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LARGE FAMILY FREEZER COOKING | Crockpot Freezer Meals, TONS of Twice Baked Potatoes, More!!

– Hello, friends.
Welcome back to another super
mega Jamerrill’s gonna cook
40 or so freezer meals
today freezer cooking time.
However, I’m not cooking all day long.
These kids, these kids that
are here, we got some math-ers,
as we call it, math going
on around the table.
Different home school stuff going on.
I’m still getting in a three
mile hike this afternoon.
Kids are going to get all geared up
and go out to a bunch of dance classes
this afternoon as well.
When they go, and after
I check off my list
to get that hike in and such,
school be done, all that.
Well, I’ll just say the day’ll be done.
Then I’m going to take this afternoon,
into the evening, and do all of these
freezer meals hardcore.
However, I’m gonna get lunch going,
and in addition to getting lunch going,
there’s no reason why I
can’t start running potatoes
through the pressure cooker
because there is some prep work
that needs done.
And so, all I’m gonna
work on while we’re living
the rest of our day, until
we get to the official
ring the bell, it’s freezer cooking time
is I’m going to do the prep work
on getting the potatoes done
and probably the meat cooked.
And that way, when I start about 4:00
or so this afternoon, don’t
have to do any of that.
I can just keep on rolling through,
getting these meals together.
So, here we go, pressure cooking potatoes.
I’ve got about 10 pounds of potatoes
in my GoWISE pressure cooker.
This is a 14 quart pressure cooker.
Oh, big Jamerrill disclaimer.
Always follow the manufacturer
recommended settings,
and usage, and such, and such, and such.
So, I’m just getting a
few more potatoes in here.
And I’ve got about 50
potatoes because we are doing
a bazillion twice-baked
potatoes for the freezer,
and then I need to do about
12 pounds of mashed potatoes
because we have not had
shepherd’s pie in a while.
And I’m going to do at least
four of them for the freezer.
And now I am just
getting the tubes of meat
in the roaster oven.
I had to buy hamburger this time
because I’m out of all my
pasture raised ground beef.
And yes, I will be putting
in another cow order
later this summer.
The first batch of, I’ll
say, about 12 potatoes,
the pressure finished and
the pressure’s releasing now
in the GoWISE.
And then I just got 20
pounds of ground beef
going to the roaster oven.
Now I’m going outside with some kiddos
and working on getting
in my mama exercise steps
for the day.
Then they will be going to dance,
and then we will get it rolling.
But hopefully here in a few minutes
I can switch out the potatoes
so that can be done while
I’m exercising outside.
And now I am dumping
all those potatoes into
those nice metal pans,
just giving them a place
to cool off and sit,
cool their jets, and I am
filling my big pressure cooker.
Okay, so all them youngins are gone,
except well, there’s
actually two kids at home,
but they don’t count right now.
They’re doing other things.
And the herd of youngins
are gone, over the river,
through the woods to dance classes.
I had to move.
I was so upset.
I went back to pull myself together
so you didn’t have to look at Jamerrill
with a side but and no makeup
through this whole video.
When I came out, my breaker
had flipped over there
for where I had my pressure cooker going,
and this big roaster
beast with 20-some pounds
of ground beef, and I had my oven fan on.
So, I was back in the back, doing emails,
talking on the phone,
getting myself ready.
Came out.
Who knows how long it had been going?
So, that was a little prep setback,
but I’ve moved them to the opposite sides
of the kitchen now.
Just got done.
If you’ve been around
here, you know I like
to get all my thoughts
out on the whiteboard.
I am cooking up my
Large Family Freezer
Meals Pack number four.
I love to cook these
packs up because I did
my big freezer meal grocery
shopping haul the other day.
I’ll pop a link in the
description for that video.
Everything I needed to make
this ton of freezer meals
was just a little over $250.
I think it was $267-ish.
Go watch that video, come
back, tell me the exact amount.
It wasn’t that much though
whenever you break it down.
It was less than $7 per
meal for our large family.
So, what we’re doing is
I’ve divided it down.
We’ve got slow cooker, bakes,
and then kind of other.
