April 8, 2020
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Dr. Nick here with NickDelgado.com, and you’re
about to see what I call the Delgado $1,000 challenge. The girls can win $100 unless they step up
to 30s. The guys, Jordan, Ted, Brian, if they can
outlast me, keep up with me and exceed me they can win $1,000, they also get to get
a product of their choice. So here we go, guys. Left up first, right. Okay, just keep pace. Here we go. And you want to make sure that if someone
falls ten paces behind they got to catch up. This is one of the best upper body exercises. It’s a great way to get in shape fast. You lift continuous, curl and press. I’ve eaten a lot of fresh fruit just before,
grapes, pineapple, coconut, banana. You’re seeing a guy that’s 100% vegan, oil-free
for 40 years. Let’s see if these carnivores — Jordan you’re
a carnivore. Ted, you’re a carnivore. Brian, you’re a carnivore. Let’s see if they can outlift this 62-year-young,
40-year vegan who had a stroke when I was 23. What do I do for supplements? I use Estro Block, our new DIM Pro, DHT Block,
Stay Young, I enrich my nitric oxide. We have the new Beet Vitality, better circulation,
better energy, a great pre-workout with growth factor. Slim Blend Protein for all the fiber and nutrients. We’re at beautiful Huntington Beach, California,
next to the pier. All you got to do is keep up. You got some tough competitors. And I hear someone breathing heavy behind
me. Ted’s feeling it. Those 30s creep up on you, don�t they, Jordan? Brian, you feeling it yet? I could do a fun thing, and that is pick up
the pace. But I’ll be nice for a little while. Yes, I can hear Ted feeling it right now. He’s feeling it in his core, in his grip,
he’s feeling it in his shoulders. His soul, deep in his soul. I love this. Nothing better, outdoors on my trampoline
with my friends wanting to beat me, wanting to win $1,000. Come on. Any pro athlete, amateur, CrossFit. I’ve beaten NFL, major league baseball, hockey. You don�t care who you are. Nick Delgado’s calling you out. I want you. I think you don�t want a piece of me. Check it out, guys. We’re going to pick up the pace. Look at the traps on Jordan. They’re popping out like rocks. Okay, I think Ted’s getting close. Ted’s thinking about it. You got to catch up with ten lifts otherwise
this 62-year-old, Dr. Nick undefeated in five years, world competition, world champion,
strength endurance — my best, 50,500 overhead, one hour, 3,000 lifts. That’s what I do. I crush any man, woman or beast. My beast, Brian. All right, Brian. Good job. All right, Ted. You’re thinking about it, Ted. You’re thinking. Yes. I’m even breaking a sweat. Give Ted a big hand. Ted. All right, man. Choose a product of your choice. I bet that Stem Cell Strong is calling your
name. [0:04:57] Good job, Ted. You’re a true competitor. All right, big hand, Christina. Choose a product. Now it’s just down to Jordan and I, doubles. All right, give Jordan a big hand. Oh, yes. Oh, yes, dude. Damn. NickDelgado.com, undefeated, $1,000 challenge. Take me on any day of the week. So go ahead and just — you saw the movement. Go ahead and try this. It’s just a curl and press. Where did we go, guys? About 30-45 minutes. I don�t know. Jordan lasted a long time. Max, about how long did we lift? Twenty-five. In about 25 minutes I can usually rip off
about 700 to 1,000 lifts. What’s your name? Ben, you’re a big guy. How old are you? Twenty-four. Ben. You’re a big man. How long have you been lifting? Fourteen. I started when I was 12. I’ve been lifting for 50 years. Your muscles get muscle memory, don�t they,
Ben? It’s crazy, huh? You feeling a little bit? Yes? I’m ready. I’m building up for my squat record. What weight do you use? That’s killing it, Ben. Dang. Then you have good cardio. I have a product that I want you to try called
Estro Block Pro and Liv D-Tox. It’ll clear some of the unmetabolized estrogens. I write books. Yes, Ben’s feeling it. Are you left-handed, Ben? Oh, that right’s getting tired. Dang. There you go. Dr. Nick again. Good job, Ben. All right, brother. I love it. You’re a stud. All right, give him a big hand.

Randall Smitham