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Macros and The Keto Calculator

when you’re first getting acquainted
with a ketogenic diet there’s a lot to
learn one of the first things to wrap
your head around is the concept of
macros and using the keto calculator
while these might sound like foreign
terms don’t worry we’re going to help
break them down for you so you can
prepare for your new diet with
confidence so what is a macro the the
word is a shortened version of the word
macronutrients which are the various
types of nutrients we need to stay alive
for humans carbohydrates fats and
proteins are the macronutrients that
give us energy and sustenance through
calories but all macros aren’t created
equal carbs and protein supply four
calories of energy per gram and fat
consists of nine calories per gram each
macro carbs protein and fat can be
converted into energy and the body uses
each one in different ways for our
purposes let’s look at how each macro
has a specific impact on the body’s
ability to produce ketones
fats have a very small amount of glucose
and are 90% ketogenic and 10% anti
ketogenic because insulin levels rise
after eating specific amino acids
proteins are generally around 46%
ketogenic and 54% anti ketogenic
carbohydrates which raise both blood
glucose and insulin are 100% anti
ketogenic and shut down ketone
production proteins and fats are crucial
for the body to function for instance
proteins are essential for maintaining
and building muscle mass dietary fats
help cell production and the absorption
of nutrients from other foods but
although the modern mainstream diet is
full of carbs there the one thing you
really don’t need in your diet
yes sugars are important for energy but
thanks to a metabolic process in the
called gluconeogenesis glucose can be
made from glycerol which is found in fat
and gluconeogenesis it’s from protein
this is why people on the keto diet can
consume so few carbs and still feel
fantastic now that we have a basic
understanding of what macros are the
next step is to figure out how many of
each type you should be eating each day
we can easily do this with the help of
the keto calculator a simple to use tool
you can find right here on Ruled.me the
keto calculator is basically like a
survey you put in your age gender weight
height body fat percentage and level of
daily activity and it will crunch the
numbers to figure out your macros for
you for instance a moderately active 45
year-old female with a height of 5 foot
4 inches weighing 170 pounds with 30
percent body fat this advice to eat 1530
calories each day those calories are
broken down into the following macros
106 grams of fat 20 grams of net carbs
and 119 grams of protein as you lose
weight at about every 10 to 15 pounds
it’s important to revisit the keto
calculator to make sure your macros are
up-to-date tracking your macros is one
of the fundamental keys to success in a
keto diet with such a big shift in the
types of foods that you’re eating trying
to keep all the numbers straight each
day can be tricky without the help of
a tracking tool we like calorie tracking
smartphone apps like My Fitness Pal or
chronometer these apps help you keep an
eye on portion size find carbs hidden in
foods you wouldn’t expect and keep you
honest when it comes to those extra
bytes and snacks that can really add up
and prevent success these apps will need
to be configured to suit the parameters
of a keto diet but don’t sweat it
there’s an article on ruled me titled
the easiest way to track carbs on a keto
diet that will show you exactly how to
do this each person’s individual goals
are different so meal sizes and macros
are not
the same for everyone on a keto diet
that’s why we do strongly suggest using
a calorie tracking app and ruled meas
carb tracking guide to help you figure
out the macro nutrient content of your
meals remember it’s a process by
tracking your macros you’ll be able to
make the adjustments you need and
fine-tune your diet to achieve your
goals there’s one other really important
thing to know about macros messing up or
making a mistake isn’t the end of the
world if you forget to track your macros
eat too many carbs or just have a bad
day don’t be too hard on yourself or
give up dieting is a long-term lifestyle
change and mistakes are opportunities
for us to learn by choosing to embark on
the journey of a ketogenic diet you’ve
already taken a huge step towards a
healthier and more energized you thanks
so much for watching
keep checking Ruled.me for everything
you want to know about following a keto
we’ve got more great videos meal plans
and recipes blog posts testimonials and
so much more to help you get started and
stay on track

Randall Smitham



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