So, slow cooker meals,
we’re doing chicken fajitas
for the slow cooker,
rosemary garlic chicken,
sloppy joes, and pork ragout.
Then easy oven bakes that we’re doing,
we’re doing shepherd’s
pie, stuffed shells.
I’m excited about that.
It’s been a long time since
I made stuffed shells.
And I’m doing the bow tie bake.
Then the other meals I’m doing,
we’re gonna do a big ole pile
of Parmesan turkey burgers,
some vegetable beef soup,
and a ton of twice-baked potatoes.
Those are so convenient
to have in the freezer
to go along with little sides.
The kids love ’em,
and whenever they’re
all made, they’re made!
We just eat ’em.
That’s that.
And then I am going through
still my little assembly lines,
scrubbing potatoes, getting
’em in the pressure cooker,
checking all my meat.
I already told you I had
to move my roaster oven
to the other side of the kitchen.
I was so disappointed when I found out
I flipped the breaker ’cause
a whole hour had gone by.
Man, that was a big setback
to get me going this evening
with my cooking as well, and
I still don’t count myself
as officially started
yet because I’m still
doing the prep work.
And now, one of my favorite times.
You know what I love to do.
I love to sit and I love
to chop these veggies.
And so, I am going to town,
getting all the peppers ready.
And then I’m also gonna do some onions,
and yeah, that’s pretty much it.
We’re gonna chop up a
whole bunch of peppers
and some big purple onions and have those
for the chicken fajitas
and other meals that are coming up.
(upbeat music)
And now I’m crossing
some things off my list
prep work wise,
and look at that mountain
of potatoes growing.
Those metal roasting
pans are super helpful
when it comes to this big, bulk prep work.
I’ll have a link down
in the description below
with many of my favorite Large
Family Freezer Meal supplies.
Oh yes, and I was also doing the carrots.
And you can just see the steam arising
from the ground beef behind me.
(upbeat music)
Okay, so now I’m going
to label all my bags.
I think the way that
I am jumping into this
is I’m going to get my slow cooker meals
the bag meals, the easy
dump crock pot meals,
whatever you wanna call ’em
into the labeled gallon bags,
and that’s gonna take care
of about nine or 10 of these,
about 40 freezer meals that we’re doing.
What’s my watch saying?
And so, we’re doing chicken fajitas,
rosemary garlic chicken, sloppy joes,
and pork ragout.
And I like to get all my
bags labeled ahead of time.
Believe me, sometimes
I don’t, and I say oh,
I don’t need to do that,
but I’m always thankful.
I always say good job, Jamerrill
when I’ve labeled them in advance.
(upbeat music)
And now I am working
on my first slow cooker
bulk meal type,
getting all these crock
pot freezer meals done.
Right here I am working on everything
that I need for the crock
pot chicken fajitas.
And of course, you can also
do these in the instant pot.
I will have directions for both linked
in the description below.
(gentle music)
And those bag holders are super helpful
whenever you’re making a bazillion
crock pot freezer meals.
And you see, they just slip on there.
And now I’m also working on getting
my noodles bulk cooked.
(gentle music)
Fighting with my can
opener a little bit there.
(gentle music)
Now I’m working on the pork ragout
crock pot freezer meals.
(gentle music)
And if you see me running my mouth,
that means kids are there talking to me.
So I always tell ’em no,
it’s okay, you can talk
and I film.
And there I am, dumping out
and draining my noodles.
I like to run cold water over them
to stop the cooking process.
(gentle music)
So, the kids have been back from dance.
They are having some tablet time,
some technology time.
Benjamin is here watching Pocoyo with me
while I’m a-cooking, aren’t ya?
So, we just got those bow tie noodles
for the kielbasa bakes drained,
and some cold water running over them.
I like to do that to
stop them from cooking.
That’s how you don’t end
up with mushy noodles.
Now I’m getting another pot of water going
so that we can do the
big, the jumbo shells
to do several pans of stuffed shells.
This is so silly.
So, I had my grocery order.
I had all my things I got
for this freezer cooking
in the evening, and I accidentally used up
all my tomato sauce.
Yes, I did.
