April 8, 2020
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When i was carrying my son I had put on 22 Kilos ya 22 Kilos So this plus 22 Kilos Absolutely! In the morning I wake up and have apple cider vinegar in water My skin is improved like vastly because of it. and so I have apple cider vinegar and water hot water in the morning Followed by.. a black coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil in it It’s almost like a an exotic cocktail then I have a piece of fruit that is my fuel to start working out because I always.. the days that i do get to work out I work out in the morning first part of the day so I need that fuel in me to get going. Look the small meals work for some people 3 square meals work for some people I actually eat when I’m hungry and invariably my hunger times are something in the morning something at lunch then at 5 o’clock i feel like a snack and I eat dinner most days at 7.30 with my son and even if I’m eating out I prefer eating at 8.30 If I go out for dinner to a friend’s place I have to have a meal before I go and maybe eat something there too But i eat when I’m hungry and these are the times I feel hungry. So I said that when I wake up in the morning it’s apple cider vinegar black coffee and a cold coffee as well a piece of fruit in the morning that’s generally my breakfast If I need a little extra energy I have some eggs or maybe a toast but that doesn’t happen very often so lunch curry, vegetables, roti and for dinner curry, vegetables, and roti there’s no rocket science in my food eating habits I have to worry about that 5 o’clock time where I could eat something wrong So i try and keep healthy snacks around me I keep puffed rice around me I keep fox nuts around me different kinds of soya nuts and puffed.. various things So I try to keep those things around me rather than a bag of potato chips Ever since I started you know.. ever since he started proper school his dinner time is between 7-7.30 and that’s the time when I eat my meal as well I normally eat dinner between 7 and maybe 8 if I have to meet somebody for dinner I insist its going to be a early dinner so between 7 and 8 is my last meal I always workout in the morning I believe my motivation Motivation.. the key is motivation is at it’s peak my energy is at it’s peak in the morning you know I have a routine I drop my son to school and I head straight to the gym and I love that routine so it’s always a morning workout If I leave it to the evening it doesn’t happen and evening has another kind of crowd they come to look good not to workout hard My favorite meal of the day I’d like to say breakfast those breakfast that I go out and meet my friends for Breakfast makes me really happy those kinds of breakfast where you’re having eggs and toast and coffee and maybe your waffles For me, the thing that makes me happiest in the whole world the whole wide world is a morning breakfast buffet in a hotel I think there’s something.. really beautiful and hopeful about breakfast there’s coffee coffee is a hope in a mug and then there’s fuel that’ll it’s all fuel that will see you through your day I am a vegetarian I think one can eat very healthy and still get a lot of options with Asian cuisines so fries and paneer I eat eggs but fries, paneers, tofu’s, and soy you get a lot of options healthy and tasty options with Asian food but I love desi food as well Post workout I could have a.. like a protein bar I have a protein shake two scoops in water but it’s not an everyday thing I don’t take suppliments I don’t take fat burners I don’t take.. I haven’t taken anything unnatural try to get my protein from natural sources I try to.. If I come home immediately after workout I try to have eggs then easier option is a protein bar in my bag I have a ziplock with my protein shake.. powder in it that you can just mix up with water anywhere so it’s easy If I’ve got enough notice and i figure out my outfit beforehand and I realize that you know what my stomach should be a little flater than it currently is ya then I..like I said I cut down on carbs I make sure that.. I cut carbs completely out for that night meal at least 3 or 4 nights in a row I eat salad like a big really big not like my portions are small but like a really big salad I replace one of meals with a really wholesome salad for those 3 or 4 days my body responds really well to exercise and to good diet change in diet people think I go to the gym so I can eat anything It doesn’t always work like that you can’t beat what you eat so.. Food intake has to be taken care of and I do it like 2 or 3 maybe 3 or 4 days beforehand to get to where I want to be One of my greatest weakness is chocolate that i used to give it up for 6 months at a time I year at a time wouldn’t touch it and now I’ve realized that you know what life is too short to be denying yourself anything so I will binge on chocolate now and then but then I’ll give it up for a while after that It’s not like I’ll