March 30, 2020
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Leftover Steak Soup

– Hey, guys, I’m Jennifer Banz and today on Low Carb with Jennifer, we are going to be making steak soup and we’re gonna use leftover steak and I don’t know if you are like, what, who has leftover steak ever? Well, sometimes we do. If you make a lot of steak, sometimes you have some left
over so why not make a soup? So let’s get started. Now, this might not be the manliest thing that you would do with steak but if you’re like me and you love soup, maybe you would want to make steak soup with your leftover steak. So we’ve got about two
pounds of sirloin steak here that we’re going to cut into
cubes, bite size pieces. You wanna make sure and
cut any tough parts off like any gristly parts. So I’m just gonna cut this all
into cubes and set it aside and then we can get started on our soup. Okay, we’ve got our steak all cut up in this bowl right here. So we’re gonna set that aside and we’re gonna start making
the base for our soup. We’re gonna start off with some butter. We’re gonna add in some avocado oil. Just butter for flavor,
avocado oil for high heat and now we’re gonna add in our onions. We’re gonna get these
cooked until they’re soft. These shouldn’t take very
long because they were frozen. You know I just love my frozen onions. They soften quicker and
they are already chopped. It’s my favorite ingredient. So we’re gonna let these
soften for about five minutes. Okay, our onions are looking nice and soft so I’m gonna go ahead and
add in our seasonings. This is some dried parsley and we’ve got some minced garlic and we’ve got some dry thyme and some Italian seasoning and I’m also gonna add in the mushrooms. This is like eight ounces. Oh, this is a pound of
sliced baby bella mushrooms. So we are gonna cook these
down until they are soft. It’s gonna be about another five minutes and this smells so good. All of that, the seasonings
and the butter and mushrooms and it’s one of the best
smells in the world. Okay, our mushrooms are looking
nice and soft and perfect so I’m gonna go ahead and
sprinkle in some xanthan gum. If you don’t know what
that is, it is a thickener and you can find it in a lot of ice creams and it’s in a lot of store-bought products but it’s a thickener that
is really low in carbs because you don’t have to use very much and you can buy it in the grocery store. It’s available at Walmart. You can find it on the baking aisle with all of the other gluten-free items but we will activate it by
boiling the water but I’m gonna, I mean boiling the beef broth but first I’m gonna add in the beef broth and we’re gonna bring this to a boil and we don’t wanna put
in our steak just yet. We wanna put it in right
before this is ready to serve. Just enough time to
heat the steak through. We don’t want to cook it really anymore because it’s already perfectly cooked. So we are going to let this
come to a simmer to thicken. Okay, our soup is simmering nicely so it’s time to add in the steak. Okay, we just wanna heat this
through for a few minutes. It’s looking super delicious
and it’s almost ready. This is a really quick soup. It’s perfect for a weeknight soup. I love soup. I can eat it every day of the week. I can eat it in the summer. It doesn’t matter when it is but this has really got
me wishing for fall. So let’s give a taste and make sure it’s got enough seasoning. Mm. Perfect. I put about, I wanna say I put about a
teaspoon of salt in there and it’s perfect. So look at that. Look at that delicious steak
soup that looks amazing and it is ready to serve and I wanna bet that even
a manly picky husband might like this soup or kids. It’d be a good soup to
introduce to your kids if your kids like mushrooms but anyway, you can find
the link to the recipe, a printable recipe if
you wanna print it out. It’s in the description below or you can find the full
recipe in the description below and I hope you like this soup
and it’s perfect for fall. I will see you guys later. Bye. (calm music)

Randall Smitham