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My EPIC Whole30 Morning Routine

(upbeat music) – Hey Munchies, welcome to the channel. If you’re new or if
you’re not, I’m Alyssia and I’m so happy you’re here. I am doing Whole30 this month as I have done the last
three years in January and I always love it because
it reinvigorates my passion for prioritizing my health and
that really goes beyond food. It reconnects me with my routine
and my healthy habits too. So, today I’ve got a morning
routine to share with you that I do strive for regularly
but that I specifically try to employ when I’m doing Whole30. The program is a mental reset for me as much as it is physical. And it’s thanks to EPIC Provisions for sponsoring this video. They have quite a few nutritious paleo and gluten-free products
that I use both on Whole30 and in regular life and I’ll
show you how I incorporate some of those goodies later in the video. Today I am going to focus on
a Saturdayish Whole30 routine rather than a regular work day. So, I’ve work a lot and
while I do love what I do, I don’t have a ton of time for play. So, I actually prefer to
get up relatively early on weekends, so I can
make those days last. Usually on weekdays I’m up at
4:30 to five in the morning. So, sleeping until about seven a.m. on a Saturday feels like sleeping late. Do you like to sleep late on weekends or do you get up early? I mean, there’s no right or wrong but let me know in the poll. The first thing I do every morning, not just on weekends, is I mark off my Whole30 calendar which is on my fridge along with the Additives Reference PDF. So, I set weekly intentions
that help me stay on track and I’m reminded of those intentions whenever I glance at the
calendar when I open the fridge. It’s a small thing but it really makes a big difference for me. Then I chug an entire 32
ounce bottle of water. I also do this every single
morning, first thing. So, when I get my water in
at the beginning of the day, for some reason it’s so much
easier for me to drink more of it throughout the rest of the day. I’ve worked on upping my
water intake for years and I have finally found a
system that works for me. I now aim for four of
these bottles per day and I found that to be a good balance for my body depending
on my activity level. Then I’ll sit down to meditate. On weekdays I try to get in
at least 10 minutes a day. On weekends I’ll go longer if I can spare the time,
physically and mentally but after meditating the
last few years consistently, I am a firm believer that
consistency is way more important than how long you’re sitting for. But meditation is something
I definitely reconnect with each time I do
Whole30 as is journaling and my gratitude practice. So, if you don’t have
a gratitude practice, I highly encourage you to try it out. All you gotta do is write
down things you’re grateful for each day, big or small. You can do it in a journal or a notepad or even on your phone. Christian and I also
share a gratitude practice together every day. But it’s really an awesome
way to inspire yourself, to appreciate and reconnect. I am grateful for you and I would love it if you would write down
two to three things that you’re grateful for in
a comment below this video. Whole30 has helped me make
huge moves in my relationship with food and that in combination
with meditation, I think, has really transformed my approach and freed me from feeling
controlled by food. I’ve struggled with restrictive eating and binge eating and orthorexia and learning to be more mindful has really helped me let go of
the stress that food brought to my life and helped me prioritize foods that are healthy without resentment. After journaling I make breakfast. So, something that I
used to skip regularly and I still skip it
when I’m not on Whole30 a lot of the time but I
try to really stick with it when I do the program, even if it’s quick. I don’t like to eat too
much before I exercise and I know I’m going to
be moving this morning, so one easy light breakfast
that I’ll throw together is just a couple of boiled eggs with carrots and guacamole and some fruit. So, I’ve got protein, carbs, fat, and even a few veggies all
in one throw together meal. I love omelets and scrambles
and full breakfast meals but honestly I usually
save those for lunch or dinner on Whole30
and keep morning meals really simple because I’m not quite ready to be in cooking mode this early. On Saturdays during Whole30
I try to get outside because I tend to feel
reinspired by going outdoors. Some weekends I’ll hit the farmers market but I also love to go for a hike. Christian and Kristin and I go together. We don’t go too far though
because Kristin can’t go quite as far as she used to but she
does her best and we make sure that she’s comfortable
and takes lots of breaks. For those of you who don’t
know Kristin has liver disease. She’s doing okay but she has
to limit her activity level. We will also bring a snack to
enjoy while resting with her which helps after a
less filling breakfast. So, this is where my EPIC
protein bars come into play. EPIC has quite a few
Whole30 approved options and they’re all listed on their website which makes it really easy. A few of my favorite
protein bar flavors are the Chicken Sesame BBQ,
the Beef Apple Bacon and the Venison Sea Salt and Pepper. But it is totally worth trying them all. They get really creative with
