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Lazy Keto I Keto Dairy Free Diet

oh my gosh y’all there’s a turtle
crossing the road oh my gosh
first meal of the day but this is not
the first thing I had to eat because I
did record my may 2019 keto krate review + giveaway video but oh yeah
so right now I’m about to have some pork
chops and broccoli one whole avocado and
two eggs and I have my pink Himalayan
sea salt on top of my food and to drink
I’m having my water I’ve been drinking
so much water lately I’m so proud of
I’ve definitely increased my water
intake and so yeah progress
okay also I just honestly don’t feel
like cooking at all so um in the May
2019 Keto Krate we did get the Catalina
Crunch Ditch Sugar Cinnamon Toast
Artisan Cereals so that’s what about to
have right now so this cereal is keto
friendly, gluten free, nothing artificial,
plant-based, zero sugar, and made with pea
protein and in case you’re interested in
the nutrition facts is ninety calories
four grams of fat twelve grams of carbs
seven grams of fiber and eight grams of
protein y’all I like this one they
weren’t in a previous keto krate y’all
but I really do like the cinnamon toast
better than the other one I can’t
remember what that one was I think was
like chocolate or something like that
but this one is really good to me and
also the milk that I’m using is the milk
edenia unsweetened vanilla macadamia
milk we also got this one as well and we
may 2019 keto krate so yeah this is a
nice little combo and I may even have
some ice cream after this like yeah
y’all cannot tell me that the Catalina
Crunch cinnamon toast cereal does not
look so good oh my gosh y’all like hash
tag what diet oh my gosh yes get in
skydive eating my cereal so now I’m
about to have my so delicious dairy-free
coconut milk no sugar add it butter
pecan ice cream I’m so happy right now
y’all I think maybe next time I’ll try
to eat my cereal with my ice cream
that’d be like really good the next
melding good morning y’all so I’m bout
to head to the gym I woke up this
morning very very sore from Zumba class
y’all I’m somebody so much fun but when
I tell you that workout will definitely
have you waking up like oh my god what
in the world did I do also I am about 17
hours into my fast I will be breaking my
fast at around 12 o’clock so yeah I’m
really just procrastinating y’all right
now so let me stop and let me go ahead
into the gym cuz I still don’t know
we’re going to do
so y’all I basically almost got
depressed because I thought Walmart got
rid of their salt and vinegar pork rinds
but no they just moved it and so yeah I
got some I stock up on some they are so
delicious and they’re like lazy keto
friendly as well so that’s awesome first
meal of the day I’m having my Akito
pancakes with natural creamy peanut
butter sugar-free syrup some bacon some
smoked sausage – sausage patties
broccoli – eggs and to drink I’m having
my cherry coke Zero that’s so good that
I love so much so y’all I’m about to
head to Bible study but we’re supposed
to be having food there but I don’t know
what they’re gonna have so I’m gonna
have my Catalina Crunch cinnamon cereal
this is keto and dairy-free friendly as
well so yeah this one about to have
hey also for Bible study the snacks we
have are just from sandwiches so to make
this keto friendly you can just have the
meat and the cheese but since my body
doesn’t like dairy I’m just gonna have a
meat and to drink I’m going to have some
Diet Pepsi also have some water too as
well because you know I have to have
water in my life I love order I
literally crave it it’s a nice dinner is
just a nice little keto taco that I got
going on so my rap is only 5 grams net
carbs I got it at Walmart I have some
ground beef some eggs some avocado and
hot sauce you know you can have cheese
in this but basically since I’m
dairy-free I’m not gonna have it
and then I’m to drink I just have my
cherry coke Zero which is so good yeah
I’m just finishing up on that drink and
yeah that’s what I’m having for tonight
hey YouTube family so editing version of
myself coming in so I hope you guys are
having a well when you see this video a
wonderful Friday hopefully you’re
watching this on the day that I upload
this video but I just got done eating
y’all I have Zumba in about what a
little over two hours I can’t talk
negatively about somebody more y’all was
like you know saying I don’t want to go
alright you know just procrastinating
before I go to Zumba because one of
these instructors followed me on here so
yeah it’s so funny this way though y’all
I really and truly loves them but y’all
but it’s different when you’re working
out by yourself and you can just stop
you know whenever you want to stop but
when you’re like in a class or if you
have a trainer they really do push you
and that’s what I needed because I was
getting a little complacent y’all in my
workouts let’s be honest about that
so I really am like appreciative to the
our Zumba class y’all like I literally
have so much fun but the whole process
of me getting ready and getting to the
gym y’all oh my gosh I when I say I’m
like a little spoiled brat like I don’t
want to go I don’t want to go and then
when I get there I’m just like oh my
gosh it’s the best thing ever so um yeah
if you are new to the channel welcome to
the fam I’m over here documenting my
keto weight loss journey and your girl
is sharing everything so go ahead and
click that subscribe button plus the
notification belt as well so you won’t
miss out on any future uploads here
currently I’m uploading three videos a
week so you can expect the video from me
on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays I am
planning on getting this nail fixed
y’all either
today probably not today car guys in but
I’m just being realistic I’m not gonna
go to the mall after I have Zumba no so
I’m probably gonna get it done tomorrow
I don’t know
but oh yeah I’m just flipping y’all off
I’m so sorry I apologize I miss y’all
honestly look help me decide should I
just get all my nails done over again or
try just to get this one nail done I
don’t know let me know what do you think
I should do are you guys so let me stop
procrastinating to my returning YouTube
family thank you so much for watching
this video as always if you don’t hear
it from anyone else I love you so stay
blessed now see you in the next video
which will be Monday are you guys okay

Randall Smitham



  1. Jessica Row Posted on May 24, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Is being dairy free hard?

  2. Desiree 2123 Posted on May 25, 2019 at 6:39 pm

    Sorry I didn't watch this Video when it first came out but it's the end if the school year around here and my kiddos had 3 award Assemblies this week. My babies come first always. #MomLife
    Anyway good for you on keeping up with the Zumba. You say your body is sore but you keep showing up any way. That's commendable 👏👏👏😘 proud of you my friend!!!

  3. Misty Thompson Posted on May 25, 2019 at 8:09 pm

    Do you like mint? The boys like the mint chip ice cream the best