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Let Food Be Your Medicine Through Keto

DR. COLBERT: When you have
certain health issues, chronic pain, arthritis, diabetes, so
many people run to their doctor looking for a medicine. Why not
go to the Lord and get the mind of Christ? And He’ll
show you what to do. (Singing) I know my God
has made the way for me. I know my God has
made the way for me. ANNOUNCER: There are some
foods in our everyday diet that can cause chronic diseases in
our bodies. Learn to choose the foods that build strong physical
health. Join Kenneth Copeland and Dr. Don Colbert today on the
Believer’s Voice of Victory. KENNETH: Hello, everybody. I’m
Kenneth Copeland. Welcome to the Believer’s Voice of Victory
broadcast. Let’s have a word of prayer, and we’ll get right into
today’s Bible lesson. Father, thank You so much. We praise
You, Lord, for bringing Dr. Colbert to us and teaching us
and showing us and opening our eyes to understand what’s been
happening and what is happening to the Body of Christ. AUDIENCE:
Yes. KENNETH: And we’re so appreciative of Your delivering
power. And we ask You today for revelation knowledge, revealed
knowledge, knowledge revealed from Your Spirit to our spirit.
Faith cometh, and victory follows the faith. AUDIENCE:
Amen. KENNETH: In Jesus’ name. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: Amen.
(Audience “Amens”) Join with me in welcoming Dr. Don Colbert to
this studio again today. Glory to God. (Applause) Great studio
audience today. DR. COLBERT: Yes, amen. KENNETH: Hallelujah.
Hoo! Hasn’t this been fun? (Audience “Amens”) Amen. Glory
to God. Start every day with the–ha-ha–power of God. DR.
COLBERT: Amen. (Audience “Amens”) FEMALE: Amen.
KENNETH: I want to take us–takes us to two verses of
scripture. Our–our golden text, which is Proverbs 23, “When
thou sittest to eat with a ruler–” this is so big
“–consider diligently what is set before you.” This is
the Bible, B-i-b-l-e. G-o-d. J-e-s-u-s. (Laughter) Huh?
Are you listening to me? (Audience Agrees) This is
not optional. FEMALE: Amen. KENNETH: You can’t just take
or leave this. FEMALE: That’s right. KENNETH: Not if you’re a
born-again, Holy Ghost-baptized, tongue-talking Christian, you
can’t. (Audience “Amens”) Amen. Because anything
that does not proceed from faith is sin. FEMALE: That’s right.
KENNETH: Now, if a person doesn’t know, that’s not proof.
DR. COLBERT: That’s good, yeah. KENNETH: But once the
knowledge– DR. COLBERT: Right. KENNETH: –particularly from the
Bible– DR. COLBERT: Mm-hmm. AUDIENCE: Amen.
KENNETH: Then it’s no longer optional. DR. COLBERT:
Right. AUDIENCE: That’s right. KENNETH: “Put a knife
to your throat, if you be a man given to appetite.”
That’s women, too. “Be not desirous of his dainties,
they are deceitful meat.” That’s deceitful food. It looks
good, smells good, and it’ll kill you. AUDIENCE: Mm-hmm.
KENNETH: I’m talk–it will kill you. We’ve already found out
that God said you’re supposed to live–that the normal life
is 120 years. So all of these scriptures, that’s based on
120 years. That’s when the– DR. COLBERT: Right.
KENNETH: “Long life I satisfy you,” that’s based on 120 years.
You don’t have the right to just decide what’s a long life for
you. Now– AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: “Well, I can believe
that if I want to.” No, you can’t. You don’t have a right to
believe anything but the Bible if you’re a born-again child of
God. Now, I want to go back over here into what–I Corinthians
6:19, “know ye not your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost
which in you, which you have of God, and you’re not your own?”
FEMALE: Amen. KENNETH: You don’t own this. Do you hear me? DR.
