February 22, 2020
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hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s
Friday and another rendition of meal prep mania so I have three healthy
recipes for you this week two pescetarian one vegetarian and all of gluten-free
and all revolve around lemon which I am shocked because I don’t even like lemon
but apparently I can’t say that any more because I’m obsessed with all of these
recipes so the first is a lemon garlic tilapia it is like a lemony garlic
butter sauce it’s very keto friendly there’s only one and a half grams of
carbs there’s like seven grams of fat 30 grams of protein straight to the dome
piece and about 200 calories per 6 ounce filet so that is like a superstar
all-star I use this weber seasoning for the tilapia seasoning it is really
delicious I just get it at my local market I’m sure you can find it probably
at like Target somewhere too but again head to BrieOCD.com and I have a
picture of all the ingredients that I use for every recipe so I mentioned this is
gluten-free this is keto friendly this is also a
foil pack recipe and if you know me I love to cook my fish in foil packs which
basically means I season it I throw it on a piece of foil put whatever sauce or
topping on it I wrap it up in the foil I throw it on the grill for 14 minutes badda boom bada bing done I have a delicious no cleanup recipe so I am obsessed with
these foil pack recipes you can serve this with whatever you want you can make
it you know low carb and just do some veggies you can serve it with a
cauliflower rice or hash what I served it with is my second recipe and it is
Alyssa’s quinoa salad so my friend Alyssa brought this to a party at my
house and everybody loved it so with her permission I tried to recreate it she’s
like an Italian grandma she didn’t have any measurements for me so I made
my own version of it but I think it was still pretty damn good so this is
basically quinoa onion cucumber tomato and lots of lemon and mint and parsley
and you the best part is you can bring it to a party because it’s gluten free
it served cold it’s vegetarian so basically everybody
will be happy and it’s super easy to make so that’s the second recipe
Alyssa’s quinoa salad third up another foil pack recipe and it is honey lemon
salmon my younger self again is appalled not only do I not like lemon
I don’t like honey but I love this salmon recipe and I buy my honey at
Trader Joe’s it’s about $6.99 but this 24 ounce jar
or whatever this is container or you can buy it at Costco but double that for
like 11.99 I just saw up there yesterday but they honestly have the best deals on
honey because as you know it can be kind of expensive but this is also gluten-
free it’s like got a nice little rub on it and it is really delicious it is not
as keto friendly because honey has more carbs it has about 11 carbs it has 7.5 grams of fat about 265 calories and 35 grams of protein straight to the
dome piece so it is still super healthy i buy my honey like I said and my soy at
Trader Joe’s I buy my salmon at Costco because they
just have really good prices on fish you know as you know salmon is great for the
omega-3 fatty acids they are healthy fats
so you know just all three of these dishes this week are superstars so I
urge you to head to BrieOCD.com to get these free and healthy recipes try them
out what do you have to lose right so give me a thumbs up if you like my
channel subscribe please tell your friends share please spread the wealth
and the health meal prep baby head to the market go grocery shopping prepare
for the week because health as wealth and preparation is the key to success I hope
you have a very wonderful Friday peace out baby

Randall Smitham