April 9, 2020
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We’re gonna do an almond flour pizza
with salad bar toppings, starting now! Hey guys, how are you? Welcome to A.D. Keto. My
name is Aaron. This is the channel where we talk about all things ketogenic diet. We talk about keto foods, we talk about a little bit of keto science, and we do
some keto recipes. If this is your first time here, please consider subscribing,
and click the bell icon so you never miss a thing. So today, we’re doing a
low-carb keto friendly pizza, and the crust is going to be made of almond
flour. I’ve experimented with some low-carb pizza crusts before — I’ve done
cauliflower, I’ve tried coconut flour, and almond
flour is definitely my favorite. It’s got the best texture for me. It feels the
most like a pizza. But the little twist we’re doing today
is that we’re gonna be a little bit frugal, and use for toppings things that
I get from the salad bar at the grocery store. So let’s get started on the recipe!
We’re gonna start with shredded mozzarella cheese. We need a cup and 3/4 into a microwave-safe bowl. So there’s one. And then we’ll do three of these quarter… one, two, three. To our cheese, we’re going to add 3/4 of a cup of almond
flour. 1, huh2, huh3. So we’re gonna stir up our…stir up the cheese and the almond flour in here. The next ingredient that we’re gonna add
to our mixture is cream cheese. 2 tablespoons. So these 3 ingredients are
going to be microwaved for a minute. [Pew Pew Pew] While we’re over here, we’re going to
preheat our oven to 425 degrees. Let’s grab our mixture. We’re going to stir
this up, and after we’re done stirring and integrating this as best we can,
we’re going to microwave it for another… about 30 seconds. [Pew Pew Pew] It’s now been in here for a grand total of 90 seconds, and to this, we’re going to add an egg. We’re
going to add a pinch of salt. Literal pinch. And we’re gonna add some herbs and spices of our choosing. First is this Italian seasoning, and then some rosemary, which I’m told is an herb, not a spice. Get it all worked together, there. Okay, and
that’s starting… as you can see it’s starting to look a little bit like pizza
dough. And now, for the most important part, which I probably should have
mentioned right at the top, you need parchment paper for this recipe. We’re
gonna basically sandwich our dough between two pieces of parchment paper,
and flatten it out on a pizza tray. Put it right on top, and just kind of
flatten it down. Tthe parchment paper is key, because it does not stick. And I have
tried — I have tried doing this without parchment paper, and I really had a bad
time with it. So a parchment paper is key. What do you think, is it looking good? So while our oven continues to preheat, we are going to just tap some holes in this guy.
It’ll help it cook a bit more evenly. So you can score this however you want. Our
oven is preheated to 425. We’re going to put this guy in for about 12 to 15
minutes. In you go, parchment paper and all. Let’s check it out. Aww, it’s lookin’ good! So a trick with these is that if you flip this over, it’ll help dry it out a little bit more.
We don’t want it to be moist, because we are going to be putting — we’re going to be putting all our toppings on. so there is our — it does smell good, doesn’t it? That’s our cooked crust. So for toppings, normally you’d go to the store and you’d
buy some sauce, which I did. You’d buy some cheese, which I did. But then you’d
buy an entire package of pepperoni. Maybe buy a bag of spinach. But I
thought to be frugal, I’d go to the salad bar, and buy all those things at once. And
so that’s what we did this morning. So let’s go back in time to that moment
when we bought our toppings… (Harp) So let’s go get some salad bar toppings. All right, so
we’re gonna grab some stuff that would be awesome on top of our pizza. Spinach.
Not too much. Broccoli. I’ll get some of these bell peppers, why
not? Chicken.