I used it a few nights ago,
and I forgot I had bought it for this.
It’s okay if mama does it,
but if someone else would have used stuff
I had bought for my freezer cooking,
I just would’ve had a fit.
So, Mr. Travis to the rescue.
He has run back out to Walmart
to get the tomato sauce we need, huh?
I need that or the stuffed shells
and a few other things I think,
but we’ll have to go over
to my phone and look.
But besides that, we’re doing well.
We’re trucking along.
I can go ahead and do the
sloppy joe freezer meals
real quick, real quick,
Benjamin, that’s all.
He’s looking at me.
And then we will take
that load of nine or 10
crock pot freezer meals and
get those in the freezer.
Now I’m am scooping my ground beef out
and putting it through the colander.
And then I let that grease
drip into another bowl.
I’m also getting my next
pile of noodles cooking,
and now I am working
on making my sloppy joe
crock pot freezer meals here.
And yes, tomato paste, and
soy sauce, and ketchup,
and some onion powder.
And there we go with the ground beef.
The full recipe will be linked
down in the description below
with the step-by-step
details if you’d like those.
And yes, draining more meat.
Again, the grease is
not going into my sink.
I have a colander and
with a bowl under it.
Scooping it all out, though.
Never look at that mom fail.
Those Rice Krispies Treats for Easter
to make the Rice Krispie
Treat Easter eggs.
Yeah, still a-sitting.
So, these big baking pans, deep,
nice, deep dish ones.
This is one of two that I bought
at the restaurant supply store
when I went there that one whole time.
So, I’m gonna use it to pack
my slow cooker freezer meals that I need
to get put out in my garage refrigerator.
This is what I’m gonna haul ’em in.
And boy, that’s convenient.
Look at that.
Looking like I’m organized or something
just for a minute.
We’ll pretend.
Now I’m getting out those kielbasas
and I’m gonna chop all those up
for the bow tie bakes.
(soft music)
But yes, back to that Easter egg fail
with the Rice Krispies Treats there,
maybe we’ll get that
done by Fourth of July.
That would be funny, but hey, we’ll do it.
We’ll do it at some point.
(gentle music)
I also like to think
kind of snarky thoughts
when I do things, and so when
I balance food on stools,
I also have this running comedy,
commentary in my head sometimes.
And I like to put a giant bowl like that
on the stool, and then I
like to think in my head,
come on Jamerrill, what could go wrong?
I don’t know.
I laugh at myself when I do that.
So, just know as I’m scooping this,
I’m just thinking comfortable
on, what can go wrong?
And of course, nothing goes wrong.
It works out perfect,
but what could go wrong?
Only about 10 different scenarios there.
It’s just my running
comedy show in my head.
(gentle music)
And yeah, this made a lot of pans
on the bow tie bake.
Good thing everybody loves it.
(gentle music)
It’s come to the point of the evening
where we have our reality check talk,
and I tell ya why I’m
gonna be done for the day.
So I’m gonna be done for the day
’cause I wanna be done now.
I just want to go to bed.
So, since I’m an adult and I get to make
the rules a little bit, I’m going to bed.
We did get 16 freezer
meals done this evening.
I got 10 crock pot freezer meals done,
and then these six bow tie bakes.
And then all the other stuff
prepped and ready to go
including the shells.
We stuffed shells, all these potatoes.
So much stuff is ready.
And I could push it, and
I’ve done this before,
stayed up another two, three
hours, get it all done,
but I’m not feeling my
superhero self right now.
The cape is put away.
This is just a mama who
is ready to go to bed.
So, happy Wednesday!
It is not early afternoon.
It’s about 1:15.
We’ve hustled hard, got all
our good morning stuff done.
The kids are outside now with a bag
of sugar-free popsicles.
Pretty soon, Travis is
taking them all out to piano
and do some other little errands,
and that means I have a
few hours this afternoon
to bust through the rest
of my Super Mega 40 Freezer Meals cooking.
If you’ve been around
here, you know sometimes
if I can get done early afternoon-ish,
I can bust out all of
those meals in one evening.
