January 24, 2020
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– You asked for it, you got it. I’ve got five, brand-new episodes of our Weekly Meal Prep series for you, every Thursday through April. And today’s menu is all inspired by the delicious flavors of Italy. We’re getting started today with a rustic Tuscan chicken I
know you are going to love. Today I’m using some legs and some thighs because those are inexpensive cuts. And I find they really lend
themselves to this rustic dish. So I’ve arranged all of my chicken pieces in a baking dish and
I’m just going to mix up a really simple marinade. I’m going to start by chopping
up some fresh rosemary. To that I’m going to add
some minced garlic cloves and some olive oil. I’m going to finish that off
with the juice of a lemon. I’m going to whisk these
ingredients together really well and then cover
my chicken with them. And then I’ll finish it
off with some sliced lemon. Now you could bake this right away, that would be totally
fine, but if you want to make it extra delicious,
you should let it marinade for anywhere between
an hour and four hours. The longer it sits, the
tastier it’s going to become. I’ve got my oven preheated to 375 degrees, and I’m going to cook this
chicken for about an hour, or until the chicken reaches
185 degrees fahrenheit. Next up on today’s menu, we’ve got some oven roasted tomatoes. So I’ve got some tomatoes
that I’ve just cut in half, and to that I’m going to add
some whole cloves of garlic, and cover this with some olive oil and some salt and pepper. I’m going to lay out my
tomatoes, skin side down, and then sprinkle my garlic cloves out. We’re going to bake these for
between 40 and 50 minutes, or until the tomatoes have blistered. These tomatoes are incredible
when served over rice or over pasta, or you could
put them in your food processor and mix them with some pesto
for an unbelievable sauce. Don’t know how to make pesto? Sit tight, that recipe’s coming up in just a few minutes. Now, we are going to tackle our rice. In a saucepan I’ve got
some oil heating up, and to that, I am going
to add a classic mirepoix. I’ve got some onions and some celery and some finely diced carrots. We’re going to cook the veggies
for four to five minutes or until they soften up. Then we’re going to add
some fresh thyme leaves, some long grain and wild rice, and some beautiful vegetable broth. We’re going to bring this all to a boil and then turn our heat down to low, cover, and let it simmer for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, you
can turn off your heat and let it sit for another
five or ten minutes, until all the flavors combine
and the rice becomes fluffy. Once it’s ready you can
eat it as a side dish or hey, you could totally
make it the main event. For this week’s salad, we are combining some classic Italian flavors. I’ve got some baby spinach,
standing by in a bowl, and to that I am going to add a can of sustainably-sourced tuna. I’m going to top this with
some red kidney beans, some tomatoes, some olives
for a nice salty bite, and some chopped red onion for crunch. We’re going to dress
this salad really simply with just some olive oil, some lemon juice and some salt and pepper. Give it all a good mix, and you have a nutrient packed salad that
I promise you will love. Next up on today’s menu is
some homemade pesto sauce. If you’ve never made pesto,
don’t be intimidated, it’s actually very very simple. And only has a couple of ingredients. To the bowl of my food processor, I am going to add a whole
lot of fresh basil leaves. I’m going to top this
with some minced garlic and some pine nuts. If you don’t have any pine nuts on hand, don’t sweat it, you could
totally replace them in this recipe with some walnuts, or even some sunflower seeds. Those would work just as well. We’re going to give this a good pulse, and after about 30 seconds we’re going to start to add our olive oil. Now you want to add your olive oil while your blades are spinning to make sure you get
a nice emulsification. Once your pesto has almost come together, you’re going to flavor it
with some salt and pepper, and some freshly grated Parmesan. Because let’s be serious,
nothing adds flavor quite like freshly grated Parmesan. We’re going to give it a few more pulses, and this is ready to rock. This pesto makes a great marinade, or a sauce for rice or
chicken, or, even better, you can turn it into a fantastic dip by just mixing it with some plain yogurt. It makes a great dip for
all sorts of fresh veggies, like some zucchini, some bell pepper, or these green beans that
I’ve just washed and trimmed. I’m wrapping up this week’s menu with some darling little
antipasto snack jars. So what I’ve got are
some bocconcini balls, some cherry tomatoes, some olives and some salami that I’ve just cut up. I’m going to add a
handful of each to my jars and you have a really flavorful snack that I think you’re going to love. I hope you’ll give this week’s menu a try, and if you do, be sure to
Tweet or Instagram me a photo, because you know I love seeing what you’re coming up with
in your very own kitchens. Speaking of Instagram, you
should definitely follow us @thedomesticgeek1. Because every day through April, we are sharing a brand new salad recipe as part of our 30 days of salads campaign. And finally, if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to The Domestic Geek, because there’s lots more deliciousness where this came from.

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