January 18, 2020
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This poem is called “Stand and Fight”
So as Kamal said, it’s about finding your truth and believing in it, and fighting for
what you believe in. Fall-in, falling, fallen! I find myself falling on the ground
And there isn’t anyone else around To give me a hand, give me a leg up
Or even a leg down And I’m stuck, stuck,I’m stuck in the mud
And I want to say, …but I say Crud! Coz I’m swallowed and sinking in this quagmire
Wallowing in this pit of self-pity, the opposite of self-desire I want to shake it off and rise above
But I’m waiting for someone to give me a shove Shake me out of these doldrums, this depression But its got to be me, because my hero is self-possession In one moment of self-deprecation,
These words came in appreciation Of the fact that I am all I need to be
Because I have what I need deep inside me So take these words to heart
In fact, take them in your hand To your next battle, your next fight
These words are about taking a stand. Don’t get bowled over by the bowels of life. Don’t just stand there, stand and fight! Coz there will always be struggle, struggle and strife But if you want to live, you gotta do it right. When things aren’t going your way,
say, “what the hell!” And make it okay. Do what you have to to get what you need, I’m telling you now, I’m planting the seed. You got to do it yourself if you want it done
right I’m not lying and I’ll say it day and
night. Honestly, no one else is going to do for you
the things you need to get done, to get the things you need or want. You’ve got to be the one. The one that makes stuff happen,
The one who wants it all The one who dreams a big dream,
Takes a leap and isn’t afraid to fall. Its got to be you, who else could it be,
To life your life so fully and completely To make mistakes and try new things
To be original, unique, unmistakably free. Don’t just stand there, letting the winds
of time roll over you like you are a dime
a dime on the road on the side walk of life a dime a dozen, nah, you got no price You’re priceless, invaluable, your worth
is unmeasured You’re known to your friends as a valuable
treasure You know you are worth more than mortar or
bricks More than dollars or cents, francs or tricks So when you feel that life has got you beat,
Get up, stand up, rise up on your feet When life has given more than you think you
can bear These words will help, listen well and you’ll
hear “Take it in stride, stride it the take” And give it back hard, give it the heft and the weight There’s always another round, another challenge
or match Another chance for you to take it all in your hands, Your fate, your future, your way in this world And fight for your life, your rights, and your worth. Stand up, stand up, stand up! Don’t let the count catch you down. It’s just in the standing, Standing and being ready ttanding up for
one more round that you have won. So stand. Stand up, and fight!

Randall Smitham