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Mexican Chicken Salad With Pico De Gallo

Hi everyone its dot and today
I’m making a delicious Mexican chicken salad with pico de gallo.
Tasty, a little bit of heat and low carb
The first thing I’m gonna get working on is my pico de gallo
I want it sitting in the fridge for a few hours before I use it — that way the flavors
have enough time to meld with each other. So what am I putting in it? I’m using garlic.
I’m using serrano peppers. If you want to you can use jalapeno or omit the pepper if you don’t like the heat.
Serrano’s are hotter than jalapeno, and I want some heat this time around. I’m using plum tomatoes.
They’re just beefier, and I like the taste. I like that there’s a lot more meat to them.
I’m using a lime, white onion, and of course cilantro with that. I’m gonna go ahead and start chopping everything up.
Alright, I’ve chopped up most of my food. I’m gonna go ahead and start preparing my serrano peppers now.
Just like jalapenos, you want to wear gloves. The oil from these from the seeds … once you cut it open …
you don’t want to rub your anywhere on your face your eyes,
especially. It will burn so just keep that in mind. So I’m gonna go ahead, and I’m just gonna lop off the tops
like that. And they have seeds … just like a jalapeno, I’m not going to include the seeds in my …
dish. I’m just gonna take a spoon … if you can see this with my big old gloved hands in a way
And I’m just gonna start …
Just basically …
Taking out the seeds in the pit.
I just want to do it so I can actually just start working with it
with my gloved hands and just sort of go ahead and take them out and clean it out,
essentially. It’s just like a jalapeno. I’ve showed how to do a jalapeno before but that’s pretty much
how you clean them out. Now if you want to use the seeds in this you absolutely can. It definitely makes it hotter,
just so you know. I tend not to use as many seeds. I’ll use some of them, not all of them.
I’m gonna go ahead and finish cutting these and then we’re going to put together the pico de gallo.
All right, so now we’re gonna start putting the pico de gallo to go together.
I’m using kosher salt and some cumin, and I’m just gonna put that right in there.
Gonna add in my garlic clove .. want it all
minced nice and minced up. My serrano peppers. Onions. Cilantro. Next up, I’m gonna add in the juice from one lime
Now if you prefer lemon to lime go right ahead and use it, that is completely up to you. Pico de gallo is
pretty much straight carb. It’s all veg and lime juice.
I like to add a little bit of fat to it and the way I do that is by adding some
MCT oil since there’s no flavor to it, and it just helps increase …
actually add fat to it since there is no fat with these vegetables here and the next thing you’re gonnna
do is you’re going to just start mixing everything up. If you don’t want to use MCT oil or you don’t have it,
you can use an extra light or just a light olive oil. There’s not a whole lot of flavor to that. It’s all mixed.
I’m gonna go ahead and put this in another container, seal it with a lid, and it’s gonna go in the fridge,
and it’s gonna chill while I’m making my chicken salad. Now
I’m gonna go ahead and make the chicken salad with the Mexican twist. And what gives me the Mexican twist, well,
I’m using a four cheese mixture, which basically … I just picked it up at the grocery store
It said it was “Mexican four cheese style,” so I just picked up a batch, and it’s straightforward cheese,
and it didn’t have any seasoning on it,
and I know some do, but I picked up one that didn’t, so … which is fine with me
I have my own little taco seasoning,
and I’ll put the recipe below so you can make up a big batch and just use for whatever dish you want to make.
It’s really good, and I just go ahead and when I shred my own cheese to make my own Mexican mixture,
I just shred a whole bunch that I’m gonna use for the whole week
and I add my little taco seasoning to it, put it in a ziploc bag, and it stays in the fridge
and you just grab and go as you need it for whatever recipe that you’re making, or if you want to add it to a
salad. So there you go. So I’m using scallions green pepper of course.
I have my cilantro here. I’m using sour cream, and I’m using a mayo, but I’m using a chipotle lime mayo, and
this particular mayo, if you can see that, from the Primal Kitchen. I
love this. And I can’t get enough of this.
It’s not a big bottle, but that’s okay because they don’t put in any junk in this thing.
It’s just real food, and it’s so tasty and the other nice thing —
it’s made with real eggs and also avocado oil, which I love. A big bonus on that. And my chicken — I’m using a
full four pound rotisserie chicken. Again. I just bought a rotisserie chicken.
It’s the organic ones, but it’s plain and that means there is nothing added to it. No sugar, no chemicals, nothing.
It is just a rotisserie chicken. Love it, and it’s awesome.
I’m using white and dark meat, so I went ahead and shredded the dark and I chopped up the white. So let’s go ahead and
get started. I’m gonna go ahead and add the Mayo right now.
Sour cream is next.
Green peppers.
Scallions. Cilantro.
It’s getting pretty full, so I’m gonna start mixing a little bit before it gets terribly out of hand.
I’m gonna add all the cheese and
the seasoning.
All right, I got it all mixed. It took a little muscle work to do that. So now
I’m gonna go ahead and pair this with the pico de gallo.
So I just put it on top. I’m serving it for dinner tonight.
I’m just eating it off of a bed of greens, with a little bit of avocado on the side and
it looks great. It looks yummy. So I’m going to go ahead and give it a try.
This is awesome!
The mayonnaise really is the star of this, I have to … I have to say I just
love the chipotle mayo. I love having the pico de gallo in there. It adds a nice little …
nice little burst of flavor to the chicken salad, and
also what I like … adding the green peppers in the chicken salad … is it adds a nice crunch to it. So does the
pico de gallo, with the onions.
But there’s a nice crunchy texture to it because when I normally make chicken salad, just regular style, I use celery. Well,
how I sort of stumbled upon this is I decided one day …
I didn’t have celery, so I added a green pepper to it, loved it, and thought, “Well, hmm…”
And I started adding more and more to it. My chicken salad tends to be a little creamier
because I shred half the chicken that goes in it, but you can make it however you’d like. But I
hope you go ahead and give this a try … it tastes really good.
If you don’t want to make the pico de gallo …
because it does take time to chop up all those tomatoes … all you need to do is you can make the chicken salad the
way I made it, but just go ahead and add
sliced cherry tomatoes in there and
and just mix that in with your chicken salad, and that’ll still give you a nice taste of tomato in there that I got
with the pico de gallo. So with that, I hope you enjoyed the video. Below the video, you’ll find the entire recipe.
Go ahead and hit like, share, and subscribe, and until next time, I’ll see you

Randall Smitham



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