COLBERT: If you’re a Christian. KENNETH: If you’re a Christian.
DR. COLBERT: Amen. KENNETH: Well, if you’re not a Christian,
you don’t own it. The devil owns it. DR. COLBERT: Mm. That’s
true. KENNETH: He owns it. DR. COLBERT: Right. AUDIENCE: That’s
good. Mm-hmm. KENNETH: Now, and he’ll kill you. DR. COLBERT:
Yeah, absolutely. KENNETH: You know, his name–his middle name
is Twinkie and ice cream. (Laughter) And then heroin.
DR. COLBERT: That’s right. All right, yeah. KENNETH: And then–
DR. COLBERT: Okay. All the drugs. KENNETH: –everything
else. DR. COLBERT: Alcohol, everything. KENNETH: Yeah,
everything. I mean, he–he steals– DR. COLBERT:
Self-destruction. KENNETH: –kills, and destroys. Now then,
let’s go to Romans. We were there yesterday. Let’s go there,
and the 12th chapter. “I beseech you, brethren, by the mercies of
God, that you present your body a living sacrifice, holy,
acceptable unto God–” God’ll receive it. Take it to Him. I
mean, He bought it. It belongs to Him. Take it back to Him.
“–which is your reasonable service.” Father, in the name of
Jesus, we come before You in this holy moment. Now, the
first time I did this, I took communion. DR. COLBERT: Right.
Why not today? KENNETH: And–and you get–that was the first time
I really got serious about it. Now, you get serious about it
where you are right now. DR. COLBERT: Amen. KENNETH: Say
it, “This body’s not my own.” (Audience Repeats) “Jesus
paid a terrible price for it. I belong to Him, spirit,
soul, and body. I’m His, and He’s mine.” The Lord
Jesus said to me in the moment, not an audible voice,
but, boy, I tell you what, it was–it didn’t like much
being audible. It was still so clear and so thrilling.
Because here I was approaching 80, and–and
wanted to quit. And tired– DR. COLBERT: Sure. KENNETH:
–been doing it 50 years. I’m, you know, ready to go to
the mountains or something. (Laughter) And I knew better
than that because I had already accepted that 120 years sometime
before because of a certain conversation the Lord had with
me. Now–now, He didn’t demand that I do that. He said, “I’m
asking you to accept that. I’m putting it before you.” DR.
COLBERT: Mm-hmm. KENNETH: Anyway, this came out of it. He
said, “Kenneth, I sacrificed My body for yours, and now you are
sacrificing your body for Mine.” And you’re His body. DR.
COLBERT: Amen. KENNETH: You’re His body. You are His body. No,
no. This is not my body, it’s His. But now, get the revelation
of this. See, we’re the Body of Christ. FEMALE: Amen. KENNETH:
We are His body. DR. COLBERT: Amen. KENNETH: His–I want to
tell you something, folks. His body is sick. DR. COLBERT: Amen.
It is. KENNETH: It is sick– DR. COLBERT: Amen.
KENNETH: –sick, sick. And the terrible part is–don’t
blame the devil for it. FEMALE: No. KENNETH: Don’t blame
him for it. DR. COLBERT: Flesh. KENNETH: In most cases,
a lot of cases–let me put it like that, a lot of cases,
two things with which you’re killing yourself; one, with
your mouth. FEMALE: Yes. KENNETH: Jesus said you have
what you say. DR. COLBERT: Amen. KENNETH: And the power of death
and life are in the tongue. DR. COLBERT: Amen, amen.
KENNETH: Most people, what they think was the devil coming
in on them, he didn’t even have to do anything– DR. COLBERT:
Mm-hmm. KENNETH: –because of what you’ve been saying. “Oh, I
tell you, it’s just awful, it’s just awful, it’s just awful. I
just walk past the table and I gain 15 pounds.” DR. COLBERT:
Cursing themselves with– KENNETH: Yes, sir! Yes, sir. DR.