their flavor combinations which is fun because
it takes the experience beyond just the protein bar and really into foodie fun territory. I also love when some of
the bars have dried fruit and nuts in them and it adds that texture. Some have a little more heat and some are milder
but still so flavorful. In addition to being Whole30, the EPIC Venison Sea Salt and Pepper and the Chicken Sriracha bars
are two of their keto consumer friendly products which can
also be found on their website. You’ll also find meat strips and pork rinds that are
keto consumer friendly. And although the pork
rinds aren’t Whole30, they are one of my favorites
for cooking with regularly. Yeah, they’re are a great snack of course but I love to grind them
up and then use them as a coating for food in
the air fryer or oven. So tasty. But all of their products
are really high quality and that really became evident when I read about the
story of the company. I didn’t realize that the
founders were actually plant-based and trying to find their way
on their own health journeys and then they eventually found
that paleo suited them best which really resonates
with me because I bounced around trying to find my way too. I love that because there wasn’t a high quality
product available to them, they decided to make it themselves. So, I do feel good when I look
at the label and I just know what’s in the products and
there aren’t any tricks about it and they’re very conscious about where the ingredients are sourced. Really good stuff. And I was able to get
a 20% discount for some of those keto consumer
friendly products for you. You can use the code
20SAVEONEPIC through Amazon on the Chicken Sriracha
and Venison Sea Salt and Pepper protein bars as well as the Venison Sea Salt and Pepper strips and the Himalayan Pink
Sea Salt baked pork rinds. All of the EPIC products
are lower in carbohydrates since they are meat-based
after all but those items specifically are the lowest
with less than two grams of carbohydrates per bar or serving which is hard to find in a protein bar. It’s epic, in fact. So, try out the code if you like. Also, you should know
that you can subscribe to save 5% on Amazon, if you
are an Amazon Prime member and you can actually save up to 15% if you subscribe and save five times. So, if you find a
favorite flavor and decide to incorporate them regularly,
that is a great option. That bar keeps me satisfied
for the rest of our hike and drive home and for the
rest of the quiet morning. I don’t have a lot of time
to read during the week, so I try to fit that in on weekends and that is also a time when
Christian I can be together without work or any other
people getting in the way. For lunch I thought today I would show you an easy 10 minute meal, a hash. So, I told you breakfast is
my favorite any time of day but I won’t usually cook it in the morning and just because it’s the weekend, doesn’t mean I wanna spend
all Saturday cooking. I still want it to be quick and easy. For my hash I start with ghee and onions and garlic going into a pan. After a few minutes, I added
cubed sweet potato and parsnip. You could use any root veggies you like and I also add shaved brussel sprouts for some veggie goodness. I cover to let it steam for
a little bit and soften and after a few minutes I add in
some coconut aminos for flavor. Depending on the brand, you
may not need to add salt at all or maybe a little but I
taste it first to decide so it doesn’t end up too salty. Another thing I will do
that adds flavor and protein and makes it so I don’t
have to cook the protein is I’ll chop up an EPIC bar
or half of a leftover bar that I might have and
throw it into the hash. You can let the flavor of the bar enhance and help define your dish. It also adds some salt without
me needing to season it. I top it off with avocado
and a couple of fried eggs and my Whole30 weekend
lunch is ready to go. I love this meal. It’s carbs, fat, protein, and
veggies in one delicious meal. These are the meals where I
sit down and I love Whole30. My food tastes good. I feel good about making it, eating at, the ingredients, how it’s fueling me, and recognizing how it’s helping my body after a nice morning of being outdoors and hiking with my family. I feel like I have more
mental and emotional space in my physical body
and it just feels right and that is what Whole30
helps me tune in to and that’s why the reset
is so valuable to me. If you wanna learn more about Whole30, I will link some resources
below to explain more about what it is and how to do it. It’s always free and I have
no affiliation with them. I am just a huge fan. And Whole30 works closely with EPIC to collaborate on approved products so most of those EPIC
protein bars and strips really can integrate
seamlessly into your Whole30 which is awesome because
there is a lot to think about with the program and
EPIC just makes it that much easier to stay on track
and have a snack handy. Thanks again to EPIC for
sponsoring this video. Remember to use that code 20SAVEONEPIC with the link in the description on Amazon for those keto consumer friendly
products and don’t forget to comment below with a few
things you are grateful for. I hope you’ll subscribe and hit the bell so you can tune in with me next time. I will be back later
this week and remember it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch.

Randall Smitham



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