April 5, 2020
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hey guys welcome to Protein Treats today
we are making raspberry coconut super smoothie these are so healthy they’re
full of antioxidants full of healthy fats so stick around I think you’re
going to love this shake so you’re going to need 1 cup of coconut milk what’s
great about unsweetened coconut milk is for one cup it’s only about 50 calories
and 0 grams of sugar now I’ve also got one cup of frozen raspberries I’m a
little bit generous with my serving feels a little bit more than a cup but
what’s so great about frozen raspberries is because they’re flash frozen right
when they’re nice and fresh they actually have more vitamin C more
antioxidants in them than the ones that you get fresh from the grocery store
because they’ve been in transport longer so don’t feel bad when you get frozen
fruits especially from the grocery store don’t feel like that is somehow less good
for you than fresh raspberries unless you’re picking your raspberries you know
during the summer months from your own backyard you’re better off getting the
frozen variety and you’re going to need 2 tablespoons of coconut oil what’s so
great about coconut oil is it’s been shown in several studies to actually
help you lose weight and it does that because it’s an mct or a medium chain
triglyceride that helps to keep your blood sugar stable it helps your body
regulate insulin and it also helps you absorb nutrients better it’s great for
your skin your hair regularity it’s really truly a superfood so we’re going
to go ahead and put that in our smoothie and because I want this to have some
coconut flavor I am going to put a couple of drops of coconut flavoring
into my smoothie but you don’t have to do that and of course we’re going to add
in our natural Nutralean so let’s get started alright I’m going to start with
my milk I’m just going to pour that right in there and then I’m going to add
in my vanilla Nutralean and what’s so great about adding in your vanilla
Nutralean i’m going to put two scoops in you’re getting 10 grams of prebiotic
fiber and what’s great about that is it helps you feel way more full but also it
helps your body absorb nutrients especially things like magnesium so
you want to have that mix of healthy fat and fiber along with your
protein to make a super smoothie all right now we’re putting in our
raspberries and raspberries are nice and low in sugar they’re also naturally high
in fiber so they’re really great at helping you feel very full and then I’m
going to add my two tablespoons of my coconut and about a teaspoon of the extract I’m
going to add in you can add a little bit more or less depending on what you want
your flavor to be close this up and work our magic here and look at this what a beautiful color
oh and it’s he’s so good this is my oldest daughter’s favorite smoothie she
absolutely loves raspberries and she loves coconut so look how thick and beautiful this is you’re going to eat one glass of drink one glass of this and you’re
going to be full for hours this is the perfect little treat that you want when
the evenings especially if you’re feeling snacky if you want to have
something that’s going to tide you over until lunch or maybe even replace your
lunch with it this is the perfect super smoothie to do it all right mmm that is so good you guys are going to love this recipe let me know what variations you make how you
switch yours up tell me how yours turned out and of course check back
every Friday for a new episode on Protein Treats thanks guys

Randall Smitham