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Low Carb Beef + Broccoli | Keto, Paleo & Whole30

hey guys and welcome back to the FFF HQ
a couple weeks ago we made a healthier whole 30 friendly sweet and sour chicken
which is linked above and today we are gonna keep on the Asian takeout fake-out
train and make it a low carb keto friendly and paleo friendly beef and
broccoli it’s a 30-minute meal that’s great for any night of the week and
you’re totally gonna love it let’s dive right into the recipe step number one is
we’re going to marinate our beef in a little bit of coconut aminos garlic and
ginger so we’re start with two tablespoons of
coconut aminos which is a soy free alternative to soy sauce which is made
up salt and coconut tree sap it’s still got that salty umami flavor but again
for people who can’t have soy it’s a great alternative and then we’re gonna
do 1/2 a teaspoon of garlic and 1/2 a teaspoon of ginger and start all
together now we have 8 ounces of grass-fed flank steak nice and thinly
sliced a pro tip is to freeze your steak first and then slice it while it’s
frozen get them to cut a nice and thin just add it right into your marinade and stir until it’s well coated now we’re gonna bring it to the fridge and
refrigerate it for at least an hour so I can develop some good flavor once our steak is refrigerating it’s a
beef and broccoli so we’re gonna chop that broccoli
we need about two and a half cups of or roughly chopped broccoli florets add them right into your bowl wherever
you want to put them if you are ready to saute now we’re going to sizzle it on up at
the stove stir it and we’re gonna cook it for about three minutes and so the
broccoli just begins to soften after about three minutes you just want to add
the rest of that garlic and ginger in cook it for but another minute or so
until they’re nice and golden brown gonna turn the heat all the way down to
low and cover it and cook the broccoli for about four or five minutes until
they’re nice and tender so while the broccoli cooks we are going to get our
workout on so the past couple weeks I’ve given you two different moves we’ve
done a shoulder press the kettle bell squats with a kettle bell
so today we’re gonna put it all together and make another ladder workout that’s
ten squats and then ten shoulder presses nine squats nine shoulder press
all the way down to one you want to do with this little rest as possible and
it’s a great workout let’s show you how to do it always make sure to drive with your
glutes and keep your abs tight so you protect your back now let’s get back to
our beef and broccoli well the broccoli is cooking we’re gonna
make some cauliflower rice for serving it’s been about five minutes and our
broccoli is nice and tender and golden brown just want to transfer it to a
plate before we cook our beef now we need about another half a tablespoon of
that high heat avocado oil and you want to turn your heat back up to medium high and now that our beef has been marinating want to add it all in boo I see you now we’re gonna add the
broccoli back into the pan wanna stir broccoli right back in to the pot our
sauce is gonna be a quarter of a cup of reduced sodium beef broth I’m using beef
bone broth for a little extra protein the remaining two tablespoons of coconut
aminos and a little bit of sesame oil I’ll whisk it all together I’m just gonna add it right into our pan
and cook it for about a minute or two until it just starts to thicken and just like that takeout fake-out beef
and broccoli that’s better than the place down the street and no MSG coma
it’s also gluten-free grain free sugar-free dairy-free and keto friendly
but not taste free if you try this recipe please leave a comment below the
full recipe is also in the video description I also really appreciate a
like and a thumbs up of the video and make sure you hit that subscribe button slim
living healthy and delicious gluten free recipes to you twice a week next week we
have a low-carb comfort food side dish that you do not want to miss so go enjoy
your take of a fake-out and we’ll see you next time bye for now you

Randall Smitham



  1. JLS x Posted on March 8, 2019 at 2:15 pm

    That looks so good I've been looking for some good keto recipe's to try thanks. As you can see I'm very obese and have tried all the diets – so I am making a weight loss journey here on YouTube and finally trying the keto diet.