Other times, if I get
my hustle started later
than I would like, I just break it up
and do it a few hours over two days.
I also have big plans.
We shall see.
You know how those Jamerrill plans go.
Today is Wednesday.
I have plans that Friday
evening I’m going to also take
a few hours and get a
bunch of banana bread,
fruit breads, sandwiches, other things
in the freezer for the
coming weeks as well.
So, let’s get started on this day, too.
The first thing I’m gonna
do is just kind of mama
tidy pick up.
And I only just go the dishes going,
and they are all outside
now, but random kids stuff.
There’s some jelly toast on the counter.
Don’t even know the history or the story
of this jelly toast, but
before I get cooking in here,
I just gotta go around and do mama things.
And it’s even better to do mama things
when they’re fast-forwarded.
Don’t we all wish we had a
fast-forward button in life?
It just looks like I’m a-really flying.
(Jamerrill laughing)
But yeah, getting everything scrubbed up.
Even wiping down the refrigerator
just makes me feel like yes, yes,
everything’s all nice and
tidy, and now I can explode
it all again.
(upbeat music)
And I don’t know about
you, but I am so thankful,
at least here in Virginia,
it is shorts weather.
Even though I’m wearing my
mama’s shorts, I’m thankful
to be in shorts and a T-shirt.
Seemed like winter just
lasted forever this year.
And then I got a few pots
that needed some mama scrubbing.
And also, those of you
who appreciate video
and photography, and mamas having hobbies,
don’t worry, we’re getting right back
to tons of freezer cooking.
Look what I got.
I got myself, it’s a Canon,
let me say this right.
It’s a Canon 6D Mark II.
I was trying to learn all I could
when I went to the Everything
Food Conference in Utah
about the food blogging side of things,
and doing food photography.
I just know that on the actual blog,
mama here taking pictures
with my iPhone has got to stop, okay?
So, I wanted to learn about
food photography and such,
talked to a lot of food bloggers
who have taught themselves.
I listened to Danielle Walker’s talk
’cause she’s from Against All Grain.
Many New York Time bestselling books,
very well known, beautiful
food photography.
She really encouraged me because she took
a one day food photography course in L.A.,
and got herself a decent camera,
and then went from there.
So, all that to say I’m not doing
a food photography course right now,
but I got a decent camera to start with.
Of course, I was really drooling
over the Canon 5D Mark IV,
and it was about $2,800,
and I still needed to buy lenses,
so that’s why I went with the 6D.
It was not even half that price,
and the lenses I get for this camera
and some learning, I can then,
whenever one day when
I move up in cameras,
I can keep the same lenses.
So, this is the 50mm lens.
I’ve ordered the 100mm lens.
All that to say mama is working on,
you will see me today.
I’m gonna work on taking some
food pictures for practice.
This afternoon, well, we did well, we did.
Got well over 16, it looks
like, done last night.
So, this afternoon we need to put
the shepherd’s pies together.
I have to make the
mashed potatoes for that,
but the potatoes are done.
We have to do stuffed shells,
the Parmesan turkey burgers,
and I need to get a pot of
vegetable beef soup going,
and also, the twice-baked potatoes.
So, it’s not just a little bit.
It’s not a lot a bit,
it’s a medium bit of work
that needs done.
Praise the Lord, a lot of
that prep work’s done though.
So, gonna get the vegetable
beef soup cooking,
then gonna go after the potatoes.
And then it’ll be a natural progression
to of shepherd’s pie and stuffed shells.
We’ll end with turkey burgers.
Remind me of that.
And now, I’m gonna get
my slow cooker a-going
so we can have dinner tonight,
because when we’re cooking,
we also like to eat.
Zion packed up the potatoes last night
and put in one of our
garage refrigerators.
They’re in these big baking
dishes I got at Costco,
baking pans I got at Costco
summer before last, maybe.
Anyways, they’re super helpful
for whenever I cook like this,
and then need to move it
to finishing the next day.
So, now that these are brought in now,
I’m gonna get working on that soup.
And I am just unloading
all my cans out here
on the counter, running out of space,
but I’m getting the soup
going in the stock pot.
