January 17, 2020
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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.com. Today I’m going to show
you Masaladar mix pakoda usually i call this Jaldi pakora but looking at all these ingredients some of you may say this is
not a quick pakora it’s going to take some more time but trust me it is a
quick and awesome pakoda here I’ve got some coriander seeds and
the fennel seeds this is going to be our very nice flavoring for this pakoda and
then you put this coriander seeds and fennel seeds in a bowl. In this add some of carom seeds for all our
pakoras we love to add carom seeds and then add besan that is chickpea flour in
this add salt and add some oil mix it See by mixing and making it crumble like
this your pakodas will come crispy huh look at this me trying to use whisk for my pakoda huh it’s not working out so use your
hands and then this crumble is so that all this oil gets nicely distributed in
this now we’re going to add a lot of
ingredients this is kasuri methi that is fenugreek leaves see i’m going to add a lot of vegetables
even if you have a few of them also this is going to work but make sure you
cut the potatoes into juliennes very thin juliennes cut all of the vegetable the
same way this is bell pepper you know basically I
have raided my refrigerator whatever i found i pull them out carrot
even eggplant green chill spinach you know i love to use methi leaves in
this since i don’t have methi leaves I’ve used the dry kasuri methi, spring onion, regular onion, paneer just whatever is there in the fridge
will go in this chopped coriander add some chili powder and then just mix all
of this and keep it aside for around five minutes and after five minutes of
resting you know some of the moisture will be
released out by the vegetables but you know you may need to add some more water
and then just make this into a kind of a dough that will be good enough to make
our pakodas and then these are ready to go into the oil a lot of people what they do they add more water and make into balls and fry after that they remove them out and
press them and then refry see that way the pakodas will be a lot more oily so
I always whenever possible whenever I’m cooking at home I never do double frying when we do for
big parties when we have to fry a lot of pakoras we half fry pakoras and then
we refry. But at home try and avoid refrying as much as
possible because you don’t want your pakoras to be a little bit oily now you know drop them little bit
thinner and flatter donot make them roundels these pakoras look at this very nice and when they’re
done they’ll be nice and crispy Dear Friends look at this also mixed vegetable jaldi
pakora you know it’s very easy to get rid of all the leftover vegetables and
especially you know when you make this even if some of the vegetables are not
so crispy and fresh you can still convert them into one of
the delicious preparation by making them into these pakoras and if you follow this recipe you will have your pakoras nice and
crispy like this and always have one chilli with khatti chutney hmm Wow oh you know this chilli with khatti chutney will make this even more tasty mmm Dear friends I hope you enjoyed learning how to make
this mixed vegetable pakora and that too crispy crispy crispy but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please put your recipes and cooking
tips at vahrehvah.com so others can benefit from your great
cooking hmm thank you

Randall Smitham