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Lazy GIRL MEAL PREP HACKS For Weight Loss || Plant Based Recipe Ideas

hey guys welcome back to my Channel
today we’re gonna do a healthy meal prep for lazy people and weight loss like myself I’m the kind
of girl that doesn’t always know where all my pots and pans are I hate cooking
but one of my new year’s resolutions was to eat better food since I was gonna do
this anyways I figured why not pop out the camera and bring you guys along with
me because I already had all of these little recipes and snacks already
prepped and ready to go for myself and I figured I’d show you what I was gonna do
and bring you along with me if you like these kind of videos give the video a
thumbs up every single thing that I’m making is easy and also throughout the
video I’ll also interject a lot of tips and tricks and things that I do to
really hold myself accountable and stay healthy and focused on what I’m trying
to eat and put inside my body let’s do this like I said we’re gonna
keep it so simple and so basic that anyone can do it alright let’s do this
the very first recipe that we are making is chia seed pudding we’re making this
one extra special because we’re adding blue spirulina to give it a little bit
of a pizzazz making it instagram-worthy but still super healthy and good for us
you can do your chia seed pudding however you want for the weeks to come I
have a couple really cool flavor profiles a banana pudding mixture
chocolate peanut butter one that is so amazing but for today we’re keeping it
really simple and meeting all of our Instagram goals at the same time chia
seed pudding is one of my favorites all you have to do is add nut milk of your
choice add chia seeds and for the right mixture at least for the way that I like
to do it I like my consistency when it comes to chia seed pudding a lot of
people have a consistency that they prefer personally I like for every cup
of nut milk I prefer two tablespoons chia seeds the
chia seeds will absorb the nut milk and it will become a much thicker
consistency so even if it seems really runny at first you put it in the fridge
overnight and in the morning it is a much thicker more amazing more pudding
like consistency for this recipe we’re keeping it so simple we’re adding our
nut milk we’re adding our chia seed riding our superfood powder
and then I’m also adding a little bit of honey and a little bit of salt and that
is it you can use this chia seed pudding whenever you want you could use it as a
breakfast meal you could use it as a snack when you’re kind of hungry or you
could use it as a dessert and with the Cool Whip on top you can add a little
bit more maple syrup and a couple chocolate sprinkles and it would be
amazing once you pop these beauties out of the fridge you can jazz it up with
some coconut whipped cream on top some berries and if you want to be even more
extra add some edible flowers at the top it makes it fun and makes your meal feel
extra special and if you’re trying to lose weight
sometimes adding those little touches can make it feel more important and more
special it may not change the way it tastes but it may just make you feel
more important inside let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever had chia
seed pudding it’s one of my favorite grab and goes and when you add them to
the little mason jars you can set them in the fridge and you can just pop them
out whenever you want to bite it’s quick it’s easy and it is the adult version of
Fun Pack pudding which I used to love as a little kid another little tip if you
were trying to lose weight is to try some new healthy products go to a health
food store and try some things that you have never tried I can’t promise they’re
all gonna taste amazing but by trying new things it gives you something more
to look forward to for my next recipe for lazy girl meal
preps we are doing a Starbucks bento box how many people love going to Starbucks
and getting their bento boxes I know I do but every time that I get their bento
boxes I only eat two things out of it it’s really not what I prefer but if I
were to make them on my own I would love it it’s the perfect grab and go snack so
I wanted to go ahead and make a more plant-based healthier one that would be
more to my palates liking so I went ahead and grabbed this adorable bento
box from Whole Foods I thought it was really cool and I like the concept that
it was able to move and bend things around for my bento box one of the
things that I wanted to add was heirloom tomatoes chopped up with a little bit of
salt on them when it comes to making a bento box and your favorites add
whatever you like I’m also adding cucumbers
I love cucumbers dipped in hummus and nut cheese it is so amazing and then I’m also adding sliced apples I
love the yellow apples my husband makes fun of me all of the time he tells me
