April 3, 2020
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a there at Steve and Connor from SeriousKeto.com and what are we gonna be doing today today we’re sampling the
keto sampler meat stick platter from Mission meats it’s not really on a
platter yet it’s in a bag but I suppose we could put it on a platter huh
but before we do that if you enjoy low-carb cooking videos product and
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click that bell next to it so you’re notified whenever I release a new video so this beef bar and a beef stick
another beef stick so we have three I think what do we have here for thigh so
everything we have a turkey stick and three beef things okay so in the sampler
pack you get a total of twelve meat sticks three of which are beef one is
Turkey now I don’t have my reading glasses on so either I’m going to need
longer arms or I’m going to need you to kind of call out anything that you see
that looks especially important on there well we have this grass-fed beef so you
know healthy cows no nitrates nitrites gluten-free no MSG paleo friendly and
it’s keto okay is there an ingredients list yes
I’ll read through this I can actually read so as I look through this beef sea
salt encapsulated citric acid celery powder black pepper red pepper garlic
powder onion powder coriander that’s it there’s no nothing especially chemical
added to this no sugar added and that’s one of the things I noticed when I go to
Costco anytime you look at the various Jerky’s and bars they all have a lot of
sugar added that takes them right out of the the keto zone this 12 stick sampler
pack costs $25 so you’re looking at about $2 a bar
it’s a lot let’s see if they’re worth it what do you want to start with well
let’s I think the beef bar and the beef stick
are the same flavor so why don’t we start with those to see if they’re
different or if they’re just different shape I’m ready so first thing I notice
it doesn’t you suck in your teeth no this is by far the most tender beef
stick I’ve ever had and to me I mean it tastes I felt like I was eating a burger
I mean it’s peppery yeah it’s not as it’s probably not as tasty as like a you
know Slim Jim or a Jack Link’s but the fact that you
don’t have to spend an hour picking your teeth after eating it it’s kind of a big
bonus well I also think that some of those other bars are a little too
powerful on the seasoning me this this tastes like steak I like this this is
really good alright this it’s a it’s just as beef stick original that was
beef bar original well that this is tasty original oh that tasty original
just says original so there you go maybe it’s not tasty I would say you’re correct it is not as
tasty yeah it’s less flavorful than the beef stick or the beef Bart the beef
stick is less flavorful than the beef bar mm-hmm and the beef bar probably has
a better texture as well I’d say it’s still not a bad fat stick but you raised
a good point earlier I don’t think I’ve had a slim jim in my life where
something didn’t get stuck back to one of my molars some random chunk of animal
cartilage or something they got ground up in the process so good nice good a
beef bar not as good as a beef bar all right what do you think next I think we
do the turkey one next because well I don’t like Turkey at all and we both
kind of like spicy things and this beef stick is jalapeno yes so why don’t we
finish for something that’s tasty we have a chance to finish strong yeah or
who knows maybe this is great you’re not buying eyes I don’t like Turkey it’s not
good it’s sliced a lot easier I don’t know if that means anything I don’t like this at all this just I’m
good I don’t need any more you can have the rest
it’s all yours I have that already yeah I mean if you want it no I’ll pass there’s some seasoning in here so it’s
still a hundred percent like free-range Turkey so it’s still like healthy animal
there’s something like sort of with us sort of a citrusy so Turkey water sea
salt citric acid celery powder black pepper red pepper garlic powder
coriander onion powder but it’s Turkey but it’s stuffed in beef casings so if
that’s fear like I guess well if this isn’t good for well no the casings I
don’t know what that does it’s a beef KFC of collagen casings so okay if you
don’t eat beef and you still can’t eat this turkey stick but you wouldn’t want
to anyway because this is this is unpleasant it doesn’t get stuck in your
teeth though so yeah there’s that yeah that brings us to the jalapeno beef
stick at this point I’m kind of wishing this was a jalapeno beef bar maybe they
make that so you know never to buy a turkey stick so is not a baby I see
there already mmhmm yeah this is really good that is
some great jalapeno flavor yeah has jalapenos in the beef stick like the
actual chunks the jalapeno it’s not just like they put on some weird flavor thing
and it’s not overly spicy no it’s it’s quite good this is this is good I’m
telling you this is by far the best one it’s hopping this stick right here mr.
buster right you want to rank him yeah so
obviously turkey is the worst turkey onin if that were a beer it would be a
sink pour not good the original beef stick which was good
but I don’t know that I would pay $2 probably the
third-best I don’t know that I’d pay $2 for a beef bar was very good I loved
that in fact I mean I wish they had one the size of a patty that I could just
put on however how pain your stick was just phenomenal that it was great so I
would absolutely pay two dollars for this jalapeno beef stick I would pay two
dollars for the beef bar beef stick yeah you know kind of take it or leave it and
the turkey is just side I don’t get a refund based on that I I could see I see
myself buying more of these especially if I can get these in bulk you know it’s
worth trying for the sampler pack I will include the link to the sampler pack
below in case you’d like to try it out yourselves maybe you like turkey more
than we do maybe you do know I don’t anyhow thanks
for watching see ya

Randall Smitham