January 17, 2020
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– Hey, guys! Today on Low Carb with Jennifer, we are gonna be making my delicious meat lovers
spaghetti squash casserole. It’s topped with pepperoni and filled with sausage
ground beef and cheese. You can find the link to the
recipe in the description below or you can go to JenniferBanz.com and search for spaghetti squash casserole. (techno pop music) Okay, let’s get started on this casserole. Since we’re using spaghetti squash and they take forever to cook, I went ahead and microwaved them. I’m gonna say I microwaved
these for at least 20 minutes and before I put them in the microwave, I poke them with a couple of holes just so they don’t blow up but you want it to be about
four cups of spaghetti squash. And I’ve got two spaghetti squash here so I just wanted to
make sure I had enough. And I’ve already cooked some sausage, half a pound of sausage and
half a pound of ground beef and crumbled it and I put
it in my casserole dish. So now, I’m just gonna throw everything in this casserole dish and just stir it up with my tongs. We don’t need any extra bowl or anything. And oh man, I just love
this casserole so much. I literally could eat
everyday of the week. It is so good. (techno pop music) So here’s all of our spaghetti squash. Put that away. Okay now we can start putting
the rest of the stuff in it. Okay, we wanna make sure
that our spaghetti squash is seasoned with some salt. You don’t want bland spaghetti squash. And some pepper. (pepper grinder crackling) Plenty of salt and pepper, and then we’re gonna also
add in some marinara sauce, and this is Rao’s Marinara. This is my favorite. It’s so tasty. It doesn’t have any added sugar. And then we’re gonna add in two cups of shredded mozzarella cheese. We’re gonna save the
rest of this for the top. So now we can just stir all of this up with our tongs. (techno pop music)
(dish clanking) Okay, we about got this all stirred up. Make sure we get all of the edges. Pat it all flat. It’s a noisy casserole dish. Okay. Okay, now we can put the
rest of our cheese on top. This casserole is so easy. The hardest part is getting
the spaghetti squash cooked. There’s several methods for
cooking spaghetti squash and I have reasons that
I like all of them. I like to do the instant pot, I like to roast it in the
oven, and I like to microwave. So really, it just depends
on what mood I’m in. So now I’m gonna put
some pepperoni on top. And I like a lot of pepperoni. The recipe calls for 40 pepperonis because I’m crazy and I counted them the first time I made this but I’m going to see how many I can fit ’cause I like a lot. (techno pop music) Okay, we’ve got the last of our pepperoni going on to the casserole. I had just enough. I might have snuck a few pieces. (techno pop music) Just have just enough. Look at that! Okay, this is ready for the oven and we are gonna bake
it in a 350-degree oven for 30 minutes. Okay, our spaghetti squash, meat lovers spaghetti
squash casserole is ready and it looks amazing. (techno pop music) So let me just get a spoonful and just show you how cheesy
and oh my gosh, look at that! That looks so good! I would put it on a plate
but I already did dishes, so I don’t wanna dry up
another plate. (laughs) Guys, I hope you will try this recipe. It gets great reviews. You’re gonna love it. You can go to the
description and find the link or you can go to JenniferBanz.com and search for spaghetti squash casserole and let me know how you like it and I will see you guys later. Bye! (techno pop music)

Randall Smitham