January 19, 2020
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Hi guys, it’s Gabriella from Pure Peace
and Serenity. This video is about healthy eating, healthy meals and vegan
meals. I’m just making a fast dinner and I don’t want to spend a lot of time
with it, so I’m using Korean potato. It has a very unique taste. Then, I have a
little mozzarella cheese, which is a fake mozzarella cheese. It’s dairy free
and soy free, also NON-GMO, and I’m going to use the plant based chickpeas
patties. These are fake hamburger patties and it’s plant based
and oh, I want to mention that just one patty has 9 grams of protein in it,
and it’s NON-GMO and vegan. I want to use some extra fiber, so these are
the sweet green peas that I like to use. Either you can mix it with carrot or
just use it as it is with a little fake Mayo. This is eggless or you can just
use the peas itself with that the Mayo it’s up to you. I like to create like
a European salad of it. I just mix it with the Mayo a little bit and and maybe
a little carrot but not this time. I’m just going to use the peas.
I’m going to show you in a second how this will look like. I’m putting the
patties on a little mini grill. They’re gonna be done
probably in less than 10 minutes. I put the peas on the stove in a pan just to warm
it up because it’s frozen I put the patties on top of the
miniature grill and I’m going to just close it and it should be done in less
than 10 minutes. I’m going to open it up and turn them over at half time. In the
meantime, I put the peas up. When it’s in the block, it’s like an icy block, I have a trick to separate the peas. I drained them and I
put some hot water on them and they melt like the ice would melt,
like a snowman, so the peas are getting separated. The
peas are done. they hot. You can put little seasoning such as lemon pepper on
top of it and just have it that way or you can put the vegan mayo, just mix it
together and put it in a freezer a little bit, just until it cools down, so
it becomes like cold salad. If you want to mix a little carrot or something else
to it and different vegetables, that’s fine too, but right now I’m just like
using peas. Here we are with the patties. Okay, they nice and golden, so
they should be done. I put a little cheese on top of each patty and I’m
going to close this, but not all the way just a little bit, so the top of the
grill is not touching the of the paddies and the heat is
warming them up and melting the cheese. Everything is ready.
I have the patties, the cheese is melted on the top and the potato is done
usually I cut them up a little bit and like cut it in half and cut it in half
again and just cut them up a little bit like this because it’s easier to eat it.
Also you can put some tomato on top of your patty if you want and I have the
peas. I put a little lemon pepper on top of the peas. This is cool not too cold
but it’s not hot. Here we go, this is how it looks like. Bon Appetit! Please
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that are coming out. See you next time. Bye now

Randall Smitham