that no one buys yellow apples because it tastes like they’ve been
dropped and because they’re so soft but I love the texture if anyone else is a
yellow apple person let me know I’m gonna have a pull at the very top of the
screen and you can vote yay or nay I want to see if anyone else loves them as
much as me I also found these really delicious corn chips when it comes to my
snacks and when it comes to my palate I’m a more savory salty kind of girl and
I like crunchy things so if I can find a healthier version of a chip or something
of that liking I’m gonna add it because I know that I need a little bit of that
so I don’t crash and I don’t feel deprived of my favorite types of foods
this nut cheese is absolutely amazing usually when it comes to a nut cheese
it’s made with a lot of like soaked cashews and nut milks and salts and
things like that to give it a proper consistency and you would be surprised
how much this tastes like cheese it is so good if you get a chance to try it
give it a go another fun thing that I’m gonna add to my bento box is this fruit
jerky it doesn’t taste like meat it has like two or three combinations together
it was so fun it was a new fine for me and I actually loved the way that it
tasted and then for a little snack I’m gonna add some plant-based cheese this
stuff is amazing if you’ve never tried it give it a go and that is all I need
for my bento box something simple something easy and something I know I
can grab when I’m in a hurry you guys know me I have no shame and telling it
like it is so for some reason I didn’t like something I would let you know next
we’re gonna go ahead and make a really simple Apple snack you can do this three
different ways and I’ll show you all three ways in just a second if you have
a sweet tooth or you tend to get a little bit of a sweet craving this is a
perfect midnight snack you can do it three different ways you can dice up all
your apples and put it in a dish and kind of have it as a messy apple pie
mixture you can do little tiny apple pie slices and put them in a dish and just
grab little bits as you go or you can do little apple pie around
my personal favorite is the little miniature apple pie slices I like things
to be mini and grabbable I’m not a big fan of fork and bull situation for the
fork and bowl one that is totally my husband he prefers that any day of the
week so what I’m gonna do to make these adorable Apple rounds as I’m gonna grab
almond butter and peanut butter and mix them together
I know it’s maybe not the most healthy it’s not better to have but it’s my
favorite so I just mix them together and then I also add just a little bit of
honey then I will also add a little vanilla extract and salt and mix that
all together know anything then put the nut butter mixture onto the
apples and then decorate it with mini chocolate chips and a goji berries I bet you’re after but don’t you try to
call me you all ready to see if it’s like y’all and then to seal the deal
sprinkle the top with a little bit of cinnamon and you are off to perfection
this is one sweet treat that I love that doesn’t come with all the guilt just watch me if you want another rendition or one of
my all-time favorites is just having a peanut butter dipped date I love these
and sometimes I’ll even put a few chocolate chips on top super quick super
simple and I don’t have to feel bad about it next we are making an amazing shaker
salad if you are not a salad person skip to the next recipe but if you are
let’s stick around and dress it up and make it perfect when I was younger in
college I used to laugh at people that would order salads who even am I now it
is one of my favorite foods it took a while for my palate to get adjusted but
once I did I finally understood what everyone was talking about when it comes
to salads I like a very fine chop I want to pick out all of the lettuces that I
love and want them very very very finely chopped into a bowl I don’t like big
pieces in my mouth I don’t like awkward bites
I want it chopped then so that it does a little less work for me one of the
toppings that I’m adding to my salad that might not be for you is the
broccoli sprouts they don’t actually taste that good but they’re really good
for you broccoli sprouts alfalfa sprouts they don’t taste that amazing some
people love them some people like oh they’re amazing for me they’re really
nasty but I know they’re good for me so I always add them in so if you’re
looking for something that tastes a little bit better omit the broccoli
sprouts I’m gonna go ahead and add green onions
red onion broccoli sprouts fresh heirloom tomatoes my favorite I’m also
gonna add avocado vegan cheese pine nuts and salt you got a free pass all try to hide it
but you hide me from the get-go just watch me for this dressing I usually use lemon so
