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Meal Prep – One Skillet Green Enchilada Chicken and Rice

what up guys and welcome back to the fit min cook kitchen for today’s quickie milk prep video we are making another variation of chicken and rice so so far we’ve made one that is a taco chicken and rice one that y’all really love we made an asian-inspired one we’ve made one of my favorites occasion inspired recipe today we are taking it right back to the Latin American inspiration by making a green enchilada chicken and rice now this is one of those recipes that I actually just dreamed up I got up out of my bed one night and just begin to write this recipe down so I haven’t tested haven’t tried it today it’s either going to be make it or break it whatever it is and when you try to experiment live on camera we’re gonna be doing that today partly because I want to show you all how easy it is to experiment in the kitchen and also I want to convey the message that it’s okay to experiment and throw stuff together and see if it works and if it works thumbs up and if it doesn’t then yeah is it back to the drawing board because even a failure is a part of a learning process especially when it comes to healthy calorie conscious food so today in order to bring together or to bring in that essence of the enchilada we’re gonna add it in one simple ingredient and I’m crossing my fingers that it actually performs well soft corn tortillas yes not the flour tortillas but the corn tortillas because that corn flavor is actually so implemented of good tex-mex food but especially enchiladas and tamales and I want to bring that flavor bring that essence into this dish so crossing my fingers that it actually goes okay I think that it will pretty confident because I mean chicken rice enchilada sauce and tortillas and cheese and then you can’t really mess that up right right we’ll see in a second all right guys if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty then let’s get started okay I’ve got a really corny one for y’all today this is really bad [Music] I didn’t even think about that already doing it I’ve caught anyway Jessie okay one point for Jessie alright here’s mine why should you never trust a burrito you don’t know why see you’re slippin Jessie burritos always spill the beans they spill the beans I have to say it again this make it super disappointing but it’s not x24 mistake okay anyway okay guys let’s get onto the video first we’re gonna prep our chicken we’re going to spray a skillet with a little bit of oil says that steal it on medium high heat and then toss in the chicken if it sticks a little bit most important thing is just to get a good sear and we’re also going to flavor this do it this way this is just alright we’re gonna set the chicken aside and we’re gonna add it back to the skillet Lim ready for it going to reduce the heat to medium now and then we are going to add in a little bit of avocado oil then toss in some garlic some white onion and some bell pepper and you know the drill here we’re gonna caramelize the onion sear the bell pepper and flavor an entire village the onions have finished caramelizing and turning brown we’re gonna add in some cumin and we’re gonna bloom it so it’s gonna get really fragrant in the kitchen and this is really just exaggerated 2-inch a lot of flavors that you really really like so much super fragrant now we’re going to toss in our cooked brown rice and just mix everything together mix it quickly make some room in the skillet and add in the chicken breasts that we just cooked yeah buddy reduce the heat so it doesn’t burn you’re gonna get to some store-bought green enchilada sauce and just pour this yeah continue stirring and mixing everything together and also we’re gonna toss in a small can of green chilies and then just a little bit of water just a little bit stir everything together make sure it’s not sticking there at the bottom and it’s just coming together beautifully right so you’re probably wondering Kevin what is enchiladas without some corn tortillas I got you covered I’m already thinking I got you so we’re gonna take some corn tortillas the soft kind and we’re just gonna fold it in half and we’re gonna just roughly chop this up this and then chop them this way again and we’re gonna add these bits into the rice and stir everything together and this is what when you bite into you’re gonna be like oh there’s a lot of care I got it I gotta have at first I wasn’t with you but now I’m with your cool cave I call myself cool cave add in a little bit of flavor some sea salt and some pepper and if you need to just a little bit more water just in case he’s getting dry stir this up and this just looking incredible I love the colors of this we’re just gonna cover and cook this for about six to eight minutes maybe even ten minutes this is just to allow the flavors to meld together alright and after about six minutes you don’t need to overdo it and voila do another stir make sure it’s not sticking on the bottom and this is magnificent and it’s ready to go but one more thing you got to add one more thing because you got the tortillas you’ve got the green enchilada sauce you got the chicken you guys rice you’ve got the peppers but what is enchiladas without some queso so we’re gonna add a little bit of Monterey Jack cheese here on top just spring them in and this is optional if you want it I think that you should there’s just always going to boost the flavors and you can either cover and cook this to melt the cheese or you could put it into the oven so that way it Browns it as well so we’re gonna put this into the oven for about five minutes or so that way you can melt the cheese and also slightly brown the top of it I smell the tortillas beautiful and then we’re gonna finish off this recipe with a little bit of fresh cilantro beautiful so the funny thing is when I was making a recipe I really wasn’t sure if I was gonna be able to pick up the notes of the of the corn tortilla and you totally fit you can totally smell it especially after bacon it’s really really fragrant with corn tortilla flavor so it’s just right alright just I love it’s my favorite part [Music] yeah buddy squeeze it a little bit lime [Music] green chili with lime oh my god this is like the best thing ever mmm yeah you are good to go at this the only thing I’d add in here would just be some grilled vegetables but maybe some some grilled asparagus or maybe a nice side salad but this right here is a truly complete meal and this fully flavor and again it’s inspired by one of our favorite dishes enchiladas it’s a win and now for the moment of truth I am so darn proud that I can actually smell the corn tortillas like this is what’s gonna actually make this entire dish so that creaminess right there I’m gonna eat this entire skillet myself you gotta try this me Jesse okay we’re just one bite cuz this is one home with me look at them oh that’s a bite look at that cheese pool oh come on let me do it put on a smile always forward that’s pretty good right yeah is that good it’s surprisingly right like you taste there are only two tortillas in there we just chopped them up but do you taste the enchilada yeah big-time so I’m like I’m biased a lot because my mom makes them at Christmas oh okay I can’t compete with Mama’s recipe really you can’t tell mom about this one we’re really proud of ourselves here you can retail alright guys that is it for today’s recipe video I hope that y’all really enjoyed it I know you’re going to love this recipe now I kind of want to know it what you think we’ve made a chicken and rice that’s a taco one we’ve made one that is Cajun I think we’ve made one that was asian-inspired but now today we’ve got the green enchilada chicken and rice I want you to comment below which one is your favorite and also share how you would customize this recipe if you would toss in some jalapenos to boost the heat or something else I would like to know we all would like to know how you would do this and if you are on that keto kick or a low-carb kick there are two options for you first thing is I like to do is I like to do half and half so you can do half brown rice and then half steamed cauliflower rice buy you one of those frozen cauliflower rice bags and then just add that whole thing in there at the same time that you add in the cooked brown rice so do half and half or make this entire thing low-carb by adding in all steamed cauliflower rice all right guys the choice is up to you thank y’all so much for watching if you like Mill Creek videos like this and I invite y’all to smash that like button below with some authorities you’re happy about it and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and remember to ring the bell so you can be notified every time we post hot new content here in the pit make good kitchen thank y’all so much for watching until next time I want to try to keep it healthy but of course never ever boring boom bye y’all [Music]

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