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MEATLOAF PIZZA! Or Pizza meatloaf?  – Eat The Pizza! #39

– Oh, no no!
– It’s just a leaf, try it.
(upbeat music)
Hey, I’m Alyssia.
– And I’m Christian.
– And welcome to Eat the Pizza.
– And today we’re making meatloaf pizza!
– Or is it pizza meatloaf?
– Poaf or meazza, let’s get started.
(creepy music)
– Don’t peel it too close to me.
I don’t have onion goggles on.
(knife chopping)
– It’s kinda helping, with
the onion burn on my nose.
Oh okay that’s too much,
too much, that’s too much.
– Why don’t you just open your mouth.
– Oh no, no!
(creepy music)
– It’s just a leaf try it, come on.
– I don’t need these anymore.
(rock music)
Well we’re sauteing up
some onions and mushrooms.
(guitar music)
Meatloaf ingredients, then we’re gonna do
the other stuff too.
– [Alyssia] I’m gonna
start calling basil bahsel.
Is the heat even on?
– The heat is on max, how’s
the pepper chopping going.
– Oh my favorite.
– Well, should I put garlic in this?
– I put the garlic out for a reason.
I love cutting basil, almost
just cut my finger off,
actually I did, look at that.
– [Christian] Come on.
– Throw this in.
– [Christian] Let it,
let it do it’s thing.
– [Alyssia] Turn off the heat now.
– [Christian] What’s the problem?
(dog howls)
(Alyssia and Christian laughs)
(dog howls)
– Alright you’ve got some beef.
– Bife.
– And it wouldn’t be a meatloaf without
different kinds of meat so.
I have a cut finger so I need you to mix.
You already added some salt,
you’re gonna have to use your hands.
– I know.
Oh no, just only add a little bit.
(bell dings)
– Alright we added a little
too much tomato sauce
so I’m adding some almond
flour in place of bread crumbs.
Give it a good a-mixing.
Alright so to really take this to the next
pizza level we’ve got.
– Pizza dough.
– Would’ve been nice if that
just popped at the right time
but it didn’t.
– [Christian] Ooh!
– This pizza crust is
not as good as Pillsbury.
Hold on, I need to roll this out.
Whatever, what even is this brand?
– [Christian] That would be Ready to Bake
Pizza Crust brand.
– [Alyssia] I don’t know,
don’t buy that brand.
– Whatever it is.
– [Alyssia] I’m gonna use
this little piece up here
to fill in these little holes.
We may not be able to
fit this whole loaf in.
– That’s alright, let’s
start with a little bit.
– [Alyssia] Alright, so now.
– [Christian] What do
you think more than that?
– Yeah we gotta make it well,
we gotta make it into
a loaf, we have more.
Oh wait wait, we forgot
an essential component!
(creepy music)
Hold on, gotta take this off.
What part of the pizza are we missing hon?
– Cheese.
– [Alyssia] Cheese alright so here
are some mozzarella balls.
Alright so now if we put
this in there’ll be cheese
in the middle of our loaf, get it?
♪ Load it up, load it up, load it up ♪
(cheery music)
– [Alyssia] This is the
worst pizza dough ever
whatever this brand is do not buy it.
(cheery music)
Alright all over it.
Co-co-co-come on.
♪ Umba, umba, umba, umba shalala ♪
♪ Congratulations, shalalala congratu ♪
And now it’s time for the
pizza fact of the day.
The first American meatloaf
was made in the 1870s.
– Yes it was.
– And it was made
traditionally of beef, onion.
– And it was used just
beef but whatever meat
you had lying around.
– Yeah it didn’t have to be meat.
– Cold old meat you gotta use it up
but there’s egg in in and bread
and stuff like that too.
– Soaked bread, I thought that
meatloaf was actually
made with pork usually.
– No, meatloaf’s usually beef I think
but heck I’m no meatloaf expert.
Meatloaf experts, leave a comment below,
what is meatloaf usually made from.
– Wait we forgot the
last part of the fact.
– Oh which is the best part of the fact.
– Which is that meatloaf
was made for breakfast.
– Used to be a breakfast folks,
not even a dinner dish.
Meatloaf breakfast.
I’m outta here.
– Okay.
Hi Kristen, hi sweety.
♪ Shoobady doo, congratulations ♪
♪ Shoobady doo, congratulations ♪
– And now it’s time to cut the pizza.
– [Allysia] Oh my gosh.
(suspenseful music)
– [Christian] Wooow!
– [Alyssia] Wow!
– And now it’s time to eat the pizza.
– Oh ma gosh.
(electronic music)
A lot of flavor, oh my
gosh sausage and meatloaf
it should be like a must.
– This is like a meatloaf wellington.
– It is like a meatloaf
wellington but with pizza flavors.
– It’s like a meatloaf calzone.
– Mozzarella balls, they’re like melty
like a mozzarella cheese
stick inside the meatloaf.
– Yeah, wow!
– That crispy crust, that egg
really made it brown up nicely
oh my gosh it’s so good, and
it’s so impressive looking,
am I right?
– [Christian] What an impressive loaf,
we hope you enjoyed this meatloaf.
– Pizza, meatza.
– Pizza loaf.
– This meatza, should it be called,
I mean usually we would
call a pizza a meatloaf
because it’s a pizza flavored meatloaf
but meatza is so fun.
– Meatza!
– Meatza, alright you can check out
eatthepizzashow.com for this recipe,
try it out if you do tag us on social
all of our social is there as well on
did I already say that?
– I don’t know but it’s
good to say it twice.
– There it is you can
also get our merch there.
– Merch it up hit the
marks, thank you so much
for liking, commenting, and subscribing.
– And we’ll see you next
week on Eat the Pizza.
Actually, will we see you next week?
– I don’t know maybe the week after.
I don’t know one of the weeks.
– Actually maybe we’re back
to weekly postings next week.
– We might be back to weekly posting.
– Check our Instagram.
– See you next week.
(soft electronic music)

Randall Smitham



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