I think that is my 22-quart stock pot.
Maybe it’s my next size down.
So, I’m working on the
vegetable beef soup,
and I have a pound of
lentils in my pantry.
I’m gonna go ahead and wash these babies,
put ’em in the stock pot, too
because I like my neat,
little lentils in things.
It’s like a nice little surprise,
and I think they’ll go perfect
in vegetable beef soup.
Gonna wash ’em real quick
and we’ll get ’em in the pot.
Okay, so here is how the pot
of vegetable beef soup is looking.
In addition to the lentils,
I have bay leaves this time.
So, I did put two bay leaves in here.
Those add fantastic flavor,
and they’re easy to find and take out
once everything is done cooking.
The ground beef, of course, was cold
’cause it got refrigerated last night.
And that’s actually still a chunk in there
that needs to be broken
up, but as this stock pot
comes to warm up, and then
we get it to a simmer,
and leave the lid on for a while,
everything will come together nicely.
Okay, part of the whole
work at home mom thing,
I had to go take care of some email stuff,
business related, had to be done.
Something was on fire.
Now I’m getting back to these potatoes.
And yes, these potatoes take quite a bit,
but I’m also the mama who likes
to sit and chop vegetables.
So, I just got comfortable.
I actually was putting
on, you might be able
to see my microwave reflection.
I put on some of my old
freezer cooking videos.
It kind of reminds me what I share
and what you guys like to see,
and also helps me keep
my mama hustle going
like Jamerrill, you’ve done this
a bazillion times before.
Here’s video evidence.
Keep on going.
But yeah there was lots of digging.
This is, remember, it’s 50
pounds of potatoes total.
The potatoes are about half done now.
Of course, I had a phone
call with my friend.
That’s what I also like to do
on these freezer cooking days.
When Travis takes the kids,
I get chatting to my girlfriend.
So, there she is calling back.
I’ll be right back,
and then I’ll show you my soup.
Let me give it a bit stir there.
It actually came to a gentle boil.
I turned the heat off,
and I was just letting it sit right now
while I worked on the
potatoes, but you can see.
See those lentils?
You almost don’t even
know they’re in there,
but when I eat them, I’ll thank oh,
thank you, little lentil.
And then, yeah, I got dinner
in the slow cooker over there,
and still working on the potato mount.
And the potato mount continues.
So, the plan with the
50 pounds of potatoes
is 10 pounds of these potatoes
will be for homemade mashed potatoes
for on top of the shepherd’s pie.
And then 50 pounds will
be twice-baked potatoes,
which I don’t think, I’ll
say everyone in our family
loves twice-baked
potatoes, and they love it.
Whenever I got done making these,
they’re like oh, Mommy.
We loved it last time you made these.
We are so glad you made these again,
and you know me,
I could only make big batches of things.
Okay, so those potatoes are peeled,
and the middles are scooped out
where I’m going to do this big,
how big is my mixing bowl?
Is it a 30 quart?
I think so.
Gonna do this big mixing bowl
full of my twice-baked potato mixture.
Within that though, I’m
gonna set aside part of it
to be the mashed potatoes
for the shepherd’s pie freezer meals.
Zion has also joined me,
and he’s making 10 loaves of strawberry
and peanut butter
sandwiches for the freezer.
Super helpful.
That was part of my Friday list.
I thought hey, if I have a helper,
we could get to sandwiches now.
Here’s the potato mountain!
There’s the bowl.
So, I did 50 pounds of potatoes,
but I figured about 10 pounds of them
were for the mashed potatoes
for the shepherd’s pie,
and then the other 40 pounds
is for the twice-baked
potatoes, what we’re doing.
So, here’s my other pan full of ’em, too.
And I’m just gonna get rid of those skins.
So, I don’t know, what do you think?
Is this too much butteR?
Too much butter going down.
It’s five cups of butter I need to soften.
My mad science is as I
soften this in the microwave,
it’ll make room.
Let’s see if they can be friends
or if my little bucket’s
just gonna overflow.
This is the cream cheese I just softened,
so we’re gonna dump this
in the big bowl now.
Even though I’m gonna use my hand mixer,
ouch, that’s hot!
