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MEAL PREP | 6 High Protein Recipes For Healthy Meals | Vegan

eating the appropriate amount of protein
while on a plant-based diet can be a little tricky sometimes if you’re not
paying attention to that sort of thing today I’m going to show you how to prep
six delicious high-protein ingredients for your next prep session and in my
next video I’ll be showing you guys how I incorporate these six high protein
ingredients into my meal prep recipes so let’s get ready the first recipe I’ll be
making is a tofu crumble I start off by adding some olive oil into a large bowl
along with some soy sauce next I add in our spices which are garlic powder onion
powder smoked paprika cumin and ground black pepper the full recipe for all six
of these recipes will be linked down below as usual I whisk this up together
with my tiny whisk until everything is well combined take a block of extra firm
tofu and crumble that into the spice mix if you don’t want to use your hands you
can use a potato masher instead once everything is crumbled into small pieces
mix the crumble tofu with the spice mix and fully coat spread the seasoned
crumbles onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet and make sure to spread the
crumbles into a thin single layer for even cooking place the tofu crumble into
a preheated oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and cook for 30 to 35 minutes
for a crispier crumble mix aka flip halfway through once removed from the oven pour back
into the mixing bowl add in some salsa and mix until everything is coated this
can be stored in the fridge for up to a week or frozen up to three months
I’m pouring this into a glass airtight spill-proof container from the brand fit
strong and healthy they have containers with one two and
three compartments which you’ll see later I love these and of course I’ll
link them down below let’s move on to the tempeh bacon which is my second
favorite from these sliced tempeh into an eighth of an inch thick slices into a large mixing bowl pour a bit of
olive oil maple syrup and low-sodium soy sauce I’m also adding in our spices at
this point which are garlic powder onion powder smoked paprika and ground black
pepper mix well to combine and toss the sliced tempeh in here’s a tip if you
want to keep all the pieces intact lay them out flat and brush on the
marinade I don’t mind broken up pieces so I like to do it this way it’s much
easier here’s our lovely container again pS these are microwave safe as well as
dishwasher safe because who likes doing dishes not I allow your tempeh bacon to
marinate in the fridge overnight or be impatient like me and only wait one hour lay out the tamping slices onto a
parchment paper lined baking sheet in a single layer place into a preheated oven at 350
degrees Fahrenheit and bake for 20 minutes or until it has reached the
level of crispiness you like I prefer mine less crispy moving on to my
favorite tahini ranch because who doesn’t love sauce Harry I don’t know
into our blender we’re gonna add tahini fresh squeezed lemon juice I use my
hands I can catch any of the little seeds you can also use a lemon squeezer
or citrus squeezer that’s fine as well add some wait
vinegar some fresh dill some fresh parsley as well as some fresh chives and
a splash of water blend that up together and get yourself this magical ranch
sauce which I could probably drink with a straw
paper straw paper straw of course sprinkle on some ground black pepper and
a sprig of dill for garnish or drink it you know whatever floats your boat
next is a classic hummus back into the blender we go add in some extra virgin
olive oil tahini fresh squeezed lemon juice cumin ground black pepper red
chili flakes and a can of drain and rinse chickpeas some water to get
everything moving and smooth and two garlic cloves which I totally forgot to
toss in and a blend until smooth drizzle on some extra-virgin olive oil
if you wish and garnish with extra red pepper flakes and parsley our second to
last recipe is lentils I like to keep my lentils very simple lentils cook at a
two-to-one ratio I’m adding two cups of water salt and
pepper allow the water or broth to come to a boil and toss in your lentils make
sure to sort through the lentils to remove any debris
simmer on low cover for 20 minutes until lentils are tender last but not least is
quinoa which also cooks at a 2 to 1 ratio
add water or broth into a pot I’m adding salt pepper garlic powder and a bit of
better than bullion vegetable base but you can use a buoy on Cuba or swap the
water out with a veggie broth instead pour in the quinoa once the water has
boiled stir simmer on low remove from heat and move or fluff with
a fork and cover for an additional 5 minutes to finish cooking you can store
all of these dishes in the fridge in an airtight container up to 7 days also
here’s a little clip of the 1 2 & 3 compartment glass meal prep containers
again the next video will show you how to make delicious healthy meals out of
all of these ingredients they do so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe
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making so again thank you so much for watching if the second video is up by
now you will see the link down below and also link somewhere up here up here one
of these spots so that’s that thank you guys so much for watching I love you and
I will talk to you soon

Randall Smitham



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    I’ve always hated tofu crumble because I prefer my tofu crispier… I thought stir frying or using it in chili was the only way to cook it. Never thought about using the oven for it. So this is life changing thank you!