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Mung Bean Pancakes (Bindaetteok: 빈대떡)

– Hello, everybody. Empty bowl. (laughs) Today we are going to make bindaetteok. Bindaetteok is mung bean pancakes. Sizzling, and outside
is crunchy, inside is soft. Very, very delicious. So far, all years many of my
readers, “Please, Maangchi, “post bindaetteok recipe!” Eventually today, I’m just
ready to cook for you guys. I’ve been soaking this mung bean, dried mung bean, and glutinous rice. I’m going to show you how to do it. And first, the dried mung
beans, skins are removed. You can find this at the
Korean grocery store, any grocery store very easily these days. And one cup. And then, this is glutinous rice, or sweet rice, quarter cup. (water running) (water draining out) Rub like this. (water running) (water draining out) Beautiful yellow
color is coming out. (water draining out) (water running) Okay. I usually soak one night
before I make this bindaetteok. Just now I washed. Look at this. Very huge difference in size. So, let’s drain. (water running) This fernbrake, gosari, is very
important ingredient to make good mung bean pancake. This gives really good texture and flavor. It look like wire, really thin thread. It’s breakable. See? Did you hear that sound? Yeah. Really dried. You need to soak this well, but really particular
way you have to soak. First, boil this in lot of water, and boil, boil, boil maybe 30 minutes. After that, let it sit
for 24 hours. (chuckles) 24 hours later, plump. Look at this, really plump now and soft. When you press this with
your fingers, like this, easily you should be able to squish. Can you do that? If you have a pressure cooker,
you can do this easily. I used a pressure cooker. around 30 minutes I boiled these, and then right after I can use these. Follow my direction today. You’ll be able to make
delicious Korean bindaetteok. Very authentic way. Fresh mung bean sprouts. Wash and drain, couple of times. (water pouring) I will use around 2 & 1/2 cups. Gosari around 4 oz. It’s like 1 cup, kinda
press down, 1 cup. I will cut it around into one inch. One and a half inch. Like this. Green onion. (chopping) First time, I’m making three green onions. This one is for sauce. (chopping) (chopping) (water running) And next, I’m going to use kimchi. Bindaetteok, this is essential, kimchi. Around 3/4 cup. (slicing) This kimchi should be
fermented, sour taste. I make really small batch today, but usually when you make bindaetteok, large, huge batch. Once you prepare this
ingredient like this, make pancake, keep keep making pancakes. And then, two garlic cloves. (chopping) Put it on top of my green onion. Next, we need some protein. We usually use pork, but if you can’t eat pork, or you’re not a big fan of pork, of course you can replace pork with beef, or chicken,
or turkey, any meat. This is pork tenderloin. Around 4 or 5 oz. And wash this. You can use ground pork, but I’m going to chop it up. (loud chopping) Too loud? (chuckles) I think all chopping is done. This is my food processor. I’m going to grind this. Add 3/4 cup water. So, half cup plus quarter
cup, it’s a 3/4 quarter cup. (food processor whirs) So one minute, I ground. Look at that. Beautiful! Beautiful light yellow color. Get everything until the last drop! Let’s add kimchi. Gosari namul, and mung bean sprouts. And green onion, and garlic. And pork. And we need one egg. And 2 teaspoons salt. And ground black pepper. And sesame oil, around 2 teaspoons. What do you think? It’ll be tasty, isn’t it? And then let’s mix. This keypoint for this recipe is I use mung bean sprouts, raw mung bean sprouts. It makes it very crispy. You know what I mean when you taste this. And also, the kimchi. Kimchi makes it really flavorful. When this is cooked
together, with sizzling oil, it’ll be really, really tasty. We use all fresh ingredients here. So you’ll see lots of
water come out quickly. Don’t worry. Just when you mix this, it’s going to be okay. And then mix, and make pancake. Let’s put some oil. Generously. And here. (sizzling) And make around 6 inch size. (sizzling) And should be around medium, medium heat. It should not be too high or too low, so it has to be medium heat, and then you’ll see the sizzling oil. Let it cook for a couple of minutes until the bottom part is golden brown, light golden brown, and then we’re going to turn it over, and then cook again. And then one more time
turn it over, that’s it. So smells really good now in my house. Look at that, wow. You see? I told you, there’s water. Don’t worry, just mix. (sizzling) I’m going to transfer this, and then keep cooking. (sizzling) Let’s do one more. (sizzling) Make nice shape, circle shape. My god, so good. This is optional. Silgochu: shredded, dried pepper. Dried red pepper. You can get this at Korean grocery store. It’s very beautiful garnish. You can put it here, like this. Like this. So control your heat. If this is too burnt,
you can lower the heat. At the beginning, I added around
3 tablespoons cooking oil. But I still, I just make
this one with that oil. Silgochu. Okay. Lower the heat little bit. I’m going to make it just clean. And then oil. (sizzling) Bottom side is crunchy. Okay, nice, wow. Beautiful, huh? I can make two more, yes. Okay, just divide half. (sizzling) So I’m going to tell you about
where I learned this recipe. On purpose I’m making only one. If I make two, I’m too busy to think about to say something story, plus
cooking at the same time. So I make only one pancake now. I just mentioned this in
my cookbook where I learned. My friend, when I lived in Korea, her parents-in-law came from North Korea. One day, she made this bindaetteok, and she gave it to me. When I tasted this, oh my gosh, so tasty. I said, “Oh my, how did you make it?” And the she just explained, but
I really wanted to see this. So I told her, “Next
time when you make this, “Please call me.” She lives near my house, and then she said, “Okay,
tomorrow is my Jesa day.” Jesanal, ancestral rites day. “So please come over my house.” I went there. She made this huge
amount, like a huge basin. And then filled with
these kind of ingredients. And then she added. So this is a North Korean style. She learned this recipe
from her mother-in-law. Ever since I learned how to
make bindaetteok from her, all the time I made bindaetteok. What I did was I make a huge batch. You know, a lot, maybe like twenty, twenty bindaetteok. And then I made each one. I just wrap this, plastic
wrap, each one individually. I wrap it and then freeze. And then whenever I feel like eating, or just take it out and thaw out, and pan fry one more time again. (sizzling) This is chopped green onion. And just add some soy sauce. Soy sauce about 2 tablespoons. Vinegar. Soy sauce and vinegar, and mix this. This is dipping sauce. Great. Yeah. And then last one. I made this so far five. One more, six. So around six inch large size. And then, just put it here. And then this one, I’m going to eat it. (sizzling) Okay. Hot. Oh my. Look at that inside. Lots of filling vegetables. And sauce, I added some sauce. Mmm, my god. Delicious. You will love it. Really hot. Plump mung beans are inside,
slightly cooked here, and also savory, and meaty, and kimchi flavor, kind
of sweet, some crispiness. I cannot explain this whole
packaged deliciousness. Today, we made bindaetteok, mung bean pancakes. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time. Bye!

Randall Smitham



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