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Meal Prep For The Week: Fall Seasonal Theme!

Hi friends! So I figured it was about time
I did another meal prep video because you guys always seem to like them which makes
me really happy and I thought why not switch it up a little bit and make it Fall or Winter
themed. So this is a Fall themed meal prep so that means that a lot of the ingredients
you are gonna see in this video are in season right now and through the coming months. Seasonal
ingredients are more affordable, they’re more delicious, and they’re more fun to use. If
you have never seen my meal prep videos before I have an entire play list with all of them
so be sure to check that out. But just so you know in advance, uh my meal prep is a
little bit different. I don’t prep every single meal uh for every single day. I kinda do the
basics the minimum amount of prep to set me up for success so that I can you know kind
of call on what I need here and there throughout the week. I do have an entire meal prep e-book
that breaks down how to do efficient prep whether you want to do every single meal or
just the basics. So if you’re looking to get into meal prep it’s a great beginner’s guide
for any kind of lifestyle any kind of meal prep that you may want to do. So without further
ado let’s get to the Fall Fun! And there it is! My Fall themed meal prep.
So I hope that you found some inspiration there. My goal with these videos isn’t to
try and get you to prep the way I prep or what I prep but kinda give you some new ideas to
switch up your own routine. So comment below. Let me know which dish you’re most excited
to try and if you do like these videos please give it a Thumbs Up that’s really great helpful
feedback for me. One note I do want to make about this video is the timing of the meal
prep. So it’s kinda hard to show how the timing would be applied to a normal day of meal prep.
A) because I’m filming so it took me much longer to film then if I was just prepping
it like a normal day and B) to keep the video organized because I wanted you to be able
to see you know what I prep for veggies and fruits and proteins and starch and all that.
That being said sometimes the hardest part of meal prep is organizing the actual day.
So when do you do what? What do you put in the oven first? When do you cook the stuff
on the stove? What do you do while that’s going on? If those are things that you struggle
with I definitely recommend you checking out my e-book because it has a whole section dedicated
to how to organize your day, it has examples, um and I think it will really help you learn
how to organize and prioritize. So I hope you enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to Tweet
me, Instagram me, and SnapChat me. I’ll add you back! I love seeing your Mind Over Munch
remakes. I hope you guys are as excited for Fall as I am. I will see you on Thursday for
a brand new episode. We have a lot of exciting Halloween stuff coming up so be sure to subscribe
if you haven’t already and remember it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch.

Randall Smitham



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