have it everyday I can’t have it everyday because I can’t stop it at one No I go with the flow I can’t say you know that Thursday is going to be cheat day sometimes the moment is bigger than your strict diet so when I used to just I think it’s important to go with the flow well here’s the thing I always take my running shoes with me I always take a change my workout gear with me even if I’m gone for a day because I end up staying at nice hotels which always have gym even if there’s no gym if you’ve your walking shoes and a pair of track pants and a tee you can walk around your hotel or you can walk around your building walking is something you can do anywhere you can go up and down your steps motivation has to be there I’ve done a lot of reading on that (Laughs) you know Vodka whiskey, gin, rum they are all 69 calories by themselves So if you have them with soda that’s just 69 calories going in they have fat but they don’t have carbs you know what the problem is when they become a cocktail and you.. or you add a sugary chaser to it that’s when the damage is done there are lot of calories in the sugar that’s added to your drink the drink per say is not that calorific it’s empty calories yes but.. if you have it just with soda and have a squeeze of lime or coconut water that’s a healthy way to go. I know generally when I’m eating healthy I feel it I know when I’m on holidays sometimes you gotta let go a little bit I don’t count calories I don’t look at the calo.. the calorie count of everything I put into my system I go mad If I have to.. Keep on reading the calorie count of everything Well I haven’t tried too many diets but.. I remember.. couple of years ago everyone was on this GM diet General Motors Diet where one day you eat fruit next day you eat vegetables third day you eat fruit and vegetables because it’s a 7 day thing and basically everyday of the week is something different and I remember I used to be very dizzy when I did that diet. on day 4 I’ll be like all these movements and when I used to stand up so yes you lose some weight you lose some water weight but the movement you start eating normal food you’re back to the way to your work yeah the key is motivation I’m very self motivated I don’t even work out with a trainer when I got pregnant when I was carrying my son I had put on 22 kilos ya 22 Kilos so this plus 22 kilos and for me.. I just wanted to get back you know what my motivation at that point was I’ve so many lovely pairs of jeans and so many beautiful clothes I just want my wardrobe back that was my motivation So I had my pregnancy wardrobe and I had my 26 Inch waist waistline wardrobe I bought myself no clothes in between I didn’t want my in between clothes because I wanted to dump these and get straight into these I wore this for a while longer till I could get into my old clothes so that was my motivation then Now my motivation is I’m in a good space as far as my fitness is concerned and I just want to stay there. The only tweaks are my food in either olive oil or ghee alright when I’m eating carbs I’m not a rice eater I prefer wheat I like barley I like oats so those are..those are just my preferences it’s not about.. I mean if I liked rice I’ll eat more brown rice than white but I don’t like rice rice is not on my list of favorite foods I’m in my 40’s right now and I feel I’m at my heathiest and my fittest now after the baby and after entering 40’s I think my metabolism is rocking and I don’t think it has slow down at all I’m in a good place as far as my metabolism is concerned because my body responds to a good diet and exercise the way I wanted to and now.. I feel fitness, exercise is apart from you know what it does to the way you look it’s there for my mental balance my stability, my emotional well-being so it’s very much a part of my life I think.. I think fitness wise I’m in the best place I’ve ever been now. People think it’s all about crunches it’s not about crunches Yes you’ve to workout your abs but you gotta do a lot of cardio cardio is what the keeps the weight off so you can see the hard work that you’ve done as far as your abs are concerned Message would be.. it’s never too late to get into fitness it’s never too late to start exercising a lot of friends you know.. when they have an uphill task in front of them lot of weight to lose they get demotivated really quickly so if you have like a big amount of weight to lose don’t look at that amount you gotta look at smaller.. give yourself small goals say that I wanna I wanna start by losing 2 Kilos however long that takes or whatever it takes to lose those 2 Kilos then you move to the next step and say I’ve lost those 2 now now another 2 because that’s how you can eventually get to where you want to so all that I told you I shared with you I hope it was helpful If you like what I said share this video with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to Pinkvilla

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