Bacon, baby. This is going to be the superstar of our pizza, that bacon. Pepperoni, here. This is the only way to do it. I think a package
of pepperoni like this — it would be five bucks. But you get it at the salad bar,
and it’s kind of sticking it to the man. I think that’s feta cheese, and I’ll
get some of this cheese. This pizza’s going to be awesome. That appears to be a good kind of cheese. This is probably going to be around $5,
and like I said, just a little packet of pepperoni would run you five bucks, so if
you’re gonna make a keto pizza, and you’re looking for cool toppings, salad
bar is the perfect way to go. (Harp) So that’s what we did with our toppings. instead of paying five bucks
for a bag of pepperoni, we spent four dollars and 20 cents on this entire
little container of all these things that are going to go on this awesome
pizza. So first things first — Rao’s homemade tomato sauce. You guys may have heard about Rao’s. It’s a low-carb pizza sauce. Per half cup, there’s only 2
grams of net carbs. So that’s pretty flippin’ good. Oh yeah. So I’m just gonna
kind of eyeball it here. That’s probably gonna do. I’m just gonna spread it around
here, then I’m gonna put down kind of a light,
sprinkled layer of our — the rest of our shredded cheese, just as like, sort of a
base layer of cheese. So I had all kinds of goodness in here. I don’t even know
what kind of cheese this is. You wanna try a piece? I’m not sure, but it’s going on!
A couple different kinds of cheese here, and I also got these tiny little broccoli guys, and I’m even gonna make him tinier and put little tiny pieces of broccoli all
over this guy, and these always get nice and toasty. After we put these toppings
on, this is only going to go back in for about five minutes, because the crust is
already cooked. Here’s some chicken that I got at the salad bar. This is gonna go
in — this already cooked, which is good. So I’ll just kind of sprinkle this
around. I hope that this pizza crust is strong enough to withstand the mass of
all of our toppings. Maybe I overdid it, or maybe not. Cheese! Bacon bits — perfect pizza topping. Maybe this is gorgonzola, or crumbly blue cheese, perhaps? Feta?
Yeah, I mean, you’re actually right I think it is feta.
You can tell who is the brains of this operation. It’s the 11-year old. Yup, I’m
gonna put spinach on, and then I’m gonna top with a little bit more cheese, just
to kind of cover everything. But again, like I said, less than five bucks for all
this stuff. If you bought each of these things individually, you’d be
spending a lot more than that. I don’t even consider it a salad bar anymore.
I consider it a pizza topping bar, you know? The rest of our — don’t want to
miss any bacon bits here. So they can bacon bits, bacon bits. I may be overdoing it just a touch, but you know I don’t really care. All right, so we’re gonna put
this back in our oven, which is still set to 425. We’re gonna put this back in for
about five minutes, just long enough. Just long enough for the cheese to melt and
for all these toppings to get warmed up. Now it sounds fine. Alright let’s
take a look. There’s our pizza. It’s ready. Look at that thing! Holy cow, that looks
good. I’m probably gonna want to let it cool, but I’m just gonna slice it here.
I’m not gonna try to pick it up yet. If you’re just starting keto, and are
missing pizza like crazy, almond flour pizza or fat head pizza is something
that can really save the day. It kind of did for me early on. This particular pizza is
heavy on carbs. Here are the macros right here. This is approximate, based on what I put on this thing. Basically, this had… contains that entire bag of shredded
cheese, either in the crust, or on top of the pizza. In that entire bag, I think is
around 32 grams of carbs, plus all the toppings I put on here. So here, we’ve let
it cool down a little bit. I’m gonna throw a piece on each of these little
plates. That’s looking pretty good. You want this one to be for you? All right, I’ll have this one. One
thing to remember with this kind of pizza is that it will fill you up pretty
quick. I’ll probably only be able to have one, or at max two pieces of the pieces
of this this evening, before I feel like I’m going to explode. So it’s very, very
filling. That’s gonna wrap it up for this video! I’d love to hear what you guys
think about it. Give me a thumbs up if you liked it, and let me know what
toppings you put on your Fathead pizzas, or your low-carb crust pizzas. I hope
you have a fantastic day, and I will see you next time! and we’re going to add some herbs and

Randall Smitham