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Making Progress | Grocery Haul | Keto Bars – Road to 200 | Episode 11

Buenos dias YouTube that’s good morning
in Spanish so you saw the weight on the scale 282 that’s right it’s been it’s
day 21 of coming back from vacation and getting a little bloated so down 9
pounds which for 21 days is not bad so it’s more than time you know what that
means it’s time for some coffee let’s go thank you no no thank right
it’s not is it good hell over there so excited
because she’s in agloe not familiar they glow eggs cream cheese and whatever I
forgot oh butter and cream cheese and butter taking the heat out community by
storm all right Julia I’ve been eating a ton this week so easy to make macros so
nice so nice but it’s when only food Zilla can eat well not the only foods
but she really likes to eat it with their hands and it’s soft that she won’t
choke and not choking baby means a happy wife yeah that’s all good so we’re gonna
keep making egg loaf and 2ls stop eating it all right oh and then the wife until
she stops like a need but it might be a minute because when we find a food we
like to eat crush it police then you burn ourselves out and then we repeat it
a month later or something like that so but I make it here I might make some
today our stock is low oh I guess I can show it to you one moment it’s getting
some good light here but the L it’s across it’s the egg loaf see you nice
and spongy and oven 30 minutes at 350 well at least for this one and this one
is a Swedish one there’s no seasonings his little cinnamon put a few drops
liquid stevia Ella loves it goes great with sausage gravy with sausage it’s
like a french toast let’s have french toast the sweet ones french toast I do
want some onion powder garlic and cheese oh gosh was amazing at one point doesn’t
become a casserole I don’t know I’m not a culinary expert eye disease it see
this little girl right here 11 months old and sprints she runs in
the house she runs with love my third you know runs yeah
she’s a handful keeps us busy don’t you so stinking cute can’t stand it
new plans for the day we’re going to the grocery store get some food kisses so we’re back from the store let’s show
you what we got mostly meat there’s some heavy cream we put that in fridge
already let’s go country-style ribs pork aren’t really
ribs they are cuts of pork maintenance strips
it’s like ribs still tasty so do a shot farm smoked sausage it’s a good stuff I
mean it says no artificial ingredients but there is some dextrose and sugar so
that’s a big deal because there’s only in there we go one car per serving 15
grams of fat right there so been tearing this up sauces lately sauce is so easy
to measure cook it little eggs bacon sugar-free bacon not sure if you’re
aware but a lot of bacon uses sugar in the current process curving curing
process there we go but it’s really not that much anyway
still not good tonight get it I don’t know ingredients are anyway
ground beef 73 27 because they inhabit 8020 in this size and here it is big
mamas two pork butts see seven point six pounds seven seven point five pounds so racked up on that meat we should be good
for a while a real long time but yeah my father long got smoker
looking at it right there smoked that meat and it’s gonna be delicious smoked
that meat it’s gonna be delicious provides meats for Africa or actually a
few days yeah that’s the grocery haul it kind of hungry didn’t get drink drinking
less coffee this morning didn’t drink its water so eleven o’clock I’m I’m
filling it but usually I don’t eat until noon or past I did eat oh well I ruin
that because they that little piece of egg loaf I showed you all are you ate it
just tasty it’s just yeah there you go always on the move let me tell you all
about my wife’s new addiction actually it’s been a long time addiction her
fancy peanut butter santa cruz organic stocked up booze where’s this dark
roasted peanut butter creamy what is amazing about this peanut butter and i
don’t know if it’s a lie not but there are two net carbs how are the two net
carbs in peanut butter and the serving is two tablespoons see that total carbs
5 3 fiver what kind of voodoo they doing but it
stayin tasty downside is it’s also almost $6 so and she likes to eat it ok
first official meal of the day hamburgers with cheese kimchi but that
good health that’s some really badly peeled though it is if you’re not
familiar with kimchi that is a Korean food there we go
I mean what they say it’s Korean I’m sure it’s all over Asia but it’s a
fermented cabbage home and spices and stuff
