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Mediterranean Meal Prep – Low Carb Spicy Chicken Kebab Lunchbox

what up guys and welcome back to the pit man cook kitchen for today’s newport recipe we’ve got a Mediterranean inspired recipe for you it’s no secret that Mediterranean diet and Mediterranean cuisine is among my favorite diet and favorite foods in the entire world I love the fresh flavors I love the complexity of it and I also love its simplicity because just a little bit of stuff goes a long way and I’m gonna show you just that today whenever we make our chicken kabobs so today we’re gonna be making some chicken kabobs a really easy low carb salad and also complementing that with some cauliflower rice now this is a low-carb keto leanin recipe so I’m gonna show you how to boost the fats in a recipe without having to add in a whole bunch of stuff like cheese and cream cheese all the stuff and butter all this stuff that we all love so either but you don’t always have to rely on those things to boost the calories so we’re gonna boost the calories with some healthier heart healthier fats all right guys if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty for an amazing meal prep then let’s get started oh all right this is actually a really funny joke today what did mr. t say at the Mediterranean restaurant a beautiful beautiful hood of like this hummus laughing a beautiful who don’t like this hummus I Peter but food who don’t like this ok you’ll get it later ask your mom about it alright alright guys let’s go to the recipe okay so the first number one do is make the salad so I’ve got some peeled cucumber here got some roma tomatoes squeezed in some fresh lemon some fresh parsley some fresh mint some red onion and then this next one is optional but I highly recommend it some kalamata olives and if you are doing keto a little bit of olive oil as well sprinkle in some sea salt and pepper give it a good stir if you want to I’m not gonna add this in because I hate the taste of it but if you want you can also add in a little bit of red wine vinegar or some balsamic vinegar or some apple cider vinegar this would go really well with the salad I just can’t stand up inner flavors like this so mad at my prep but in yours you do whatever you want to perfect and then set it aside okay so salads done let’s make the sauce for our chicken kebabs so I’ve got some Greek yogurt here I’m gonna add to it a little bit of tahini tahini I can’t say it right I know that y’all gonna correct me in the comments so tell me it’s a fee I pay me I can’t say it a little bit of cumin some fresh garlic and then some lemon and then of course season to taste with a little bit of sea salt and some pepper this is a good mix getting a little messy there and when it’s just right with it set it aside okay now for the fun part let’s make our chicken kebabs now because this is going to be a low-carb keto friendly type of meal prep we’re going to be using some chicken thighs if you want a leaner option then just go with some chicken breasts now we’re gonna keep the seasoning very very simple we’re gonna add in something called Dharma masala and if you’re not familiar it is very popular in Indian cuisine and also in a lot of African South African cuisines it is a gorgeous blend of different spices it’s got some peppercorn it’s got some cumin it’s got some cinnamon it’s got some cardamom it’s got the green cardamom as well just a whole lot of goodness into this little bitty spice blend you can get this at most grocery stores on the international food aisle all right if you don’t have gone masala then just use some curry powder and add to it a little bit of cumin and some cinnamon sprinkle on some garam masala just add in a tiny bit of olive oil and then finish it off with a pinch of sea salt and some pepper get your hands dirty mix this up and it’s already super super fragrant now it’s time to make the kebabs now just as a reminder if you’re put these on the grill you need to soak your wooden skewers for at least 20-30 minutes in some water so that way they will not burn under the heavy heat and fire up your grill these were actually gonna cook on the himalayan salt block so we don’t really have to soak them take a piece of chicken or the entire piece and a weave it back and forth spread it out just like this and repeat until you have completed or used up all of the chicken thighs all right now let’s fire up the salt block or a nonstick skillet and here is our piping hot pink Himalayan salt block soup or you can hear it crack and you hear that treat this the same way you would a nonstick skillet you’re gonna spray it with a little bit of oil this is some avocado oil and then is a dinner meat so a common question that I get when cooking with the salt block is as it’s over season if it’s over this your food cannot really salty whenever you use it and the answer is no it doesn’t season your food the same way that table salt does what it does it just adds minerals to the food and it helps to complement the flavors that are already on the food that you put on the salt block so we’ve done a great job already doing that look at that just a nice beautiful char on there and that’s all we’re looking for and again if you don’t have a grill and you don’t have a salt bluff this fire up a skillet it works the exact same way very simple okay now let’s bring everything together for our meal crepes if you want to make your milk up a little bit harder you can add in some steamed cauliflower rice and in our beautiful salad and again if you’re on keto then watch the amount of carbs so that means you may need to cut back on some of the tomatoes but this should be okay and then finally our spiced chicken kebabs and don’t forget our yogurt tahini sauce sets this entire thing off mmm and of course the taste test and the thing about this chicken is that it’s got a very complex flavor because garam masala is actually kind of sweet it’s got some cloves and cinnamon in there but it’s also savory so it’s this true adventure in your mouth of every single bite huh smokes oh my gosh this is amazing now I know I said before that if you don’t have garma masala then use a little bit of curry and add some spices like some cinnamon and cloves and some cumin to it but the thing is if you don’t like curry this is a really softer it’s not as harsh and is it as powerful as curry you can feel comfortable to experiment a lot more freely with the GAR masala if you are not a huge fan of curd alright guys that is it for today’s video I hope that she’ll enjoy this Mediterranean meal prep recipe it’s very easy to make and it also even easier to customize so if you want a fan of some cauliflower rice you can use some grilled vegetables you can use things like asparagus or even some eggplant and even if you’re not on keto and you just want to enjoy a Mediterranean inspired lunch that is both refreshing and hearty and filling then swap out the cauliflower rice get you some brown rice or maybe even some quinoa oh my god quinoa would be amazed here also Faro you can use that and just watch the calories again if you are tweaking a keto inspired recipe or a keto leaning recipe then you gotta back up a little bit on the fast you don’t want to do heavy carb and also a heavy thing so just swap out these chicken thighs and use some chicken breast and then you also don’t need as much oil in our salad as well but it will be an amazing experience you won’t compromise the flavor at all alright guys thank y’all so much for watching if you like meal prep videos like this then smash that like button below and also don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and remember to ring that Bell ding ding ding so you can be notified every time we post no prep content here that make good kitchen alright guys thank y’all so much for watching until next time I would try to keep it healthy but of course never ever boring Oh bye guys [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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