January 17, 2020
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Hello Friend. Welcome Back!! This is Mix Vegetable Recipe Lets Start 100 gm Paneer Cauliflower 100 gm. Cut it in pieces Fresh Peas 100 gm Carrot around 100 gm. Cut it in small pieces Beans 100 gm. Cut it also in small pieces One spoon Ginger & Garlic Paste One big onion. Grind it well I had added Poppy Seeds one tea spoon Mix it well along with Onion Added small Cinnamon & Two Cardamon and Cummin half spoon Turmeric Powder half spoon One big spoon fresh cream I am using Fenugreek Refined Oil. You can use any oil. One big tomato grinded Salt According to test One spoon red chili powder. One spoon Coriander Powder One spoon Garam Masala I am using one Pan Pan is hot enough. I am going to add oil Using two big spoon oil I will fry Paneer. This you can skip if you don’t like fried. Paneer is fried. I will take it out In same pan. I am going to fry cauliflower Covering it Adding carrot pieces I will fry it for 2-3 minutes I am adding beans to fry it as well Frying it all for 2-3 minutes I am going to fry fresh peas as well Fry for 1-2 minutes Now all fried. Take all these out Add some more oil to same pan I am not going to use more oil. Oil is hot enough. Adding these ingredients Using asafoetida. Don’t add more Now color changed Adding ginger and garlic paste Ginger and garlic color changed. Now adding onion paste I will fry it this color change. Keep Mixing Adding tomatoes paste. I will fry all these Frying all this ingredients is very important. So fry it well I will keep mixing it Adding spices Fry all along with all ingredients Keep mixing it. Otherwise it will stick in pan. Now you can see the oil is coming out Which means out spices are fried almost Fry for another 1-2 minutes Adding all those vegetables now Mix all these Adding salt according to test I have used 1 and half spoon salt Adding very little water now This waster is just to mix all spices again Covering it for few minutes to make it soft Cover for 3-4 minutes After 3-4 minutes Please subscribe my channel Please like this video if you like this mix veg recipe Adding water finally All spices fried well I have added one glass of water Let it boil Adding Paneer now Adding Garam Masala Adding Fresh Cream Mix all well See the color now Covering again for 3-4 minutes Adding one kind of pan I will make Fenugreek dry here I will crush the with my hand and will add it to curry Now this mix vegetable curry is almost ready I crush that Fenugreek and adding now This will give you very good flavor Thank you for watching Take Care…Bye

Randall Smitham