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LIVE: Superfoods with Every Snack — the Perfect Bar Story

Jordan: Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin and welcome to
Ancient Medicine Today brought to you by And we’re going to talk about super foods. In fact, we’re going to discuss how you can
eat super foods in every snack. We have the founder and CEO of Perfect Bar,
Bill Keith, good buddy of mine. Great to have you here. So we’re going to talk a little bit about
his story and my history in overcoming serious health issues with the power of super foods,
and how you can make sure that every snack that you, your family, your kids consume is
really, really nutritious. So Bill and I have known each other for a
little over 20 years, it’s hard to believe. Bill: It’s unreal. Jordan: And years ago, and some of you have
seen this, when I was dealing with serious illnesses, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis,
diabetes, etc., I visited 70 medical experts, conventional medicine failed, natural medicine
failed, and my dad who’s a naturopath and chiropractor, met a man by telephone who said
that he has been called to help cure the incurables. His name was William Bud Keith, Bill’s dad. And I talked to him on the phone, I was in
a wheelchair, I was desperate for answers and Bud said, “Jordan, if you will follow
a diet based on the Bible, proven through history and confirmed by science, if you’ll
come from Florida,” where I was living, to San Diego, in three months, I will be well
and working out on the beach. And so there’s my before picture, Crystal
Pier in San Diego. Bill was 12 years old, I came in a wheelchair
deathly ill, and in just a 40-day period, I gained nearly 30 pounds, and it was different
than anything I’d experienced. I absolutely read the Bible every day, believed
God’s word, but I never understood that the Bible could hold the secrets to our health. Bill: Absolutely. Jordan: And Bud taught me along with his large
family and others that would come from around America, and sometimes the world, that our
bodies could heal itself based on the divine creation and what God placed inside us. And what’s exciting is, 21 years ago, these
seeds for what has become one of the most successful nutrition snack companies, Perfect
Bar, were planted. In fact, you told me yesterday that Perfect
Bar really established the category of fresh snacking. And I’m going to get this picture off the
board. But bottom line folks, William Bud Keith,
the founding father of Perfect Bar put me on a journey that has not only helped me get
well, but I’ve been blessed to share that message with so many others through the Makers
Diet and other mediums. So I owe your dad a great debt of gratitude
and that’s pretty exciting. And this is the Perfect Bar team, some of
the Perfect Bar family. But I remember, Bill, years ago, the original
Perfect Bar which these kids . . . These are the founders, right? Bill: Yes. My sister Lee. We were making them by hand. Jordan: Six-year-old, eight-year-old, ten-year-old,
rolling them out. Bill: So literally, we hand roll them with
a rolling pin. We cut them up and put them in Ziploc bags,
and we sell them to friends. And the difference with this bar is it had
20 organic super foods. So with these super foods, like kale, spinach,
rosehip, its foods you don’t get every day in your diet, right? So we used to hate eating different snacks
that our dad would feed us, right? A lot of gluten free, a lot of organic stuff. We’re like, “Oh, this is gross.” He would take these supplements, whenever
he gave us these supplements, we would literally, we’d take them and spit them out. What kid likes taking supplements? So he thought of an idea. He said, “Let’s take these supplements and
ground them into a powder, put into a blend of organic nut butter and honey,” and he gave
these, they were protein balls to us kids. So we grew up eating these protein balls and
they were absolutely delicious, and we loved them. Little did we know we were taking our supplements. So give it a few years, and down the road,
my father, he ended up getting sick with skin cancer, and this is after you had started
your business, and we needed a way to provide for our family. So we went back to the basics and we said,
“Okay, we’re giving these protein bars to friends, and to family, let’s take these bars
and try to sell them into stores,” because you know the age-old adage to every young
entrepreneur, his friend says, “You sell these in stores, they’re delicious.” So we started going into stores and pitching
these products, of course we had Ziploc bags, and that wasn’t working. So we ended up actually taking . . . we had
a property that we were losing because of medical bills and all kinds of expenses. And we moved into a rental, took the equity
out of our house and built this little kitchen that mass-produced these bars. When I say “Mass-produced,” we’re talking