COLBERT: They’ve chosen the curses instead of the blessings.
KENNETH: And then laugh. It ain’t funny, McGee. DR. COLBERT:
Right. (Audience Agrees) KENNETH: This thing is so
serious in the Body of Christ. DR. COLBERT: Amen, amen.
KENNETH: And then–then the second thing, the table, food.
DR. COLBERT: Amen. KENNETH: Let me give you a– DR. COLBERT:
Mm-hmm. KENNETH: –a real insight. Did you ever notice
that most–not all, but most opera singers are way
overweight. DR. COLBERT: Mm-hmm. KENNETH: Now, they don’t even
have to be now, but still, a lot of them are. But the reason was,
back–(Clears Throat)–excuse me. These two little vocal
cords, I mean, these things are not even an inch long. But you
can build those up to become so strong that with vocal exercise,
it’s just like exercising with weights. DR. COLBERT: Right.
KENNETH: You can push those–those vocal cords to
where you can sing at top voice for 40 minutes or an hour. Your
back will give out on you. They’re stronger than your back
muscles. DR. COLBERT: Hmm. KENNETH: And standing there in
full voice back before there was amplification– DR. COLBERT:
Right. KENNETH: –they had a choice, and they knew it back
then. You can either go to the workout room or go to the table.
DR. COLBERT: Wow. KENNETH: Nine out of 10 of them chose the
table, and that’s the reason they weighed 300 pounds. DR.
COLBERT: My goodness. FEMALE: Wow. KENNETH: So they’d have
enough fat back there to support those vocal cords. Of course,
they look awful. But now, one of the greatest opera singers of
all time, Placido Domingo– DR. COLBERT: Mm-hmm. KENNETH: Pssh,
what a voice. I tell you, I hear that guy sing, and I think,
“Ooh. I want to do that.” (Laughter) And–and I was
trained–until he went home to be with the Lord, I trained with
a man that–that knew those procedures. He was an opera
singer, and he taught me and trained me. And then he–then he
messed up and went to heaven and not–but anyway. And Domingo,
man, on up in his 70s, power! Man, he hit the back wall with
that voice. DR. COLBERT: Was he overweight? KENNETH: No. He went
to the weight room. DR. COLBERT: Wow. KENNETH: Worked out, stayed
in good shape. DR. COLBERT: Mm-hmm. Praise God. KENNETH: And
even up in his late 70s, just in good shape, and stand up there
and just sing like he did when he was about 40, man. DR.
COLBERT: Amazing. KENNETH: That guy is so good. Whoa. But he
made a choice. DR. COLBERT: Mm-hmm. KENNETH: And this
guy–this guy didn’t–didn’t even have the–the Word of
faith. He–this is just–he’s like a–he’s like a fighter. He
gets in good shape because he’s going to fight something. He’s
going to make a living with it. Well, dear Lord, if you can do
it like that, what do you think you ought to be doing if you’re
baptized in the Holy Ghost and power? DR. COLBERT: Amen.
(Audience “Amens”) KENNETH: And which is more important, a
witness to Jesus or being an opera singer? Come on. AUDIENCE:
Yeah. Come on. KENNETH: But that’s been the problem, is not
caring anything about serving Jesus, just serving yourself and
your own flesh. DR. COLBERT: Amen. Wow. FEMALE: That’s good.
DR. COLBERT: That’s good. KENNETH: Now, I can talk loud
and mean at you now because I had to go through it. God talked
loud and mean to me, so I talk loud and mean to you. Ha-ha-ha.
