April 9, 2020
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OK, I think I’m live here, I think everything’s
looking good, I’m just waiting for it to boot up. Yes. Excellent. Apologies. Apologies for that, everyone, some technical
difficulties, this was in portrait and it should’ve been in landscape. Everything is fixed, I’m here ready to go. Aidan, welcome, Ashley, I saw a comment from
you on the previous feed and let’s just dive in here. So, I got more questions on Instagram, thank
you for that, I also have some questions left over from the last feed that I did, the last
live stream. So, I’m going to just jump in here. How do you face the nerve when you speak to
a big group or audience? And, honestly, it’s interesting doing these
live streams, I actually don’t know how many people are watching right now. Doesn’t really matter, but I know I’m live
and that seemed sort of pressure is on to perform and those same sort of nerves even
come with getting this set up. That has never gone away for me, I’ve always
struggled with anxiety, public speaking, I used to be so bad that, like,
I get up, I couldn’t even talk, everything would get so tight, I couldn’t even get words
out of my mouth. And slowly over time, just putting in more
hours, putting in reps and sets, joining a club called Toastmasters, an organization
called Toastmasters -which has clubs all over the world- that is set up for the sole purpose
of helping you develop your speaking skills, it follows a specific agenda, you go once
per week, you get up in front of the audience and you just get that exposure to it. And now, when I face the nerves I’m just used
to it, it’s much more subtle, it’s not as overt, it doesn’t completely take over my
body, so that I can’t speak and I’m not in control. But it’s still there and it’s something I’ve
learned to embrace and I label it as an excitement rather than nervousness or anxiety. I look at it as excitement for the performance,
excitement for what I’m about to do and I use that energy and I feed off that energy. So, a lot of it is in how you frame it, I
do understand that if you’re brand new to public speaking it can be terrifying. But put in those reps and sets, you just have
to give yourself more exposure to it and slowly that starts to fade. That would be my answer to that question,
so. Another question here. Thanks for posting that link Aidan, appreciate
that. Ashley, you asked what are my favorite business
books, and I thought about this, because this came in on Instagram, so I’ve been thinking
about what are my favorite business specific books. And, to be honest I don’t read very many technical
business books. I have read some and there’s some that I’ll
give you here as a suggestion, but I look– a mentor of mine once said “entrepreneurship
is the greatest course in self development, because it forces you to face your own shortcomings,
it forces you to develop self-awareness”, so that… because that will always be the
bottleneck in a business. You as the entrepreneur, you as the founder
-until you can move away from the business and step away to a degree- you will always
be the bottleneck, your shortcomings, your lack of self-awareness, your inability to
recognize your weakness and even acknowledge what your strengths are will be the greatest
bottleneck. So, I look at self development in general,
in developing the soft skills such as leadership, communication, confidence, the ability to
speak and communicate. Those are just as important, if not more important,
when it comes to succeeding in business. There’s that classic presentation that Zig
Ziglar did that– the public speaker, the sales guy, and he’s talking to his audience,
and I’ve seen this repeated by different speakers over the years, but he asked the audience
what is the… what are the top attributes, or characteristics, or skills you look for
in employees? What would make, like, an amazing employee? And they go on for 20 minutes, he’s writing
stuff up on the whiteboard and then they look at all the answers and when they narrow it
down, they realize that a very, very small percentage of what is listed are real tangible
technical skills. It’s the soft skills, it’s the attitude, it’s
the, again, the leadership, the communication, the ability to persevere when times get tough,
all these sort of soft, intangible skills are really what make the difference in my
mind for having a successful business and having a successful life, overall. But with that rant out of the way, some of
the top business books I’ve read are “Traction”, “Drive” by Daniel Pink, that talks about what,
you know, what motivates employees. “Traction” is like a business system, sort