maybe 1,000 bars a week, that was big for us, and that started the journey. And we started the fresh set in fresh snacking,
and now we’re a cornerstone brand in that set. And it’s pretty cool because over the last
few years my brothers and sisters have developed in to business people, they work all throughout
the company. And we’re now touching those folks out there
that are looking for how to get their super foods in a packaged way that’s easy to get. Jordan: Years ago when the original Perfect
Bar was in those baggies, there was a saying, “If it’s not refrigerated, it’s not perfect.” Now, people who are watching, they buy bars
from the bar set which is either on an aisle, sometimes it’s by the register, what makes
a fresh snack a perfect snack? Bill: So yes, so good question, Jordan. So we cold press these bars. These are not baked, all right? A lot of bars in the dry bar set have an emulsifier. Emulsifiers are what binds the oils and proteins
together to make a product shelf stable. So we don’t add any of those preservatives. The only preservative we add is the organic
honey, and we use nature’s oldest preservative, the refrigerator. So we literally, over the period of time while
we were building this fresh set across the country in retail, we were educating consumers
to look at their snack and their eating options in a different way. The great part about this bar is you can take
it with you. It’s portable, you don’t have to be sitting
in a fridge while you eat it. Jordan: Okay, that’s good. Bill: Oh, that’s good. And you can take it with you throughout the
day, it’ll last for about a week. And what happens is it starts to dry up because
we don’t add any of those preservatives in the product. Jordan: So I’m going to take what is the flagship
bar. Now, there’s a new bars that we do not have
here because they were all eaten. So that’s a good problem to have, right? When your bars are so good that they’re all
eaten. I want you to talk about the new flavors in
a moment. But this is the peanut butter bar and it’s
interesting, we talked about this last night. Peanuts are very nutritious. They’re really a legume, not a nut. I want you to talk about peanuts in a moment. Organic peanuts are in high demand. Now, I know that there’s talk about peanut
allergies and airplanes don’t have them, but I think that’s a little bit overblown. At the end of the day, peanuts contain monounsaturated
fats that are very satiating. They also have a good source of protein, carbohydrate,
etc., and they are delicious. But I’m going to read some of these ingredients. Bill was talking about super foods, and we
tell you here at the Dr. Axe studios and in our companies that consuming super foods,
foods that provide nutrition beyond conventional, ordinary foods are critical. And I remember Bud would grind up those little
tablets and they tasted awful, right? Liver, and kale, and celery. And he would put just enough in the Perfect
Bar so that you would get a little bit of this powerful food. The other benefit of consuming Perfect Bars,
you get a variety of nutrients. Bill: That’s right. Jordan: When was the last time you ate a rosehip? I know you could make tea, but I’m not even
sure where the hip is on a rose, you know, I mean, already, where do you find the hip? But when you’re looking here, you’re talking
about, first of all there’s an oil blend, I remember the old days making the oils. But there is flaxseed oil, organic sunflower,
sesame, olive, pumpkin seed, those are high in omega 3s, 6s, and 9s, good quality plant-based
organic oils. Then the long list of super foods. We’ve got kale, flaxseed, rosehip, orange,
lemon, papaya, tomato, apple, alfalfa, celery, kelp, dulse, carrot, and spinach. So you’ve got all of these in small amounts
but . . . Bill: Got to get that dulse. Jordan: If you’re not getting . . . yes, dulse
is amazing. If you’re not getting sea vegetables every
day, if you’re not consuming greens, and this is the only green your child consumes, pretty
awesome. Now, here’s what people who have not seen
Perfect Bars need to know. While they’re our greens, this is not green
folks, this is a beautiful bar that no one will ever know contains all these powerful
nutrients. And by the way, we’re talking about 17 grams
of protein, 20 grams of super foods, and let me see this here, we’ve got . . .
Bill: Also low glycemic. Jordan: Low glycemic, you just told me about
this. But here’s the payoff, 18 grams of fat. You know what I love about today’s day and
age? Fat is awesome. When you all started Perfect Bar, I’m not
talking about the 20 plus years ago, I’m saying when you started getting in stores, there
was fatphobia. Fat is your friend, fat and fiber are your
friends and there’s even some fiber in each of these bars. Bill: Four grams of fiber. Jordan: So 4 grams of fiber, 18 grams of fat. Fat and fiber are your friends for fullness. So Bill, I’m going to let you talk a little
