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Meal Prep: Healthy Breakfast Back To School Ideas! Mind Over Munch

Hey guys! So you have been responding really
positively to my meal prep video so far
and my meal prep ebook so I thought that
this month since everybody’s getting ready
to go back to school
that it would be the perfect time to do a meal
prep mini series. So every Thursday this
month you will get a meal prep video and
I will be sharing three recipes that are
prepable and/or portable for a
different meal of the day and today we
are naturally starting with breakfast and I’ll be sharing vegan options. Also I
have great news and those of you who
follow me on my personal Instagram know
which if you’re not following me by now
you might as well go and follow but the
news is I have found an apartment, YeahHhhH. But I don’t have any furniture and nothing is set
up yet so please excuse this temporary
setup it is very extremely temporary
you’ll never see it again it is just for
today until we can figure out what we’re
gonna do. On to breakfast. I have already
shared a few videos with some of my
favorite meal prep options including
overnight oats, my freezer breakfast
sandwiches, and my freezer breakfast
burritos. So those are some additional
videos you can check out after but I
obviously didn’t want to remake those here since
I have already shared them before. First up are my
freezer breakfast smoothie bags. Now I did share
these in my most recent meal prep video
but I didn’t really talk much in that
video so I thought I would share them
today and give a little bit more
explanation. For breakfast smoothies you can really use anything you like fruits,
vegetables, grains, seeds, the possibilities are endless.
And if you are looking for more
tips on how to create a smoothie recipe
you’ve gotta check out my summer sips
video on how to make a smoothie recipe
it’s only 60 seconds long so I think you
can spare the time. Add your ingredients of
choice into a plastic bag. Today I am using
spinach, banana, blueberries, raspberries,
and chia seeds. Fill them up and stick them in the
freezer. When you ready for your smoothie
you can simply add your bag of fruit to
your blender with a little bit of milk
or water maybe a little bit of nut butter
and blend it on up. Pour and devour. I
also recommend letting that bag of fruit
thaw for ten to fifteen minutes if you
can because it’s gonna blend a lot easier. A
lot more easily. Which one is it? It’s
going to be easy.
Alright let’s keep moving. Instant
oatmeal packets can be super convenient
but they’re also often packed with sugar.
Let’s make our own so we are in control
and this one is gonna be a huge money
saver too. For your home made instant oatmeal
you will need quick oats, oat flour, non-fat
milk powder or you can sub extra oat flour
for vegan, salt, cinnamon and dried fruit of choice.
Add your ingredients into a ziploc bag. In
the morning when you’re ready for your
oats you’re simply gonna add your bag into a
bowl, pour a little bit of water or milk
into it, and microwave it for a quick
minute. Viola! Homemade instant oatmeal and you are in control of what’s going into it.
Aright so let’s move on to my last meal prep
breakfast for the day baked oatmeal muffins. In
a large mixing bowl combine oats,
baking powder, cinnamon, and salt. Set aside. In a
separate mixing bowl combine one and a half
bananas mashed,
almond milk, and egg or a flax egg for
vegan, vanilla, and stevia or sweetener of your
choice. Now it’s time to add the dry
ingredients into the wet. Mix to combine
and set aside.
Allow it to thicken for about 10 minutes. Add liners to a cupcake tin. Spray down a quarter cup measuring cup
or a large ice cream scoop will also
work for the perfect amount of batter.
What I really love about these babies is you
can customize them however you’d like
and today I am doing that with topping. Use
anything you’d like fresh fruit, dried fruit,
nuts, chocolate, so many possibilities. Add your
toppings on top of the muffins or you could stir it
into the batter.
Bake in an oven preheated to 375 degrees
Fahrenheit for 20 to 25 minutes. You can
keep these on the counter for a few days
in an airtight container, in the fridge
for five to six days, or you can freeze
them for a few months. Also they can be
enjoyed warm or cold. And there you have it. Three simple meal prep breakfast ideas with vegan options.
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I know you want to and if you still
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check out the downloadable PDF in the
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or right here and I have included all three
of these recipes with the grams. Oh yeah. I
listen to you guys. So there they are. Easy
access for your meal prepping use. So how
about a thumbs-up for grams? If you are
looking for more meal prep ideas don’t
forget to subscribe
because I’m sharing a new video everything single
Thursday this month. Check out my meal
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previous recipes that I mentioned at the
beginning of the video. I will see you on
Monday for a brand new episode. I hope
you have an amazing weekend and remember
it’s a matter of Mind Over Munch.

Randall Smitham



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