of speak, for getting traction in your business and really getting all systems dialed in smoothly. That book along with “Double Double” which
I like, by Cameron Herold. “Traction” and “Double Double” actually have
a lot of similarities from an original book called “The Rockefeller Habits” which is also
an amazing business book. And then there is a Part II to Rockefeller
Habits which is “Scaling up” which is really, it’s almost a business textbook. We’ve read that book, we’ve applied some of
those principles to Nested Naturals with great success and some have not worked for us. And that’s the thing with reading books and
absorbing any type of knowledge, you have to take what works for you and filter what
works for you, there’s no 100 percent one way to do things, or one system for doing things. You’ve got to take influences and inspiration
from different sources. “Start With Why”, “Leaders Eat Last”, two
great books by Simon Sinek on leadership, “Crush it” by Gary V., that is a classic,
very inspirational. And then two that I have to mention are “Compelling
People” and “Never Split the Difference”, two amazing books. Again, it’s more on the soft skills, the communication,
the EQ, the leadership development. Those would be excellent books for you if
you’re wanting to be successful in business or anywhere in life. So, let’s see what we got here, I’m going
to go to the chat, we got some people adding some comments here, we got Nick in the house. Nick, what is up, thanks for joining. When I started Nested what was my strategy
for getting leads? Those police sirens are coming in too loud. Great question, Nick. I have been… I haven’t been secretive about this, I’ve
said this in other podcast, in interviews, but Nested Naturals has benefited greatly
from the big push and the big wave known as Amazon. The Amazon Marketplace and its growth, and
just its reach and how it’s expanded with the amount of people that buy there, and the
tools they offer third party sellers. We’ve caught that wave as Nested Naturals,
and that wave still exists to a degree, but the marketplace and the landscape has definitely
changed. But in the beginning our products were being
launched on Amazon, that was really the fuel that launched our company. And how we got leads, it was really the Amazon
customers in the Amazon Marketplace that really fueled this brand to become what it is today. Now we’re doing cool things with wholesale
and different retail relationships, we’re building an audience off of Amazon, but as
far as the lead acquisition from starting from the beginning, those things don’t change. The thing with Nested Naturals is that we
were able to fuel ourselves off the capital and the revenue we generated off of Amazon. Which was really as simple as putting a product
up, you have to have good copywriting skills, you have to have a good marketable listing,
you then have to run PPC campaigns profitably, and that then depends on your listing and,
you know, how well it converts and how good your brand is. There’s a lot of things that go into that. But once we really generate the sales off
of that, launch more products, then we started looking off Amazon. So, we really started our business unconventionally,
in the sense we weren’t out pounding the pavement trying to get leads. We were really benefiting from that wave and
surfing that wave that is Amazon. Now, what we’re doing now on the marketing
side, I’m actually not involved in the nitty gritty side of things, we’re doing things
with Facebook, ManyChat to retarget customers. We are doing things with Facebook ad agencies,
we’re starting some different campaigns. We’re still in the early stages of that, of
getting it profitable. Last time I heard, the last report I got is we were breaking even, so that’s a success in and of itself, as long as you’re not in the red and not losing
money. But then the goal now is to continue testing,
continue tweaking and getting things profitable so that you can really ramp things up and
scale it as much as possible. So, that’s my answer to your question, Nick. I know it’s not like really nitty gritty on
a very specific strategy, that’s probably better for a specific video. But I hope that helps you to some degree. And, Aidan, just to answer your question,
“Compelling People” that was two authors, John was one of the co-authors of that book,
I believe, and thanks for listing things out there. OK, let’s get back. Where are we at for time here? Oh, it just says “live”, so I actually don’t
know. 10 minutes ago, it says. OK, we’re 10 minutes in already, wow. I get on some tangent, Sarah. Jeremy, you live downtown intentionally very
near your office because you want to save time in the commute? That is true. Do you– do I think the higher cost in rent