Amen. Man, He started working on me back there in 1967. I weighed
240 pounds. And I’m headed to ORU, and the Lord said, “You get
that fat off you.” (Laughs) The day we went to–day we–I–Doc,
I ate nine boiled eggs that night. That’s all I ate. I
didn’t know any other way to do it. And–but just stayed with
it and just stayed with it, and–and God helped me, and God
helped me, and God helped me. And He trained me. DR. COLBERT:
Yes. But you made that choice. And just like the opera singer,
he made a choice. KENNETH: I wrote a little book called “The
Decision is Yours.” DR. COLBERT: Praise God. KENNETH: Once you
make a quality decision– DR. COLBERT: Amen. KENNETH: –and it
may take you several days to make it. Take communion every
day. Just get before God and– FEMALE: Yes. KENNETH: –and put
the flesh where it belongs and forgive if you have ought
against any. DR. COLBERT: Amen. Amen. KENNETH: And just put
it–put it–put it before Him. DR. COLBERT: Amen. KENNETH:
And then–and it’ll come up in you. And when it does, make
the decision, “Okay, Lord–” DR. COLBERT: Amen.
KENNETH: “–here, it’s You and me, not me and You.
It’s You and me.” Amen. DR. COLBERT: Amen.
KENNETH: And then write the decision down. Write
it down and look at it every day– DR. COLBERT: Right.
KENNETH: –that “I’m going on this, and I’m going to stay on
it. Praise God. This is not a diet. This is my lifestyle.”
(Audience Agrees) “And I’m going to stay on this, and I’m making
my way to that–I’m headed towards that treadmill. I’m
headed–” And, hey, I hated it. I hated the sound of it. And God
still wouldn’t let me loose from it. DR. COLBERT: (Laughs)
KENNETH: And finally, you’re just–I mean, a couple of months
ago, I said, “Okay, God. Yes, sir. Yes, yes, yes, yes,” and
made that decision– DR. COLBERT: Right. It’s the
decision. KENNETH: –and put it before Him. I made it over
the–the years and just–and wouldn’t hold on to it. Stay
tired all the time, though. This is what turned that around. DR.
COLBERT: Amen. KENNETH: This made it–that brought–brought
me– DR. COLBERT: Yes. KENNETH: –physically to a place where I
could do it. DR. COLBERT: Right. You’re right. FEMALE: Praise
God. KENNETH: And–because I–I just get sick when I’d try to
exercise like that. DR. COLBERT: But what people need to
understand is, when you have certain health issues, chronic
pain, arthritis, diabetes, so many people run to their doctor
looking for a medicine. Why not go to the Lord and get the mind
of Christ, and He’ll show you what to do. But what we–
KENNETH: Oh, yeah. DR. COLBERT: But the
foundation for our health is what we eat. Let your
food be your medicine. Let your medicine be your
food. By simply choosing the right anti-inflammatories
— anti-inflammatories, foods, your body simply starts
resist–lowering the inflammation in the body.
And guess what’s the root of most chronic pain? TOGETHER:
Inflammation. DR. COLBERT: What’s the root of most
arthritis? TOGETHER: Inflammation. DR. COLBERT: I can
tell you how many patients with arthritis in their hips, in
their knees, throughout their body, in their back, in their
fingers, in their hands, in their toes, in their neck,
chronic pain. KENNETH: Now, that started there– DR. COLBERT:
Mm-hmm. KENNETH: –oh, probably 25 years ago. And it–it started
getting sore. And I said, “Oh, no. Oh, no, you don’t. No,
ho-ho. You’re not putting that on me. I’m not having that.”
FEMALE: That’s right. DR. COLBERT: Right. KENNETH: But, I
had to do my part– DR. COLBERT: Right, sure. Sure. KENNETH:
–and not feed that– DR. COLBERT: Right. KENNETH:
–inflammation. DR. COLBERT: And you know what feeds inflammation
more than anything? It goes back–sugars, carbohydrates,
starches and bad fats, especially fried foods, fast
foods. KENNETH: And not–and no water. DR. COLBERT: And not
enough water, yes. KENNETH: Yeah. DR. COLBERT: And
other–there’s other inflammatory foods. But again,
we discuss that in the book. But what happens, when you turn down
inflammation–and the other key, lose the weight, and another
key, exercise. As you do all of this, see, when you choose to
weigh–if you’re 5’4″ and weigh 250 pounds, 300 pounds, your
joints, your hips, your back, your knees, your ankles were not
meant to carry that much weight. You have exceeded the weight
limits of your frame. And as a result, that frame starts to
break down. (Audience Agrees) It starts to literally degenerate.
