December 8, 2019
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Hello Friends, Welcome to the Masala Kitchen Today we are going to make Mix Veg Pickles without Oil It is very tasty and it can be preserved for long time and you can make it at home easily For making the Mix veg pickle, take 4 carrots/ 1/2 kg carrot and cut it like this Take some Cauliflower and cut it into small pieces You can add Dry fruits/ Peas/ any vegetable in this pickles also More things to be added in the pickle are Lemons, Ginger and Green chilies or you can add Garlic as well For this pickle we need to do preparations 10 days before making it. I am going to tell you what preparations I have done .. First take lemons and cut them into small pieces and remove its seeds like this Put small pieces of lemon in a glass Now cut some chilies as well and put it in a glass like this Then take ginger and cut it into small pieces and put it into the another glass You can see I have Ginger, Lemons, Green chilies and I am just telling you this but this preparation I have done before and required ingredients details are available in the description box Now put water in the lemons in this way that it will dip into the water like this Now add Salt according to the quantity of lemons Now you can put it into the air tight jar and keep it in contact of sunlight for 10 days After 10 days it will be exactly like this and you will see the lemons will get soft Now also put some water in the Ginger and Green chilies as it will dip in the water and don’t add salt in this We need to put Pure Vinegar in this All the details of the Quantity of Ingredients used, will be mentioned in the description box The vinegar used in Chinese dishes are easily available in the market but the Pure Vinegar is only available at Pickles Shop but I have its substitute I am using the Pure Vinegar and If you don’t have then you can put the vinegar used in Chinese Dishes but don’t put water in it, directly put that Vinegar So I am using Pure Vinegar and if you don’t have Pure Vinegar then you can add any Vinegar directly Green Chilies are also kept in a jar and keep it in contact of sunlight for 10 days In the same way put Ginger as well for 10 days This is all about the preparation I have done already and now we can make pickle only in 5 mins and you can eat it instantly or if you will keep it for 3 days then it will give you the best result So I am telling you again that I had taken 6-7 lemons, 125 grams Green chilies, 125 grams Ginger And in these ingredients I had put 1 tbsp Vinegar each and 1 tbsp salt in lemons and some water These preparations i had done before 10 days and it is ready now, so start making the pickle Take 4 Carrots, 1 Big Cauliflower Now we will discuss about the ingredients used to make it Take 2 tbsp/25 grams of Yellow Mustard Seeds usually used in making the pickles Put it into a pan and roast it for a min Take 2 tbsp/ 25 grams of Black pepper and roast it and then crush it little Don’t crush it in a powdered form, just crush it little Very few ingredients are used and no oil will be used Now take 50 grams of Fenugreek seeds Roast it as well and grind it in a powdered form Turn off the flame and grind it Sieve the grinded Fenugreek Seeds like this Here are the Vegetables and now put all the lemons in it Then put Ginger in it which we had prepared And now put the Green chilies into it And if you like Garlic then you can add it as well Now we will add the Black pepper, yellow mustard seeds and Fenugreek powder But I think this bowl is small so I will put all in other big bowl Now add 200 grams of Sugar Add 2-2.5 tbsp Salt Add 2-2.5 tbsp Turmeric powder And add 2-2.5 tbsp Kashmiri Red Chilly Powder Now mix all properly You can see its colour is so good and it is very tasty you can taste it as well Usually Pickles need 8-10 days for making it tasty but this is ready because of the lemons, chilies and ginger But still we keep it in contact of sunlight for 2-3 days for using it for long time and it will be more tastier Take a Glass Jar like this No oil is used in this Pickle and will be used for long time For this Pickle we need to do some preparations 10 days before making it and then it will be easy to make If you liked my video so please like it, share it and subscribe my channel

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