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Meal Prep Mania: 3 Free and Healthy Shrimp Recipes

hey guys welcome back to my channel it’s
Friday and another rendition of meal
prep mania so we have back this week
it’s summertime it’s hot I’m sweating
right now
and my focus has been on healthy
summertime recipes so those recipes that
you can cook on the grill cook just
using the broiler cook on the stove top
you know just because it’s summer
doesn’t mean we don’t eat hot recipes
but we don’t want to be turning on the
oven and sweating our little buns off
while we’re cooking so these three
recipes this week remember head to BrieOCD.com to get them links will also be
in the description below they all focus
on shrimp shrimpin ain’t easy but this
week it is because I’m giving you three
healthy recipes there was a sale at Vons
which is our local supermarket here in
San Diego on shrimp so I said what a
perfect opportunity so the first recipe
are shrimp and pineapple tacos and I got
this recipe straight from Bon Appetit
I didn’t really change anything except I
added pico de gallo because I love a
fresh salsa and just you know it’s
healthier it’s fresh and then I took out
the jalapeno I do like spice I just took
it out for whatever reason I also served
it with Mediterranean rice and I used
chicken broth because it just brings out
the flavors in that Mediterranean rice
so head to BrieOCD.com for full pictures
of this recipe it’s all made right in
the broiler so you make the pineapple on
the broiler you make the shrimp in the
broiler and then you put all the little
components components together to make
these shrimp tacos so head to BrieOCD.com for that recipe next is another
one that was inspired by Bon Appetit
said I changed quite a few things on
this one so you’ll get the full recipe
on my site but it was a cauliflower and
chickpea Bowl with miso jalapeno tahini
sauce so I was inspired by this recipe
and changed out the corn that they asked
because this there’s really not a lot of
health benefits to corn yes I love corn
on the cob but I try not to eat it that
often so I swapped out the corn for
I added some shrimp with a nice spice to
it and this miso jalapeno I had never
used miso before I never even knew it
was a paste but I found it at 99 ranch
which is like an international market
here in San Diego so that’s where you
can find it as well head to BrieOCD.com
for that and then this was just like
cauliflower shrimp chickpeas
lettuce tomatoes just a lot of different
bold flavors that are really unique on
the palate so I just thought it was
something different to do and again
utilizing that shrimp and I cooked it
right on a grill pan on top of the stove
along with the cauliflower and chickpeas
on the side so not hard to make
delicious and just something unique and
different with that miso jalapeno
tahini and then next up is a shrimp and
quinoa Cobb salad so I love a Cobb salad
I love options I love just different
flavor profiles I love mixing a bunch of
stuff together which my younger self
would be so surprised at this but I love
a good Cobb salad so I figured what
other combinations besides the regular
old chicken bacon cheese can I do
let’s shrimp it up shrimpin ain’t easy
so I did you know grilled shrimp I did
it with pistachio nuts you know me and
my father used to eat pistachios
growing up so they just really have a
soft spot in my heart with those
pistachios I used tomatoes and
scallions on a nice vegetable pan
straight on the grill I mean I love when
those little grape tomatoes just burst
with flavor in your mouth delicious so
just you know scallions some mint which
I didn’t use on mine but I did on my
I’m not a big Mint girl scallions mint
cherry tomatoes shrimp
quinoa just protein-packed
you know flavorful great lunch time summer
treat great after workout treat with
the protein and the quinoa you know
giving you those carbs and you know as
usual all these recipes can be made
gluten-free so the shrimp tacos with
pineapple just make sure you use you
know whole corn tortillas for the
chickpea and miso tahini
that’s just gluten free as it is because
nothing in there has any kind of wheat
or gluten in it and then the shrimp and
quinoa Cobb salad that’s gluten free as
well so you know all these things this
week are pescetarian gluten free options
available head to BrieOCD.com to get
those written out for you just to be
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meal prep I’m here to help you get
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Randall Smitham