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Liver cancer patient saved by Usman Baloch HopeMedicine

so we are here today because you wanted
to give a testimonial about the miraculous healing I would say of your
father a few years ago the first time so as a regular checkup we started a
check-up with doctor and he said this is some medicines and we went along till 2014 somewhere yes we contacted a cancer
hospital here in Pakistan which is the very famous one that’s name is Jacques
annum so we went to walk-in clinic and we shared the reports and then they took
some days and then we started this clinical procedure at the shore Cohanim
and in 2000 probably in 2014 or 15 we went through case we call it days
procedure where they put this chemo medicine I think I don’t know the
complete technical details emo medicine through the artery and that goes down to
the tumor and it blocks the veins that feed you in order to ensure that it
doesn’t grow the tumor doesn’t grow we had two procedures for the taste but we
couldn’t succeed the reports were not promising and then we had a RFA we have
been consulting many other doctors I have been personally traveling to other
cities meeting all the doctors to have second third opinion what can we do at
the same time there was a medicine called sovaldi it’s and of a proven
medicine but they said that my father stage is not that way we can give him
medicine because he was having ascites and then humor so the last operation was
RFA it was an open surgery where they burned the tumor of that liver
and it was the time when I had a direct contact with Guzman it was 2014 at that
time and then in 2015 when we had this days and RFA surgery finally there was a
very swear kickback from the liver and my father had I was put on a ventilator
for almost more than 10 days and we were losing food that was the time when I
contacted us man that okay I have no other options consulted all the
specialists then you basically look into all the conventional means and if we
think that generally people feel is right – do you know that – yes as to
your father so you had trusted all your resources made it clear yes and then
doctor said that okay say hello we almost lost the hope and doctor said
that you only need to pray and let’s see how we recover and so then I decided to
pay off on and go with the treatment so he was quite very hopeful and after
after that miraculously we we got discharged from hospital he recovered
quite well from a ventilator stage having happier to see chronic liver
disease and then now it’s almost three years there have been few issues coming
in and out but overall if we talk that doctors used to say that you do not have
much time you need to decide it either you go with liver transplant and and now
it’s been three years and these are the words from the doctor do three months
before that we were not expecting to have such a recovery from you and that
you would also know from what you are seeing you basically hot medicine saved
your father from a transplant and we heal the in spite of what the
doctors were expected and he is doing well now
so the what would be if you want to meet someone who is desperate someone who
doesn’t see doesn’t have any hope to heal what would you tell this patient
and the only thing that I tell them because it’s hard to believe in it so I
say then if you have no other option then it’s better to offer this option
doctors say that no the chances are 5% 10% and you are hopeless
then the man who is dying he will opt for any option so take it as a last
option and try it all right well thank you very much to Howard I really
appreciate your testimonial I’ll be in touch with you soon

Randall Smitham



  1. Knightmulnah Joe Posted on January 31, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    That is so wonderful..