is still worth it? 100 percent, yes. What I’ve learned over the years is your peace
of mind and lack of stress and lack of efficiency in your life is a cost. That is costing you whether, again, it’s stress
and wellbeing, whether it’s having to plan things out longer and have longer commutes. So, I look at living downtown and the convenience
of being able to walk to my office as a very high priority in my life, and I’m willing
to pay the premium to do that. And I’m a big believer in simplifying your
life, in trimming down stuff and unnecessary inefficiency because it just creates a smoother,
simpler life and who wouldn’t want that. What else do we got here? When are you getting married? Ari from Indonesia with a question, “when
are you getting married?” she says. Ari, I don’t know, that’s not a super high
priority in my life. I like to say I’m married to my business and
married to my company, that is my focus, that is my priority. Obviously if I meet the right person, I’m
completely open to that. But I don’t have a timeline, the clock is
not ticking for me there. Aidan, how do I not feel gloomy and stay unaffected
of the cold, wet weather in Vancouver. We’ve had an amazing sunny summer, it’s a
cloudy rainy day today and you learn to just get used to it. People say “oh, I don’t let the weather
affect me, like I am in control of my state”. I agree with that to a degree, but there are
undeniable biological influences with, you know, not getting sun, not getting vitamin
D3. Just not being outside, you know, not having
your bare feet on the ground, there’s lots of benefits to these things of being in a
warmer climate. So, I just like to travel, I like to get away
for blocks of time during the winter and that’s how I combat it. And then when I’m living here I just do my
best to keep the exercise regular, keep the clean diet regular, keep the social life and
all the things that affect well-being. Just in mindful those and make those a priority
in my life. What else do we got here? Just going through the list here. Am I open to eating– am I open to the idea
of eating a fully plant based, no meat and no animal product diet? Great question Aidan, I am definitely open
to that. I was 100 percent vegan, but 10 years ago…
no it’s over 10 years ago now. I went a 100 percent vegan for several months,
maybe even it was up to 6-7 months, but I went about it completely wrong, I just cut
out animal products and I didn’t consciously and deliberately replace them with the proper
macros. So, I was waking up, I was getting dizzy spells. I don’t even want to show you a picture because
it’s embarrassing, I was a hundred– at my lightest weight I was 128 pounds, I’m 150
pounds right now. So that’s, I mean, that’s 20 pounds less than
I am but I’m probably pretty lean, like, if you saw me like I looked like I do not look
well, but I was convinced that I’m healthy and not eating animal products. But I just went about it completely wrong,
I didn’t prepare it well and now I’m a big believer in just a whole food, clean whole
foods, organic free range eggs. I don’t– I rarely eat red meat, I eat chicken
if I’m going to be eating meat, and I do include vegan options in my diet. The smoothie I have every day, which is pretty
much a meal the way I make it, that is completely vegan. When I’m at restaurants I’ll often opt for
a vegan option but I am not 100 percent fully vegan. I am open to that if I had someone else always
preparing the options for me, because I do not like spending time in the kitchen, I do
not like the prep work that goes into cooking meals and if I had someone making delicious
vegan recipes day in day out I’m definitely open to that, not averse or against that idea
at all. Am I religious? Am I religious? What are my thoughts on faith? I grew up in a very religious family, going
to church every Sunday, and I believe there is an essence in those religious teachings
that is good, like, the real spirituality and talking about oneness and, you know, just
living a conscious– what they call it in religious circles “sin free life”. I think that is a good aim to have, I consider
myself spiritual and a bit more liberal and open minded at this point in my life, and
not attached to any specific religious doctrine, but I have nothing against people who follow
that. And I think it’s a good thing to have something
in your life that points to just a higher aim, a higher purpose and some type of higher
consciousness. And however you find that in your life, I
think we’re free to do that and I have no judgments either way. But I consider myself spiritual and just open
minded to just a higher consciousness and, you know, treating others as you want to be