it’s pretty tasty so it has has some stuff in it’s good for your health
yeah you got health probiotics probiotics whichever one it is I don’t
remember but it’s pretty tasty I thought about making my own because a little
tiny 12 ounce jars $5 and I’m about paying that all the time I could also
get sauerkraut which is also cheaper which I probably started doing but it’s
good stuff I might just find some old Korean lady
around here I’m sure she got some good came to you recipes you know any Korean
ladies BAE no you don’t new plan to make sure these
kids get wore out but going to the park you ready we got to the park she’s ready
we’re at the park ha ha ha got a pipe bug spray Oh a bug magnet
when she gets bit by a bug the thing swells up like a like a quarter it’s
huge it’s red nasty and itchy Hyperallergic now she smelled like a
lemon tree at a time in the martial household so turns out I’m making egg
loaf won’t go through instructions but our hero Jegs cream cheese get your
butter nut the butter cream cheese make sure this off mix it all together with
the eggs put in the pan to bake it boom a clove I’ll show you how it looks
give me a few minutes we’ve got the egg loaf mixed up ready to go cheese isn’t
that bad boy along with some onion powder garlic that fun stuff 350 for 30
minutes let’s do this there it is
came out of the oven look at that you give get some light in here nice and
yellow and toasted oh yeah it’s friendliness so based on me eating it all this week
pretty much that’s probably around 1100 calories I’m not gonna eat all of it
because God instructed by the kiddos like I said about 1,100 calories eaten
half of that it’s half full of 100 550 I think I’m not a mathematician so yeah
might be every thing eat for the day macros gonna be here here somewhere on
this screen now sure having you all are readers but
have this Kindle here I’ve been reading the case against sugar I’ll put the
title look cover up my Gary Taubes I think that’s – out his name but he talks
about how sugar has been affecting humans ever since it was discovered and
may made popular shout out to slavery for that one may be cheap enough so
everybody could have it but yeah I’m just started it come on I’m no page in
one but like 12% can please but sound do it’s a string so far interesting so far
and I’m nope but see what he has to say bye sugar I’ll know it’s addictive
personal experience and also shout out to the wife who’s currently eating she’s
lost 100 pounds guys a hundred pounds that’s a lot of weight
good job baby so yeah I think I’m trying to do the interview with her happen all
nice and fancy but the light shining down on her straight CBS News L it sound
like a herd of buffalo so guys thanks for watching I don’t know the final
macros but I’ll put them right yeah right there I don’t know my directions
yet but thanks for watching tiny comments come down below watching
some rugby rugby sevens pretty sweet but yeah thanks for watching subscribe
comment take care of these kiddos his wife see you later
getting back in here right to talk about this keto snack snacky snack
kids yelling caught Kito bars this is a chocolate mint flavor the first they
just came out with this like Friday or last last week ordered some because my
wife feel likes to chocolate peanut butter peanut butter chocolate and
coconut chocolate coconut dark chocolate coconut there you go but these are
really great macros showing there for you 19 grams of fat 15 carbs but most of
that is a sweetener or fiber comes up through net carbs six grams of protein
very tasty very very tasty oh you have to order them online though and it’s
like 22 bucks plus shipping so I mean comes out a little more than a
quest bar if you don’t catch a class bar and set up a store but way better
ingredients then quest bar for sure I mean region angry dear chocolate almonds
coconut gripper at all cacao water salt stevia peppermint oil Oh daddy like
myself real tasty think that’s everything I don’t think I forgot
anything so again 282 this morning doing work
checking next time

Randall Smitham



  1. Keto California Posted on July 22, 2018 at 11:54 pm

    Nice haul!

  2. Namaste Y'all Posted on August 27, 2018 at 5:19 pm

    You have a lovely family!! Excellent haul!

  3. Mountain Mama Posted on October 2, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    Egg loaf kinda sounds like a keto dutch baby. Yum! Absolutely gorgeous family! #Goals

  4. Mountain Mama Posted on October 2, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    What is that pan liner y'all use for the egg loaf? It looks reusable as opposed to parchment paper?