produce a lot more dressing for this scenario I should have doubled the
recipe or even tripled it as far as this recipe goes I really I ball it I usually
use two lemons or four limes two tablespoons olive oil salt and garlic
powder mix it all together and just eyeball it and kind of taste it as is do
I need a little bit more of this do I need a little bit more of that it’s
super simple and it tastes really really good if you’re not into making your own
dressing just grab one of your favorites that you already have in the fridge or
from your local grocery store you don’t have to make it this complicated then
you can choose if you want to massage the dressing into the lettuce with your
hands or you could grab a much larger container and just shaker-style it one
of the things I want to learn how to make this here is a really creamy
plant-based ranch I need that recipe if you have any good
recipes please let me know in the comments below but don’t you try to calm me next we
save my very favorite recipe for last this is amazing sweet potato avocado
toast four different ways and I can’t wait to show you these they’re
absolutely amazing the very first thing that you do is cut your sweet potato so
it is almost like bread slices lightly oil it over top and salt it pop it in
the oven at 350 for an hour then go ahead and make your guacamole if you
want to make this part a little easier buy premade guacamole from the store I
really like fresh guacamole I have never found pre-made guacamole that tastes as
good as homemade so I always just make it homemade it is super simple all it is
is salt avocado red onion and lime juice so simple and mashed up together I’m not
going to show you how to make guacamole because I’m sure you’re already an
expert but make your guacamole then pop your avocado toast out of the oven and
put your guacamole layer on top then for the four different ways we’re
gonna do it for the very first toast we’re just gonna use crack pepper if
you’re the kind of person who enjoys an egg I would put a fried egg on top of
this personally I’m not a huge egg fan so I’m just gonna keep it plain and
simple for my next avocados toast I’m gonna use
pomegranates raspberries mint leaf and a little bit of honey this is for those
people who like that sweet bite personally I’m a salty savory person so
this avocado toast is special for my husband and when he tried it he said it
was absolutely amazing the fresh mint leaves really sealed the deal for him
my next of econo toast he is called mr. extra healthy and we are doing broccoli
sprouts and radishes on top with a little bit of salt and then for my
favorite avocado toast we’re gonna call him mr. Cheney is so good we are adding
loads of pepper genies we are adding pine nuts which you could go ahead and
roast and flavor those up as well if you want to personally I just eat them right
out of the container and then we are also adding some vegan cheese on top
this one is so amazing it is savory it’s salty and I also add a little bit of
salt on top after I’m done it is so divine if you’re gonna try any of these
go for the mr. Cheney it’s so good and that is a wrap for my meal prep all of
these will be popped into the fridge so that I can enjoy them for the days to
come if you like this video and you want to see part 2 meal prep but let me know
in the comments below and give this video a thumbs up I will see you guys in
my next video and thank you so much for watching bye guys

Randall Smitham



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    1 cup raw cashews, soaked
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    2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar (or sub lemon juice)
    1 teaspoon onion powder
    1 teaspoon garlic powder
    1/2 teaspoon vegan Worcestershire (we used the gluten-free one by Edward & Son’s)
    1/2 teaspoon salt, plus more to taste
    Black pepper, as desired
    3 tablespoons fresh parsley, finely chopped
    1 tablespoon fresh dill, finely chopped
    1 tablespoon fresh chives, finely chopped


    •Soak the cashews in filtered water overnight OR in boiling hot water for 20 minutes.

    •Drain the cashews and add them to a high speed blender, along with the 1 cup of water or almond milk, apple cider vinegar, onion powder, garlic powder, vegan Worcestershire, salt and black pepper. Blend everything together on high until smooth and creamy, about 60 seconds.

    •Add in the parsley, dill and chives, and pulse everything together until well incorporated. You want to avoid blending it until smooth so that the ranch does not turn green.

    •Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

    Enjoy! 🌱💚

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    Just mix everything in the blender with little bit of salt and the how you make an avocado dressing.

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