And I just saw a lady just recently, she was in her early
50s, severe arthritis in both hips. Every step she took hurt
so bad. KENNETH: Don’t you know it had to? DR. COLBERT: Every
step. FEMALE: Yeah. DR. COLBERT: I said–but
she chose to weigh–she was only 5’4″. She chose to
weigh 250 pounds. And so again, we’re helping her
unburden that–that weight on her hips and giving
her the right raw material and the right hormones
and the right exercises. I said, “Do not walk on a
treadmill. But you can cycle, recumbent bike. You’ve
got to exercise that–” KENNETH: Some–some–somebody
is–catch hands with one another. Just whoever
you are, let’s all pray it– DR. COLBERT: Yes.
KENNETH: –all at the same time. Heavenly Father–in the
audience, pray it out loud with me. “Heavenly Father–”
(Audience Repeats) “–my body is a living sacrifice. I choose
You, Jesus. I choose to serve You. I sacrifice my body
to You. I offer it to You. From this day forward, it
is not my body. It is my sacrifice. I lay this body on
the altar, on the altar of my faith. With Your grace and Your
help and Your strength, I can do this, and I will do this.
So–so. Help. Me. God. So help me God. I receive it.
I’m strong! And I call myself strong. I call myself well
and healthy. I rebuke all inflammation in my body, all
sickness, all disease. I say it according to Mark 11:23. I am
not hungry. I tell my body when to be hungry and when to eat. In
Jesus’ name, amen.” Hunger is under the curse. DR. COLBERT:
Well, let me tell you, too, when you eat a lot of sugars, carbs,
and starches– KENNETH: You stir it up. DR. COLBERT: You stir it
up because that insulin hormone, that insulin hormone that,
by the way, creates a lot of inflammation– KENNETH: Wow. DR.
COLBERT: –triggers a tremendous appetite. But when we get that
insulin lowered and get it stabilized by eating about 70
percent of your calories as fat, you don’t have hunger. You can
go five, six, eight hours with no hunger. It balances your
appetite hormones. KENNETH: Isn’t that wonderful? DR.
COLBERT: It’s amazing. KENNETH: Well, I want to tell you
something else that–and this is–well, this’ll help you in
every area. I had despised exercise for so long that when
Carlo, my trainer, Yvonne’s dad–boy, I committed to it. I’m
in this thing to stay. And it was amazing to me. The first
exercises I did, I almost had to stuff a rag in my mouth to not
say, “I hate this.” DR. COLBERT: Ooh. Ha-ha-ha. KENNETH: It was
inside me. DR. COLBERT: That’s right. KENNETH: It was inside
me. DR. COLBERT: You’re at battle with the flesh. KENNETH:
So what do you do? You call things that be not as though
they were. DR. COLBERT: Amen, amen. KENNETH: And I said,
“Okay, in the name of Jesus, I love this. I love this.” DR.
COLBERT: (Laughs) KENNETH: “And, Jesus, I love it because You
love it.” FEMALE: Yes. KENNETH: And I tried–I–and I’d almost
say, “Yeah, right there.” “No, I love this.” DR. COLBERT:
(Laughs) KENNETH: It took two full exercise sessions– DR.
COLBERT: Amen. KENNETH: –and it was gone. DR. COLBERT: Praise
God. AUDIENCE: Praise God. Amen. KENNETH: It was absolutely gone.
DR. COLBERT: Amen. KENNETH: And I felt just as ugly as I did the
day before. DR. COLBERT: Yes, right. KENNETH: But it was not
in my mouth anymore. DR. COLBERT: Praise God. Good.
