also got this deodorant of all things.
See you not only get food products
at Thrive Market you can also get health
and beauty items as well.
Baby items, cleaning
supplies, and everything.
This is the Kiss my Face brand
and again I can’t go into a store
and buy this anywhere locally.
Cucumber green tea and no aluminum
which is another thing to look for
when you can in certain products.
And last but not least I got
my different miracle noodles.
Now whenever I did trim healthy mama
faithfully for about two years
I ised these often and I thought
I could start mixing
them in again for myself.
They are konjac root based.
I got two packs of the fettuccine,
two packs of the angel hair.
You know zero calories,
gluten free, soy free.
Whenever I cook with these I use these
just for myself I don’t
feed them to the family.
I have to drain them really well
and add some salt and pepper but anyway,
good alternative for healthy
mom lunches for myself.
And you can see here even the PB2 powder.
We’ve got 3.95, 36% off
for a 6.5 ounce container
and there’s the peanut
butter powder with chocolate.
And then of course you
get an extra percentage
off your first three
orders plus free shipping
and all of that good stuff so
I’m gonna show you my smoothie now.
You know me I am flexible especially
when it comes to recipes and cooking
and depends what we have
on hand and everything.
I have some you know a lot of times
I freeze big batches of bananas,
not this what I’m holding up in my hand.
I’ll freeze like a gallon sized bag
when I know I’m gonna use bananas
for banana bread or smoothies for
the whole family et cetera.
This is just some additionally little,
like if I just had one or
two bananas start to turn
I’ll put them in a smaller little
baggie just for myself.
So let’s find my almond milk.
Okay so I’m gonna have to have someone
go into the garage and
get almond milk for me
but I can at least get my
other stuff in order here.
Okay now I got everything
all squared away here.
So I got some almond milk,
again our protein powder,
our peanut butter powder.
You can use a plain peanut butter powder
but I’m gonna use it this time
that has the chocolate in it because
that just that sounds lovely to me.
And then this is the equivalent
of two frozen bananas.
So we’re gonna pile all this in
the blender and make our smoothie.
Guys so of course in real life
fashion we had some comedy.
About two weeks ago I was filming this
Thrive Market video and then my blender
went kaput as soon as I started
putting the smoothie
ingredients in it was hilarious.
So Travis went and he got
me this nice new blender
like the very next day but I have not had,
that was my filming day to get this done,
I have not had two minutes to worry
about making this smoothie since then.
Although I do love some peanut butter
and banana smoothie so Amelia’s here,
her and I now two weeks later are
gonna make this peanut
butter and banana smoothie.
We’ve got everything laid out.
Okay sweetie you wanna
dump the bananas in there.
Doing one scoop of the protein powder.
And we’re gonna use two table
spoons of the chocolate PB2.
Alright there we go second one.
I just did the first one
Amelia did the second one.
Doing two cups of almond milk.
I’m measuring it only
for you guys of course.
The first one and then
here’s the second one.
Now we have a cup of vanilla yogurt
so I’m gonna poor it in Amelia
you help me scrape it out.
Can you stick your spatula in there,
there you go scrapin’ scrapin’.
You got your little ducky.
Little ducky in the car
is in the smoothie video.
And now we’re gonna give this thing a go.
Oh boy fancy new blender huh missy.
Are you gonna eat the peanut
butter and banana smoothie?
Yes it’s gonna be yummy.
– Not eat drink.
– You drink it yeah excuse me.
What is mommy saying of course drink it.
Blend it nicely.
Sounding like a rocket ship!
Okay Miss Amelia you be our taste tester.
Ducky likes it and mama likes it.
Very good very peanut
butter and banana ish.
Naomi likes these too so
pass the smoothies around.
Don’t forget if you sign up using
my link down in the description below
through sponsor Thrive Market you
get up to 60 dollars in
free organic groceries.
You can also get free shipping
and you also get a free 30 day trial.
And I’ll you see you next time
friends with another
brand new video, buh bye!

Randall Smitham



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