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My Keto Journey | 3 Months Down

hello everyone and welcome to my video where today I’m going to be discussing the third month of my ketogenic diet journey now let me start off by saying this month definitely tested me and what do I mean by that well I gained 2.8 pounds and put on a total of point 75 inches overall now am I upset no i am not upset whatsoever I feel as though my body is actually put on some muscle mass which makes me happy and I know that this process is going to be a lifelong thing for me I plan on making the ketogenic diet a lifestyle and with that I know that there will be ups and downs things will happen and I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon so what happened the third month I was actually sick for a week so that was not a fun time I did stick to my diet I was struggling to actually eat but I did eat whenever I felt hungry and that was tough for me also my diet stayed the same I did eat the same things I didn’t reduce my calories didn’t increase my calories and I also made a couple of other changes which weren’t really food-related I cut back on my amount of meal that I was using and if you don’t know what mio is essentially it’s an additive that you can put in water to make it taste better so I decided that I thought maybe it was a good idea to cut back on that I also started using more lemon juice and I use it occasionally I’d say a few times a week and I use it with stevia liquid stevia in my water just to get the benefits of that as well the other thing that I did was I cut out my branch chain amino says or bcaa’s and the reason why I did that was because I was concerned it might be impacting my glucose levels so I can tell you from all the years that I’ve been lifting i have used bcaa’s and I was really concerned that i was going to feel super sore after my workout and I can tell you that i actually have not felt sore at all it’s been kind of weird it’s not what I expected and I’m actually happy it’s a great surprise for me because that was definitely a concern I spent a lot of time in the gym and my muscles do have a tendency to feel sore so I thought that the BCA’s would definitely impact me more by not using them so I’m glad that I haven’t had any issues with that another change that I made was I got rid of the post cardio after my workouts and I started incorporating fasted cardio so I thought that would actually help me more but I am NOT absolutely hundred percent sure yet I’m going to stick with the fasted cardio I’m actually enjoying it more because I’m really tired after my workouts and everyone knows who works out that has to do cardio it’s not very fun so getting up early in the morning and just doing it is so much easier for me another thing that I want to bring up is I had quite a few non-scale victories this month and one of them that I was really proud of was the fact that my legging size actually went down and I always pretty much wear leggings in the gym when I work out and I was struggling with a woman’s extra small my waist just did not fit anymore and I actually had to go to a girl’s size large it absolutely blew my mind so when things like that happen it makes the process worthwhile to me looking at the number on the scale does not mean anything to me when I have non-scale victories like that I know that if my clothes are getting smaller I’m doing something right if I’m feeling healthier I’m doing something right my body is still getting stronger and stronger every time I go to the gym and I definitely could not be any happier it makes me so excited I am using the ketogenic diet differently than most people would to me I am testing it to see what’s going to happen with increasing muscle mass I know a lot of people really don’t use it for that reason but I have seen a lot of results which really is surprising to me I was expecting to lose a lot of muscle mass but I know that fat has a protein sparing effect and I feel as though that is helping me I know personally for me that my body does not run very well on carbohydrates whatsoever and it’s been incredible the fact that i am still putting on muscle mass and my strength is getting better and better it just makes me want to keep sticking with the ketogenic diet if you liked the video please feel free to give me a thumbs up also if you have any questions or comments you can leave them below you can also contact me by emailing me the information is below in the description box along with the information to all my social media accounts also you can share and subscribe and until next time I will see you in the next video

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  1. matthew whitfield Posted on April 11, 2017 at 9:01 am

    Really good video I like how you inform how the keto diet effects you and your body. But most interesting is how you are still getting stronger. This is my most worrying part of starting the keto diet I don't won't to lose strength or size keep up the good work and videos well done.

  2. Joshua Kemper Posted on April 13, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    great video! I really enjoy fasted cardio as well!!