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Navratan Korma recipe|How to make navratan korma|Mix veg korma|curry recipes|Veg korma recipe

Hi hello and welcome to my channel. If you are new here my name is Sandhya I do easy and quick indian recipes on my channel Do check out my channel and if you like it please subscribe,like and share Today we are trying out Navratan korma This is a rich mughlai dish which we generally have during our restaurant visits There are nine things used to make this dish and hence the name navratan The detail ingredients list is in the description so do check it out These are the nine items that iam using today Cubed potatoes cubed capsicum, paneer cubes chopped beans (about an inch in size) green peas , cubed carrots raisins, almonds and cashews These are the nine things we are using today Apart from the nine things we need 2 medium grated onions garlic and ginger paste 1 cup tomato puree from skinned tomatoes garam masala,coriander powder,red chilli powder and turmeric milk and cream we’ll also need salt to taste and oil lets start making the dish I have a saucepan on fire on medium heat i have added 4 tbsp oil into it let the oil heat up first we will add in the cashews and almonds I have set aside a portion of the cashews,almonds and raisins for garnish lets add the cashews and almonds fry till they brown slightly I have skinned the almonds. forgot to mention it to skin it just soak it in hot water for 10-15 min Now this has browned lets add the grated onions cook onions till they are soft the onions need not change colour they just need to soften then add 1 tsp garlic paste and 1 tsp ginger paste cook till their raw smell is gone the garlic and ginger is cooked add the tomato puree now along with it add the masalas ie, garam masala,coriander powder,red chilli powder and turmeric mix well until the masalas are cooked the tomatoes and masalas have cooked Now we’ll add 1.5 cups of water into it mix well now lets add raisins beans green peas,carrot and capsicum now add the potatoes and mix out of the nine ingredients except for paneer the rest have gone in mix it well add salt to taste Bring the water to a boil its on medium flame you can keep it to medium high let the water boil Water’s come to a boil Lets close with lid and cook it for 20 -25 min on low flame or until the veggies are done While the veggies are cooking I have some oil in a frypan and iam going to fry the dry fruits that i kept aside fry it lightly its golden brown now lets remove it this is optional. Iam doing this for garnish in the same oil lets fry the paneer cubes just fry till golden brown if overdone they will harden its golden now lets remove it Do not overcook the veggies. They should still hold shape the potatoes and veggies are done Now lets add fried paneer also add the milk mix everything together Bring to a boil on medium flame and cook for 4-5 min Its been cooking for 4-5 min. Switch off the gas add in the 1/2 cup of cream Mix well Curry is ready Navratan korma is ready though this requires a few ingredients It can be made easily This cant be had regularly though so save it for special occasions Serve this with parathas or naan I have uploaded the recipe for naan on my channel Ill leave a link here please do click and check it out Hope you liked today’s recipe if you did do try at home and let me know in the comments Dont forget to subscribe,like and share Until next time, Bye

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