I am going to take some of these potatoes
that I just kind of peeled towards the end
and cube ’em up here or quarter them,
just to help make it
all play a little nicer
when we get to mixing.
Okay, the softened butter did work out.
We did not overflow anything.
Now we need five cups of milk.
Remember, we are working
with 50 pounds of potatoes.
So, I know this is a lot,
but it’s also a lot of potatoes.
Now I’m working on getting
the vegetable beef soup
in the various freezer containers.
(gentle music)
I like to leave a little
bit of room at the top
to allow for expansion.
There you go.
So pretty.
Now I’m mixing up the sauce
for the stuffed shells.
And here, we are mixing up,
this is what it looks
like to make 50 pounds
of mashed potatoes with a hand mixer.
And so yeah, I just got some music going,
and we go to town for several minutes.
I still have not blown up that mixer.
I got it for $29 maybe five years ago.
It is a KitchenAid, but I
use it and abuse it like this
all the time, and it does well.
So, Travis is back with all the kids.
We’ve had sloppy joes.
Dinner is done.
They just spent hours and
hours at this playground,
having a great time.
So now we have homeschool
group in the morning.
Kids are getting showers, getting pajamas,
getting ready for their evening.
I’m getting ready to stuff a
bazillion twice-baked potatoes,
and I’m gonna get those flash freezing.
And Zion has done 120 or so
of these strawberry and
peanut butter sandwiches.
And now, as I stuff each layer
of twice-baked potatoes,
I top them with cheese,
spread out my parchment paper,
and then yeah, so you see how easy it is,
although it’s a lot.
I’m not saying it’s not a lot,
but it has a good result.
So, I stuff all those little potato boats
with the mashed potato mixture.
Yes, it’s me again.
And so, I’ve made, let me show you
what I’m doing over here.
I’ve got two of these big trays.
These are 11 by 20s or whatever.
They’re three layers deep.
There’s two of ’em so far
of these twice-baked potatoes.
And then I am doing a third
deep dish pan of them now.
Those are the potatoes that are left.
Mashed potatoes, but I
still need mashed potatoes
for the shepherd’s pie.
All that to say a whole
lot still going on here.
I’m still trapped by these potatoes,
but I’m seeing the light
at the end of the tunnel.
Then we have the shepherd’s
pies, the stuffed shells,
and the turkey burgers.
Okay, so now what I’m gonna do
is I think I used a little bit too much.
I remember when I was
putting the ground beef
in the vegetable soup thinking
this is a lot of ground beef.
I could use a little extra in this soup
because I can’t remember
anything else I need it for.
And I forgot I’m doing shepherd’s pie.
Come on, Jamerrill.
Where is your brain in
these freezer cooking days?
So anyway, I’m going
to mix the ground beef
and the mixed vegetables together
instead of doing layer of meat,
layer of vegetables,
layer of mashed potatoes,
layer of cheese.
And look at this.
What could go wrong again?
So, there is my meat
and vegetable mixture,
and now we’re doing the
mashed potato layer.
And then we top it with cheese.
Voila, shepherd’s pie.
So, here we go.
Please excuse my bananas
that are going to fulfill their purpose
and become banana bread.
Oh yes, they are.
Anyway, we’ve got three
of these again, 11-by-13 or 11-by-15.
These are my super mega
sized glass baking dishes,
three of those, and
then one of the standard
nine by 13 baking dishes
with the shepherd’s pie.
So, taking these into consideration,
this would have made about
six nine by 13 baking dishes
of my shepherd’s pie recipe.
Also, over on the blog,
on the low carb side of life,
I have a new recipe up
for a low carb shepherd’s pie
where one of the big differences is
is instead of potatoes,
you’re using cauliflower,
and you do a cauliflower
mash for the topping.
You can also make it in a skillet.
So, be sure to check that out, too.
Okay, so it’s bedtime,
but now I have extra helpers.
So, Amelia and I just
stuffed all of these shells.
Now I’m gonna cover ’em in the sauce.
This, oh, it’s another 11-by-15
inch glass baking dish.