treated and really those basic… those basic essential teachings that span across all religions. Where are we at here for time? 16 minutes, OK. Yeah, I’m getting a marriage proposal, any
takers, any single ladies out there. Any new biohacking stuff that I’m doing right
now? Awesome question Nick. So, I am always adding new things to my arsenal
in that regard. I mean, this isn’t new but I wear these every
night. You maybe saw them on my Instagram story announcing this Facebook Live, or this YouTube Live. These block out the blue light. You know, is not really a biohack, I guess,
but I wear earplugs when I sleep because I need complete silence so I’ve custom made
earplugs, not the drugstore ones. And those have been a big game changer for
me, I got those a couple years ago, I’m living downtown here, there’s another police siren
outside, I don’t know if that’s coming through on this audio, but. Yes, Swannies, you’ve got it Nick, yeah, I
should give a shout out to James Swannies here, blue light blockers. I do the Aubrey Marcus protocol of getting
up in the morning, the lemon water, the salt water, I know you know about that, we were
talking about it. I do my saunas in the winter, definitely trying
to keep a regular schedule going to the saunas because I believe getting sick in the cold
weather is– a large part of that is our core body temperature is not just rising, we’re
not sweating, we’re not detoxing, and doing these things that happen naturally in warmer
climates, that’s just my belief. And I am going to the sauna, you know, at
least once a week, or once every couple weeks if life is busy, especially during the winter
months. Biohacks, any new biohacks. Nothing’s coming to mind right now but– burpees,
I’m doing burpees when I get up in the morning, whether it’s a workout day or not I’ll bang
out 15-20 burpees and then throughout the day, for example, right after this live stream,
you know, I’m going to probably make some food here, I’ll probably just do another 15-20
burpees. It’s not a workout day for me, but I think
just adding those intervals of just like getting some movement in, getting the heart rate up
a bit throughout the day, as opposed to just going for like a long run or a long workout. I think I heard Ben Greenfield talking about
-he’s a huge biohacker- the importance of just, like, small intervals throughout the
day of, like, just getting the heart rate up, doing some resistance training is so beneficial
as opposed to locking it in to some one hour time block, which is great as well, but trying
to incorporate it into the rest of your day of movement. They say that 1 hour or 2 hours of working
out does not combat 8 hours of sitting all day, does not combat the negatives of 8 hours
of sitting and being stationary all day. Think about that for a minute, 2 hours, I
want to have 2 hours of like a hardcore workout, but then you’re sitting at the office for
an 8, full 8 hours the rest of the day. Or vegetating on your couch watching
Netflix, you know, that could add up to 10-12 hours of actual sitting. 2 hours of working out does not combat that,
that’s mind blowing to me. So, this is the type of stuff, and again,
I’m standing here, I’m at my standing desk. I don’t want to mess up the tripod here, otherwise–
you know, I’m going to show you, I’m going to show you. This is a huge biohack, if people are not
doing this, if you are not– if you do not have a standing desk… I’ve got a foam out here, definitely need
some padding for the feet, this is one of those Ikea cranking desks here. I’ve got the monitor with, you know, to keep
the head level, the height on the… on the… the prop here, let me get this hooked up, I’m
doing too many things at once here. Yes, standing desk, that combats what I was
just telling you about, just sitting all day so you can just standing… helps out as well
but, you know, I’m just banging out like 5 burpees right, just taking a break, you get the idea, like just doing
5– just do stuff throughout the day, is so important. So, I hope that helps Nick, I’m so passionate
about this, obviously. So, I hope that gave you some ideas. We’re 20 minutes, these just go by so fast,
I’m really loving them, though. I’m just trying to do new things with my content,
I’m not going to stop doing my other shorter edited videos, I enjoy doing those as well,
there’s a time and place for that but again I got more questions that I could handle on
this live stream, so you guys are obviously loving it. I love doing this and I’ll probably just keep
a rhythm going with these, you know, I’ll just throw it into the mix for my weekly video. Thanks for tuning in, I appreciate your viewership,
I appreciate your questions and we will talk soon.

Randall Smitham