bit about the flavors. Tell us some things about them, how the audience
at large likes them. And by the way, if you are just tuning in,
I’m Jordan Rubin here on Ancient Medicine Today with Bill Keith, founder and CEO of
Perfect Bar. We’re talking about super foods in every snack. The Keith family, the founding family of Perfect
Bar, their father Bud Keith, got me started on my journey towards health transformation. And Bill, and myself, and others are carrying
on that legacy. And this is the epitome of a family business. I remember the day when Bill was 12, Lee who’s
backstage was 10, they were rolling out these Perfect Bars, they were selling them to friends,
giving them out. And ever since, the momentum has been growing
and Perfect Bar, Bill, tell us a little bit about the success. Where was Perfect Bar rank in health food
store bars? This gets me excited and a little proud. Bill: Well, first of all, I mean, my family,
it’s the testament of Perfect Bar is just a family getting together and overcoming adversity
and doing whatever it took to . . . was something that we absolutely believe in. Perfect Bar, we grew up eating, we noticed
all the benefits of eating and growing up. Taking these health on nutrition principles,
and the legacy of my father and expand it to the world. I mean, we feel truly blessed. But let’s talk about the journey, right? So the peanut butter bar was the original. That was the original bar that started it
all. It was in a grouping, we launched with three
flavors, the carob chip. Jordan: I’m going to try every one so you
have to slow down a bit. Bill: And the fruit and nut. So we launched with those three flavors. At the time they were in Ziploc bags. Again, we ended up having to sell our house. We got my mom, bless her heart, my father’s
following ill, she believes in her kids enough to let the assets go and start this company. I mean, it’s radical just to think about that
from a mother’s perspective. And then from that, so we have our nut butter
base. From that, we launched a cranberry crunch
which is a little bit lighter in calories. If you’re not looking for that heavy caloric
bar, a little bit lighter, we have the cranberry crunch. Then from there, we launched the almond butter. So it’s like the peanut butter but just with
the almond. And then we, from there, we, what was the
next one, Lee? It was the acai. We launched the acai which is a lighter version
of the almond. And then the three flavors we launched recently
was a cashew, peanut butter, coconut, and almond maple which we don’t have here. Jordan: So let me try this one. I’ve never had peanut butter . . .
Bill: Peanut butter with coconut, it’s delicious, it’s absolutely delicious. So once we got out of the gates and started
going into different retails, one of our first big breaks was Whole Foods. And the secret with this bar being in the
refrigerator, it was tough to find, right? You’d go to different stores and where is
it? It was almost like the “Where’s Waldo?” So we’d educate the consumers through these
demos, and my brothers and sisters, and I would go to these stores and perform these
demos. While we were doing that, we can educate the
consumer on the benefits of super foods, the high protein, why we don’t add any of the
preservatives that a lot of the other bars contain. And then fast-forward it till now, it’s absolutely
unreal. We were able to take the success of a local
chain of stores and leverage that across the country. Until now, we’re in over 16,000 stores, and
it’s growing very rapidly. But I always go back to, “Why did we start
this?” And the reason we started this was to basically
continue my father’s legacy, our family legacy of providing whole foods in an easily sourced
way, in an easily packaged way. These super foods is high protein in this
balanced bar to the consumers out there. Jordan: Keep talking. I’m going to eat one more. But this is a pretty great show for me, I’m
just eating my way through, eating up the air time, as you will. But remember, folks, our children are only
with us for so many hours a day and really so many years. And I think we need to maximize every single
snack. So when you can offer your children high quality
proteins, fats, and super foods, it is truly amazing. And obviously, we want our kid to eat fruits,
vegetables, nuts, seeds. I always say, “Eat fruit with a fat.” So if you’re going to have raspberries, have
some raw cheese. If you’re going to have carrots, have some
almond butter or some hummus, etc. I have never met anyone who doesn’t love the
taste of Perfect Bar and I’ll say again, the two new ones that you let me try which are
conspicuously absent on the set today . . . Bill: I wonder why. Jordan: Are really, really amazing. But if you have not heard of Perfect Bar,
if you don’t know the Keith story, visit I mean, I think that it’s really inspiring. So many people out there, in fact, more than