KENNETH: It was gone, man. DR. COLBERT: Yes. AUDIENCE: Praise
God. That’s good. KENNETH: Do something with this other than–
DR. COLBERT: Amen. KENNETH: –stuff food in it. (Audience
“Amens”) Make that speech, make that tongue work for you instead
of against you. DR. COLBERT: Amen, amen. KENNETH: I’d said
that, man, since I was 14 years old, “I hate this.” And it had
to come out of me. DR. COLBERT: Amen. FEMALE: Wow. DR. COLBERT:
And that’s what we have to say, too, that, “Hey, I have no
appetite. I have no desire for sugar.” KENNETH: Yes, sir. DR.
COLBERT: “I have no desire for carbs and starches that are
inflaming my body.” KENNETH: “Yeah, but Dr. Colbert, I’d be
lying if I said that because I’m so hungry I’m about to pass
out.” You’re lying. You ain’t so hungry you’re about to pass out.
DR. COLBERT: Yeah. KENNETH: No, you wouldn’t be lying. You’d be
doing like Abraham, calling things that be not as though
they were. DR. COLBERT: Mm-hmm, amen. KENNETH: And you just stay
with that. FEMALE: Amen. KENNETH: Stay with it. Hey, if
you don’t get ahold of this– FEMALE: Oh, I got it. KENNETH:
–that fat’ll whip you somewhere down the line. DR. COLBERT: It
will. KENNETH: It’ll whip you. But, hey, you put the Word of
God in you, man. DR. COLBERT: Praise God, praise God. KENNETH:
And listen, it may take a while. It took you a long time to get
in this mess. It’s going to take a while to get out of this mess.
But let me tell you something, it’s a process. And the process
is working. And the spiritual process will dominate the
physical process. DR. COLBERT: Amen, amen. (Audience Agrees)
Amen. And you know what? I learned that years ago, back
early 2000 when you came to see me. You would say, “Hey,
repeat what you said.” And I’d repeat–you said, “No. Repeat
it with faith. Put faith in everything you said.” Now I
said, “I’m sorry, Brother Copeland.” No, you’re not sorry!
You’re not a sorry person. KENNETH: (Laughs) DR. COLBERT:
“You don’t say you’re sorry. You apologize.” So I started
injecting faith in everything. I watched every word that came out
of my mouth. KENNETH: Yeah. DR. COLBERT: It changed me. KENNETH:
Yeah. And, those very principles kept you from being a cripple
all– FEMALE: Amen. KENNETH: –your life. FEMALE: That’s
true. DR. COLBERT: That’s right. KENNETH: You were bound to a
wheelchair. DR. COLBERT: Yep. FEMALE: That’s right. KENNETH:
From a sunstroke that baked your thighs like a roast. DR.
COLBERT: Heatstroke, yes. FEMALE: Yes. DR. COLBERT: That’s
true. KENNETH: And Mary– DR. COLBERT: Amen. KENNETH: –and
you in agreement, and standing on the Word of God– DR.
COLBERT: Amen. Amen. KENNETH: –and Mary went to the store,
wherever she went, grocery store or something, come home, he’s
standing up in the middle of the room– DR. COLBERT: That’s
right. TOGETHER: –praising God. DR. COLBERT: And the–and the
biopsy showed that muscle was dead to the bone. It was dead.
They said, “It’ll never grow back.” KENNETH: It’s just a
roast–just a roast beef, you know? Well, hey, look at–I
think he’s grown 3 inches since then. (Laughter) And we’re out
of time. DR. COLBERT: Amazing how fast the time flies.
KENNETH: Isn’t it? DR. COLBERT: It is. KENNETH: Amen. Jeremy
will be here in just a moment. (Applause) Hallelujah. Whoo!
DR. COLBERT: Praise God. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries. And
remember Jesus is Lord.

Randall Smitham



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