April 7, 2020
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hey guys welcome to Emily precious Quito what is one food on the ketogenic lifestyle you cannot have any more well until today my favorite has been cereal but I found this great awesome cereal that I found on Instagram by magic spoon there are four different flavors there is a frosted Coco fruity and cinnamon and today we really taste testing these um super low carb zero sugar for our 3/4 of a cup of this is only 3 grams and net carbs so we’re gonna be doing a taste test today on all four of them and instead of normal milk because that has a lot of sugar in it today we’ll be using an unsweetened almond milk you can get this at any of your local any of your local grocery stores really inexpensive lasts for a long time and it’s really tasty so I just choose original unsweetened there’s also a vanilla unsweetened as well I just prefer this one better has a lot cleaner ingredients so we’re gonna start with frosted I’m gonna pour a little bit of milk in I didn’t want to put any in beforehand just because I don’t want it to get soggy so it’s smells really good it’s not Khalif Anila so petite Wow alright so I really thought that was the man it was gonna be a least favorite but it’s really good um I love the texture very crunchy um it doesn’t get soggy right away it tastes amazing with the almond milk so next I’m gonna say my favorite Curless and I think I’m gonna love the chocolate so we’re gonna try this cinnamon very cinnamony totally smells like um just got pumpkin pie spice almost so this would be grating around the time when people are only want and um pumpkin spice lattes okay mmm not bad the smell is really powerful but when you first taste it there’s really not a whole lot of cement until you really start crunching down but it is still really good um yeah not too terribly that kind of bump I wished that one was a little bit better 21 cinnamon this one is the fruity one I’ve heard that it is like fruity pebbles and it had three pebbles in the air so we’ll try it out okay I see where people are getting a pretty pebble thing from once you start crunching down and really eating this cereal um it really has that hint of freeness it’s not super overpowering where you can easily add maybe a couple berries into that or even you know whenever else you think that you know you’d like but it’s really good so far frost is my favorite but my favorites coming up next hopefully I’m a huge chocolate fan so I’ve heard a little bit of extra into this bowl just in case I really liked it for after the video I completely feel a hundred side guiltless you guys it looks so good mmm not as chocolaty as a cocoa puffs word that was my go-to cereal when I was a kid but definitely has the hint of chocolate into it and I wish it was a little bit sweeter so um man ranking these are gonna be hard I want this to be my favorite but honestly the wine I thought I would least like frosted is definitely my favorite I have to say it would go frosted cocoa cinnamon and then fruity the fruity is good I just think I was ever really a huge fruity pebble fan so if you like fruity pebbles it might be worth a try I wish this to them in when it’s a little bit stronger but I’m coming right now this frosted it’s like my go-to favorite one it smells super powerful whenever you first open up the bag and it’s just great so yeah frosted cocoa cinnamon and fruity those are the in the way that I like them um thank you guys for you know liking this video on click Subscribe make sure you click the bell icon so that we can inform you guys the next video is come out I’ll talk to you guys later see ya

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