You can tell by the size
of my head it’s a big dish,
and now I’m gonna cover it with sauce,
and we’re gonna keep on making these.
So, here’s our stuffed shells in the pan.
I’m gonna cover it in cheese,
and then we’ll get it wrapped up.
I think we’ve got two more
pans of stuffed shells
and then those turkey burgers.
This is gonna be a mama
confession for some of you,
and then some of you
mamas will say oh yeah,
I do that all the time.
You may or may not know this,
but you can use cottage cheese
in replacement of ricotta cheese
when you’re doing lasagna
and think recipes along those lines.
And so, for these last two
rows of stuffed shells,
I’ve taken, I had half a
container of cottage cheese,
and I had some shredded cheese,
and I’ve mixed it all up.
And these last two rows are gonna have
my little cottage cheese replacement.
I won’t tell, but we can chat about that
in the comments below.
Share if you’ve ever used cottage cheese
in replace of ricotta,
or if you’ve ever used cottage
cheese in stuffed shells.
So, this is three 11 by
something something big pans
of stuffed shells going down.
And now I’m trying to clean up,
trying to wipe things down,
wiping off the little
appliances on the counter.
Doing my mama scrubbing yet again.
Didn’t we just do this?
(upbeat music)
And I had some sauce left over,
so I labeled that and I froze that
for upcoming saucy meals as well.
(upbeat music)
So, that part of my
kitchen behind me there
looks pretty nice and clean.
Now wait till I show you
this other part of my kitchen.
This is gonna be the
bedtime reality tonight.
I’m not doing it.
I’m going to bed.
We’re calling it quits.
Zion’s loading up the
last three meals for me,
and you know what?
These dishes, they’re gonna
be here in the morning.
They’re not going anywhere.
Mama getting sleep is a high priority,
and that’s what’s going down right now.
So, we’re back out here in the garage.
Only a few things have changed
since that second late night
of freezer cooking with all those dishes.
I will say the next morning,
teenage son helped his mama out.
We got those dishes done.
Yes, we did.
But look, we got something
else going on back there.
Got a whole tub of brand
new baby chicks, 31 total.
I actually did a little chicken haul
in my recent grocery order,
even though chickens, not groceries,
although we will be getting eggs.
Aldi did not provide
these chickens, though.
Mypetchicken.com, that’s
where I got those anyway.
So, about a week and a half ago.
Yes, that’s how long it has been.
About a week and a half
ago, I took two evenings
and I cooked up
all of my Large Family
Freezer Meals Pack Four.
It has helpful freezer
cooking tips and tricks,
a freezer meal shopping list
I will link in the description.
My grocery shopping list
to cook up all this food
came in over 40 meals.
All of the groceries
cost right around $267.
You get the Big Batch
Freezer Meal Prep Guide,
the 10 Large Family Recipes
to make over 30 meals, is what it said.
I came in around 40.
Freezer Cooking Planning Sheets.
We got the Inventory Printable,
meal labels, Meal Planning
Calendar Page, and more.
Also, with all of Packs
Four, Five, and Six.
you also get the special bonus,
the Single Large Family Freezer Meal Pack,
but that has the single
edition recipes as well,
which is helpful for all family sizes.
Here’s the list of all the meals.
I did oh, about four bags
of the slow cooker chicken fajitas.
We did four big pans of shepherd’s pie.
We did four, I think I
got five stuffed shells.
We did the Parmesan turkey
burgers, twice-baked potatoes.
Oh my goodness.
Just a bazillion, bazillion potatoes.
Rosemary garlic chicken,
vegetable beef soup,
the Kielbasa and Cheesy Bow Tie Bake,
Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes,
and the Pork Ragu.
And I’ll tell you what
we’ve eaten so far of this.
So, sloppy joes, they came and went.
The kids love sloppy
joes, so when they heard
I had made ’em for the freezer,
they were like get ’em back
out of the freezer, Mom.
We want sloppy joes.
And we’ve also had one of the
big pan of stuffed shells.
Now I also, since I got
my big freezer here,
I have some other freezer meals
from other freezer cooking that I’ve done
over these last few months,
but I’m gonna open this bad boy up,
show you what we got,
show you what we got left.
