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My thoughts on the Keto diet…

Hi everyone! It’s Lola from Lola’s Life Lessons! Hello to my new subscribers and hello to my old subscribers! So I wanted to talk about my 30 days doing keto and actually on Instagram Ruled.me they were doing a Ketober Challenge. So at that point I had just finished. Well, I hadn’t finished, but I just reached my goal weight doing the one meal a day, right. And I’m still doing one meal a day but I was trying to find a way to maintain my weight because I know that you know when you’re doing one meal a day. You do hit a wall and then basically, you’re kind of stuck at that weight and the weight that I was stuck at or the weight that I got into. I was quite. happy with which was 135. So basically, I did the challenge to maintain my weight and I figured if I did one meal a day and keto that would help me to maintain the weight? So I completed the challenge but I wanted to talk about my experience dealing with keto. So I would say the first week was the hardest because with keto and I want you guys to do your research on keto. So just type in ketogenic diet, and you’ll get tons of information with keto It’s basically a high fat. Low carb diet and moderate moderate protein diet but there’s certain things that I loved that it couldn’t have which were like I love fruits. I love mangos and I love grapes and things like that but they say in this diet. I guess it’s you can have berries… strawberries… raspberries… Blackberries, but you can’t go you know wild with that because there is a sugar content. So basically this diet… It has it’s like if you can have no sugar or very very low sugar. Then it’s a go. So that was my issue with it basically that you have to kind of eliminate your sugar and I love sugar. So that was my only thing and the other thing too was um. I really miss eating bagels. Bagels you cannot bread because it’s a high sugar and crunchy things like I love my chips, so I couldn’t have chips… couldn’t have popcorn. So those are the limitations, but I mean the benefits did outweigh all that and it is super super healthy for you. So I mean I would definitely recommend the keto diet. I think it’s amazing and there are places online where you can get substitutes for bagels and chips. And things like that but I yet to find any substitutes for the fruits that I miss. So I would definitely recommend the keto diet and yeah, so that basically that’s all I’ve got to say about it. If I could if I were to say one meal a day versus keto, I like the one meal a day because I can eat whatever them whatever I want in my one meal. But as for the keto people have the breakfast, lunch and dinner and they’re basically it’s those meals are are basically high fat, moderate protein and low carb. So I would say you know what. Just do whatever that works for you. The one meal a day… Where you are eating everything or the keto where it’s a little bit more restrictive? I’d say you know just do whatever that works for you. I am gonna continue with the keto, but I think that what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do my one meal a day And I am gonna do the keto but I’m not gonna be like very strict with it. I am going to still have my fruit if I want but I’m not gonna go crazy like for example if I’m gonna have a mango. I’m not gonna have the whole mango. Maybe I’ll just have you know like half a mango or a quarter of a mango or I will I’m gonna have my strawberries. I’ll have half a cup or something. So I’m still gonna have what I want because I don’t like to restrict myself because if I restrict myself I always seem to find myself binging. So that’s about it. I didn’t want to ramble on too much, and I didn’t want this to be a very very long video, but I just like thank you guys so much for taking the time to watch this video. I really really appreciate that and I want to thank you all again for all the love and support that you’ve given me. And I just want to let you all guys know that I love you, too. And I’m just sending some virtual love up to you guys. That’s me send virtual about you guys and I want you guys to just stay happy and stay healthy. One more thing… follow me on Instagram. The Instagram community… the keto community is amazing. The keto community is unreal. So supportive, if you you know go to a keto person and ask a question. They’re so helpful and and they root you on and they’re just amazing amazing bunch of people. So come on come on Instagram. Follow me, let me know that you saw this video and you know like you know if you want to follow back. I’ll follow you back. Also, follow me on Twitter and please subscribe. Please subscribe if you feel that this video will help someone or if it helped you in any way. Please share it! Share the video! Share the love! I’m mostly on Instagram so. Definitely follow me there, and I just want you guys to stay, happy and stay healthy! Bye for now!

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