March 31, 2020
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Mini Costco Keto Grocery Haul #1

hey guys so I just wanted to do a little mini grocery haul for you today um we just got back from Costco where we sign up for a membership there just because I’ve been following a lot of people on Instagram and a lot of people say how great their our options are for keto so we didn’t need much today so this is a super mini grocery haul but once we Windell down what we have in our Deep Freeze in our freezer and everything will be doing larger grocery calls for you guys but I will go to things that I’ve been reading about our number one these crappy nee egg fins so these are made with cauliflower now they do so these at Walmart but they’re not with the cauliflower and they do have a lot of added junk into it and they have like some flowers in it and they’re actually one carb these are zero net carbs even says on the package they are gluten no go at the ingredients keto friendly paleo friendly ready to eat and they use certified Kate certified cage free eggs there’s 12 in each one I’ve seen people use these for tacos for enchiladas you can make a lasagna out of it kind of layering like noodles so there’s all different kinds of ways to do this so we got a package just see how we like them and once we try them out this week we’ll let you guys know I just got some raspberries just because they had organic and they look beautiful and they’re only $5.99 throwing this package and I’ve seen at some of our local grocery stores where like one of these is like 349 so I picked those up and I also forgot to mention on these for two packs 12 each there’s 24 of them they were about 749 a little bit pricier but we only eat once a day so it really they’re gonna go a long way um another thing we got organic green beans they look really great I’m sure they’re gonna taste amazing Dennis fine French green beans organic this entire two pounds was $5.99 and [Music] like I said you know where I try these out and see in my beer and you go too far and this will probably last us well over like four or five meals each person somebody my husband I’ve heard great things about this grilled chicken it has two big packages of it it’s already grilled chicken strips fully cooked ready to eat I like using this I were actually gonna use some of its maker gonna do some Mexican a little bit because it is 2:30 and we still have not ate with some fucking are fast great ingredients chicken water vinegar salt natural flavors no dextrose muscled extra and anything to keep it preserved so these are great this was 849 for these two like I settle it price here but you’re paying for the convenience and it already being cooked and tasting really great the only thing is that we’ve got where we are huge wing edit chicken wings so we got two large well one but there are six portions of it and these are way cheaper than like price per pound at Walmart or any other kind of local grocery stores so they are 259 a pound there was eight and a half pounds of wings so this will last us like four meals at least for each of us if not more and it was 20 to 17 so we’ll just cut all these individually pop them in our freezer and then we can pull them out is when you need to the last thing that we bought was something that I’ve been wanting to try for a long time this is the moon cheese they carry the cheddar kind so in a little bit my husband I are actually going to be doing a taste test that I never tried these before but I’ve heard great things they have different flavors at like Whole Foods this is just what I’m Costco carries and it’s only 100% cheese naturally crunchy they’re like a little puffs sorry they’re like little puffs of cheese high in protein all-natural gluten-free yeah the ingredients are great cheddar cheese cheese culture assault pasteurized milk you know some added them stuff obviously but if it’s for a little snack if you’re missing your Cheetos then we’re probably gonna be loving like I said you know this is our show a little mini grocery haul from Costco if you guys have any questions drop them in the comments below otherwise I will talk to you guys later bye

Randall Smitham



  1. DizzyV Posted on August 31, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    I've been trying to find those egg thins.