ever want to take their passion and turn it into a career. I like to call it business on purpose. And what I love about the Keith story and
Perfect Bar, it’s all about paying it forward. And me, myself, everything that I’ve been
blessed to do has come directly from Bud Keith’s belief in me and his passion to help people
transform their health using a biblically based diet. And Dr. Axe, my co-laborer in our mission,
he has been able to benefit indirectly because he and I have worked together in a mentor
type relationship. So it’s really, really exciting and we don’t
believe the journey ends. Some of you who are watching are struggling
and you might say, “Well, I look like this.” Well, we know there’s hope. I tried 69 means to get well, and it wasn’t
until one man believed enough in me, didn’t charge me anything, invited me to be part
of his family for a period of time and infused faith in me. We talk about this often, the imagination,
and the belief, and the faith that it takes to do something great is pretty awesome. I remember talking to you and your family,
and you all were in very serious trouble. Bill: Absolutely. Jordan: Financially, etc. And God has done a miraculous turnaround. And so what I love about voting with your
dollars, supporting brands that you love, you can vote on a certain bill, you can vote
for a politician, but if you vote with your dollars, if you purchase products that are
family-owned, mission-driven companies, you can truly change the world one delicious cashew
and blueberry bite at a time. So Bill, if someone were to say to you, “All
right, I have lots of snacking options, tell me in one minute or less why Perfect Bar? Why should I, why should my kids, why should
my friends consume Perfect Bars everyday?” Bill: Well, first I would say I have two kids,
I have a three-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son. And they absolutely love, they call them “Daddy
bars.” And I would not give my kids, just like you
would not give your kids anything that would anyway compromise their health. This product, these bars and the passion that
my family has been behind, and we’re carrying on this legacy is, the big difference is you
got the high protein, the organic, non-gmo, 20 super foods in there, like Jordan read
off. None of the preservatives in there that would
keep a product in the dry shelf and the taste is absolutely delicious. You see a lot of different bars out there
that have, oh my gosh, all these amazing stats, but when you try it you go, “Oh, that’s not
real food.” With this, it tastes like cookie dough, we
have a flavor for every palate. And I’d just recommend going trying one and
look forward to getting your response. Jordan: Now listen, we absolutely love Perfect
Bar. And I want to share a little behind-the-scenes
here. When Bill and his team were coming, my kids
got wind of it and so Joshua and Alexis are both here. And I’m going to go ahead and let you demonstrate
the delicious flavor of a Perfect Bar. And they’re not mic’d but, I just tried these
two, the coconut peanut butter and the blueberry cashew are, well, like the kids say, “The
bomb.” So go ahead Alexis. Alexis is nine, Joshua’s 13, you’ve seen them
before profiling products. They’ll be at Natural Products Expo so I’m
going to stand real close to you. I don’t think you’ve tried this one. I want you, once you’re done chewing to tell
the audience how delicious this bar is because I mean it’s got medium-chain fatty acids,
it’s got extra fiber. I’ve never had this one, Bill. Add that to the list of the bars you haven’t
sent myself. I’m trying to milk it for all it’s worth. So what do you think buddy? This is awesome, isn’t it? Joshua: This is delicious. I’ve actually had three of these today. Jordan: We were wondering off stage where
all the bars went. We’re actually doing a Dr. Axe Lunch and Learn
where the Perfect Bar team is going to share about super foods, they’re going to share
about the Perfect Bar company, and they’re going to talk a little bit about what they’re
doing in the future to transform the way America snacks. And you told me some things last night that
we’re not going to make public but there are some new products on the horizon. Remember folks, you can buy bars in the aisle,
you can buy them at the register. But the fresh snacking, I like that it’s fresh. It’s another word the kids say. So Alexis, come close to the mic, how do you
like the blueberry cashew? Alexis: I love it. Jordan: Three words. Bill: There you go. Jordan: Now say, “Thank you all.” These are my small co-laborers in tasting. But folks, you who have kids know how difficult
it is to get children to like something. When I’m formulating a product, they do not
lie, they cannot be forced to eat things. Bill: Absolutely. Jordan: Sometimes bribery works I’ve found. But these bars are really awesome. And again, folks, the consumption of nuts
