April 5, 2020
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Welcome to Andi’s How I did it Channel.
Today we’re gonna cover the effects of weight loss and hormone replacement
therapy on a 40 year old transgender female. Me! I’ve got a transition video for
you that’s gonna go through three different looks over the span of about
10 years starting from pre transition to one year of transition to two years of
transition so stick around for the whole thing. We do a lot of these “how I did it”
type videos on this channel so if you like this kind of content please
consider subscribing. So this first picture is taken about ten years ago it
was right after my son was born we were in the hospital I had really been
struggling. I was actually was at one of the heaviest points in my life. So, fast
forward to the picture that we’re transitioning to and you’ll see about 60
pounds of weight loss in that picture You can see the difference in my
cheekbones and how they line up from one picture to the next this was about a
year of HRT now I’ve gained and lost a ton of weight over my lifetime. Probably
a hundred pounds three or four times this particular weight loss I’ll accredit to
eating healthier. I’m gonna go ahead and put some links down below to some of the things that really helped me lose weight. So if you’re interested, please check
them out. For the most part I cut out all of the sugars and high in starch type
foods but I still eat fruit and I focused mostly on protein rich foods.
I still love to eat things like strawberries and grapes and pineapples
and bananas and other things is sort of my sweet in addition to eating some sort
of protein as kind of a sustenance I’ve actually been doing that for the last
six months or so and I’ve lost an additional 40 pounds, which brings us to
the last picture. So this last picture is within the last month of actually
publishing this video this is what two years looks like. Again you can see the
weight loss, you can see the the difference between where my cheek starts and ends in the middle picture versus the ending picture.
So, what do you think about the changes in hormone replacement therapy? Do you
have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment or question down below I’ll do
my best to get it answered. I typically engage most of the comments that I have. If you find this kind of video interesting please consider liking. It’ll
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forget to check out some of the weight loss tools I have down below in the

Randall Smitham