October 21, 2019
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McBride’s Bakery Medicine Hat: New Keto products – join the club!

Hi Medicine Hat! It’s Carole at the
bakery and it has been really neat how huge a response we’ve had to the
introduction of our latest bread-like product which is a almond loaf that’s
appropriate for people in keto diets or in the high protein dietary
regimens so yeah we can’t keep it in stock it just has been flying off
the shelf the phone has been ringing we can’t keep up with the demand currently
while still filling the shelves with our daily range of products that we make
every single day so in order to help get these new products to you the customers
who are really interested in low carb products we have a new club that you can
sign up for through our loyalty program and through that I can communicate
directly with you the people who are interested in these low carb products via text message or email to let you know when there is a new product on the
shelves and then with your device you can reserve it you’ll be able to pay for
it online and save the product just for you because we have had a few people be
disappointed coming in or trying to order and our order systems are not
quite super clear basically we’ve been entirely unprepared for the the huge
response we’ve had so in order to help you get what you want and to make it a
little bit easier for us to to not mess up your orders please if you’re
interested follow the link below in the comments or connected to this post it’s
a it’s a little Google form and from there I’ll make sure that you’re in our
loyalty program and from there whenever we introduce a new product I can put a
little photo little description, send out a text message or email to you and then
you can decide do I want in on it today? do I want in on this round or not and
so if you’re in the program as well you can pay for the product either via
PayPal or or online or with your points through the loyalty program if you have
existing points built up or you can get gift card credit on our system and
pay with that as well so if you’re through trade bank or a volunteer at
Crestwood school or someone who basically has a gift card credit with us
in our system then you can also use that to pay for your keto loaf
so yes follow the link below sign up if you’re interested in being in the
insider KETO club and then you won’t miss out because we will be introducing
these products through our loyalty program before Facebook because
basically the minute we put something on Facebook the demand is huge and we can’t keep up with the telephone anymore and still have customers in the
store so this is win-win for us if you follow the link and sign up
and then we will keep you in the loop thanks Medicine Hat – thanks for trying new
stuff with us

Randall Smitham