and seeds, fruits and vegetables loaded with polyphenols. One underappreciated benefit of peanuts is
the antioxidants that peanuts contain. So you look at some of these delicious foods
and beverages, chocolate, coffee, coconut, peanut, they have these antioxidants and they’re
finding the combination of antioxidants and monounsaturated fats in peanuts can increase
longevity and reduce the risk of various health challenges. And so, Bill, what’s the prescription for
fresh snacking? How many Perfect Bars do you eat a day? I mean, you’re obviously of the larger ilk,
but when somebody says, “Well, my kids don’t supplement. They don’t eat very healthy, but they love
the taste of these,” what do you recommend for children and for adults in terms of the
frequency, how much you can eat? Bill: Absolutely, absolutely. So for me personally, I’m down to about one
a day. You know, sometimes if I get super competitive
I’ll go up to two or three. Again, great for endurance because the organic
honey is the sweetener, is a carbohydrate, great for pre-workout. We have a lot of triathletes and cyclists,
and different endurance athletes that love these bars. But for a person like me that you have a job,
and you come home, and you try to work out three or four times a week, I usually try
to eat a half a bar 30 minutes before my workout, and a half a bar afterwards. Sometimes I’m so hungry, I eat a whole bar
and there’s nothing wrong with that. And then for kids, we usually split them into
halves. We have the lower calorie bars which will
give them a whole one. We also have minis that are not shown here. Or we’ll crack the bar in half, put it in
our kids lunches and they absolutely love it. Again, to your point, a product can have all
the stats, have all the great ingredients but if they’re not asking for more, then what’s
the point? So we feel that this is the best of both worlds. Jordan: Real food nutrition, ingredients you
can understand that is where it’s at and Perfect Bar, fresh snacking, real foods, and most
of all, they’re delicious. Bill: Absolutely. Jordan: And I don’t know about the half a
bar twice a day stuff though, I’m all about it. Folks, remember, we at, are passionate
about your health. If you want more information about super foods,
benefits of healthy fats, etc., visit where there are nearly 2,000 articles that’ll
transform your health. And make sure to subscribe to this channel
because you never know what delicious food or snack is going to show up. We believe in Bill and the Perfect Bar team,
and we want you to vote with your dollars. Go out to one of the 16,000 locations, I bet
there’s a store locator. Bill: Absolutely,, put in your
zip code, they’ll show you a map of stores in your area. Jordan: And if the stores in your area are
much like us, missing a few of the favorites, you can always order direct from Buy from families that believe like you do,
care about you, and as I said, I owe a debt of gratitude to the Keith family. I was there watching when I was sick in a
wheelchair as the seeds of Perfect Bar were sown, and now, what a blessing. I tell you this all the time, Bill. I’m really proud of what you and your family
has done, and when I see Perfect Bar in these umpteen thousand locations, I feel a sense
of pride of having seen something literally rise from the ashes to transform the way America
snacks, transforming health one bite of deliciousness at a time. So I’m Jordan Rubin with Bill Keith from Perfect
Bar. Wishing you God’s blessings and delicious
snacking. Go out and buy a Perfect Bar before I eat
them all. Bill: Thank you all.

Randall Smitham



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  44. Nim-che-che Sadawara Posted on July 19, 2017 at 7:07 pm

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    also…..just. the shipping alone>>> online is $20.00….for 8 bars😖

  47. rosenowell23 Posted on August 23, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    whoa! God is so amazing. Jordan I am so happy you were healed, thank the Lord for our blessings 🙂

  48. Skylar Thomas Posted on September 12, 2017 at 1:52 am

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  49. jfgt27sculpt Posted on September 17, 2017 at 1:32 am

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  53. Phyllis Parker Posted on October 5, 2017 at 10:11 am

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    Havent watched video yet but have tried the walnut chocolate brownie flavor and they are pretty good but contain 20grams of sugar per bar!! That is ridiculous, imo. They add dates, but also raw honey and cane sugar ontop of all that. Dates are sweet as is, why add so much sugar? The dates are enough and why cane sugar?? I am prediabetic and these things are a no go for me at 17-20 grams per bar. Lower the sugar content to a more acceptable level. 12 grams is good enough. These things taste like desert.

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