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Meal Prep for the Week – Mind Over Munch Kickstart Series

Hey guys! So today I’m going to show you my
basic meal prep for the week. A lot of people
think that meal prep has to be those fancy
Tupperware photos where it’s an entire week’s
worth of meals planned out in advance. But
it does not have to be that way. I do not
do that because I don’t really want to eat
the same thing every day and I don’t want
to plan that much. But I still do a decent
amount of meal prep to help set me up for
And all this information comes from my very
brand new e-book ‘Meal Prep: A Beginner’s
Guide’, so if you’ve never prepped or you’ve
been prepping but you’re looking for a more
efficient, effective, easy way to prep, this
book might be able to help you out. It’s got
tons of tips, tricks, tools, cooking techniques
and a free recipe book at the back with 25
portable, easy meals. So without further ado
let’s get to my meal prep.
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Alright so there you guys have it. My meal
prep for the week. As you can see I do not
prepare every meal for the entire week but
instead I do things to set myself up for success
so I have my protein ready, I have my vegetables
chopped so I can grab these things and use
them in whatever meal I want. I have some
snacks ready, I have my fruit portioned out
so you don’t have to prepare everything to
make meal prep successful and in my e-book
I talk a lot about that. There is a whole
spectrum of meal prep and you can do the minimum
amount or the maximum amount of prep to succeed.
It is going to fully depend on you. I want
to know.
Do you meal prep? What do you find the most
success doing more prep, less prep, basic
items for the week or every single meal for
the entire week? Please comment below to let
me know. Also I need you to comment below
and let me know how the challenge is going.
It is week two check in. So you did one of
these last week. And every Sunday I told you
I will check in so you can print out this
PDF. This is your accountability evaluation
form and just fill it out and compare it to
last weeks. See how you did. Are you feeling
better now? Have you adjusted your goals a
little bit to make sure that you are on track
to succeed with your ultimate January goal
by the end of January? So we’ve got about
20 days left to reach those goals.
Feel free to adjust again if you need to.
Also how are your milestones going? What was
your milestone that you were trying to meet
yesterday? Did you meet it? Let me know below.
Be sure to tune in every single day in January
because we have a new episode airing in our
Kickstart Series tomorrow. You do not want
to miss it. It is a one minute dessert to
satisfy your sweet craving. I hope you guys
have a great weekend and I will see you tomorrow.

Randall Smitham



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