April 6, 2020
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– Hi, my name is Brenda Bennett,
and I am Sugar-free Mom. My website is superfreemom.com, and I’m here to show you
some fabulous recipes from my new cookbook
called “Naturally Keto”, which releases October 29th, 2019. I’ve been sugar-free and
low-carb for a long time, since 2004, and I started my blog in 2011. And I’ve continually had to make recipes my whole family would enjoy. I’ve got three picky kids,
and a very picky husband, who is a meat and potatoes man. And if you are like me, and you’re trying to do a keto lifestyle, and the rest of the
family isn’t interested, that’s where I come in. I started creating recipes
for the whole family because who wants to make
recipe for dinner for you, and then you have to make something else for the whole family. It’s not gonna work, it’s
going to be difficult for you, and it’s no fun. And that’s why I started creating recipes for the whole family to enjoy. I come from an Italian family, and one thing about my cookbook is that I wanted to include a lot
of those classic recipes that my grandmother and
I would make together and enjoy together. And these are ones that I’ve
served my entire Italian family for the last eight years. You can feed the non-keto crowd, and they are gonna love it,
and they won’t even care if they’re low-carb or not. “Naturally Keto” is a cookbook that has over 125 foolproof,
family-friendly recipes. 115, I think even a little
bit more, are all nut-free because my youngest son has a
tree nut and a peanut allergy and I’ve had to deal
with that for many years, he’s 13 now, so I’ve become
a custom to perfecting working with flours that are
low-carb, but not using nuts. It’s been difficult but, I’ve mastered it, and I think that you will
love the recipes in this book. I also have 75 egg-free recipes, and 50 recipes that are dairy-free, and there are another 20
that can actually be made easily dairy-free with
simple substitutions. All the recipes are gluten-free, and you really will find
a bunch of easy recipes that you can feed a crowd for a party. Some of my favorites are
the hot cinnamon cereal, banana bread, chicken crust
pizza, skillet cookie pie, vanilla gelato with hot
fudge sauce over the top, and chicken Parmesan made in the skillet so it’s quick and easy, but
it’s just as good as grandma’s. I know that these recipes are winners with the non-keto crowd
because I’ve done it for years, and no one complained. I love all the recipes in this book, I’m really proud of
them, and I believe that these recipes will really help serve you on your health journey,
being low-carb and keto, and that your whole
family will enjoy them. Preorder is available now, and Amazon guarantees
you their lowest price until release date, October 29th. I just wanna say thank you
all so much for your support, I truly appreciate you making my recipes, commenting on my blog,
and sharing my recipes, I really do feel it’s
such a blessing to be able to do what I love, and
share, and help others, so that you can have a
sustainable, enjoyable, sugar-free, low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle.

Randall Smitham