Oh, chicken fajitas, we also had those.
And I’ve been mixing
in other freezer meals
I’ve been using up.
So, let’s have a look.
Okay, so here we go.
Here’s a look at the freezer
and look at this!
I’ve got space.
This should not be a thing.
There should not be space in the freezer.
And honestly, when we were wrapping up
the last of these meals,
we ran out of our foil,
and we were even running
low on plastic wrap.
So, we used this as, I remember,
it’s the only meal like this.
And some of you ask why
I don’t get glass casserole
dishes or suggest that I should,
and I’ve got a bunch of ’em,
and I do use those, too.
Anyway, I don’t usually like to just use
he red lid that came with them
because of freezer burn.
But then again, we do
go through these things.
So probably here in another week ago,
this big, and this is the 11-by-15,
big, big, big mama pans here.
I will use this one up coming up soon.
Up here you can see this one.
Zion got creative and
used parchment paper.
So probably this one and this one
are not as securely
wrapped as I would like.
Those need to go pretty quick here.
We have a shepherd’s pie here.
Another big shepherd’s
pie underneath here.
Okay, so this was a baked ziti.
They are labeled,
but I just won’t pull them all the way up.
That was a baked ziti.
Well, I am gonna pull this one out.
Oh yeah, that’s a chicken broccoli
Alfredo bake from March.
And so now that it’s May, almost June,
I’m gonna go through that.
We got slow cooker meals here.
Still got the oxtail.
Lots of other meals here.
So, here’s a bow tie bake.
Most of these are bow tie bakes
and another shepherd’s
pie and stuffed shells.
And then hello, does anyone
like stuffed potatoes?
So, in the last week and a half,
we have had stuffed
potatoes as a side dish.
Or I’m sorry, twice-baked potatoes,
whatever you wanna call ’em,
probably about three times.
Liam came out here a few minutes ago
and was like, Mommy, we
still have a lot of potatoes.
I’m so excited.
This is just a fun side item
that I wouldn’t normally make,
but since I’ve made up a bunch,
and we’ll probably average having
twice-baked potatoes as a side dish
once or twice a week
over the next, up to two months.
The kids love ’em, and when
I can just make a bunch,
then we can have ’em.
You’ll see in my freezer,
I still have several pasture-raised hens.
We need to get to those.
And then other ribs and such in the door
that we’re still working on.
So, here are all the vegetable
beef soups that are frozen.
When we want to use this,
I will set two out,
and we’ll have it with sandwiches
or something for lunch.
So, it’s just a nice little
extra thing to add in.
And then up here, a bazillion
peanut butter and strawberry sandwiches.
Now I get lots of sandwich questions.
All I would do is take about 12
and put ’em in the refrigerator
the night before we need ’em,
and then they’re ready to go.
Or many times, the
morning that we need ’em,
I set them out or throw them in a bag
and grab some fruit,
and that’ll be our lunch
while we’re out.
And don’t forget that
you can save an extra 20%
whenever you put in your first order
in my Large Family Table shop.
You just use promo code HELLO20
to take that 20% off of anything.
What I see the promo code used most on
was our best-selling item in the shop
is the Super Mega Large Family
Freezer Meals Collection
that has my Packs One, Two,
Three, Four, Five, and Six.
Whenever you use that promo code, HELLO20,
you can take 20% off
of that bundle as well.
That will be linked down
in the description below,
and that will definitely
fill your freezers fast,
quick, and in a hurry, and keep ’em full
for months or years to come.
Thank you so much for
watching this freezer cook.
And I know we’ve been a little
slow on videos here lately.
I know I always say
videos five days a week
and I think I’ve only
been hitting two or three
these last few weeks.
It just was hard getting
my footing going to Utah,
coming back, sunshine’s out, summer fun,
and chickens are a-peeping
and a-popping already.
So, don’t forget to use promo code HELLO20
and get yourself my Large
Family Freezer Meals Bundle
while you’re at it.
And the recipe links and
everything else you need
will be down in that
description, I pinky promise.

Randall Smitham



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