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Ninja Foodi Homemade Bagels

hi there and welcome to the salted
pepper where we cook for real life using
real food and we keep it real simple and
today we are gonna make bagels in the
Ninja Foodi. It’s super easy to do but it is
a multi-step process and I’m gonna show
you exactly how to do each one okay this
is what they’re gonna look like guys
it’s worth sticking around to watch this
video let me put these over here and
we’ll get started
the first thing I have here is three
cups of all-purpose flour and I have one
teaspoon of salt that I’m going to mix
in we have two and a quarter teaspoons
of this is instant yeast but if you’re
using active dry yeast that’s fine
either one will work the active dry
yeast needs to be proofed before using
which we’re going to do even though this
is instant we’re gonna go ahead and go
through that process in case you’re
using active dry and I also have a
tablespoon of sugar in here that’s gonna
help that that gives the food for the
yeast to start to bloom and and develop
so all I’m gonna do is I have one cup of
hot tap water so you can use a
thermometer when you’re measuring
the temperature of your water but you
really don’t need to just turn the tap
to the highest setting fill up a cup and
if you can put your finger in and it
feels warm like bathwater which you can
hold your finger in here for a few
minutes without feeling the need to move
it away then you’re probably at the
right temperature you want it to be
somewhere between 105 and 110 over 115
will kill the yeast so we don’t want to
get that hot but if it was 115 you’d
feel like you want to move your finger
trust me okay so I’m gonna pour in about
a tablespoon here
and give it just a little bit of a stir
you don’t have to do this but I think it
makes it a little quicker give it a
little bit of a stir and then what’s
gonna happen is the yeast is gonna start
to eat the sugar and it will start to
bubble up and kind of become a little
trophy so while that’s going on I’m
gonna go ahead and just sort of mix up
the salt in to my flour this will take
probably about five minutes or so so
we’ll just wait and then when this is
ready we will pour it into our flour
okay so we’ve got some nice bubbles
formed on top here and it’s kind of
gotten a little frothy so we are ready
to go I’m gonna just make like a little
well here and go ahead and pour in the
yeast sugar and water mixture make sure
to scrape the bowl because there will be
a little bit of sugar at the bottom that
hasn’t quite dissolved then we can just
start to kind of fold this and this is
the same process as when we made the
homemade bread and I will link to that
video right over there be sure to try
that bread recipe it’s super easy and
really good now I’m just gonna slowly
add in my warm water continuing just
just kind of use the fork to move things
probably putting in about a quarter of a
cup at a time so we’re just gonna move
this around to incorporate the flour
into the wet ingredients and kind of
form a very loose and shaggy dough ball
here and then what I’m gonna do is add a
little bit of flour to my surface here
now you could use a cutting board you
could even use a clean countertop so you
don’t have to be fancy but I love this
pastry mat and I use it all the time
it’s from pampered shop and I will
definitely link to it in the description
below then we’re just gonna pull out our
dough it’s great this off I think I’m
gonna use this little scrape or two just
to get a little bit more off out of the
bowl get that loose flour and stuff now
you could do this in a stand mixer
though no problem and it would go a
little bit quicker but not everybody has
a stand mixer and I really want to show
you guys just how easy it is to make
homemade bread bagels whatever without
any fancy equipment because really all
you need is your hands okay so we’ve got
a loose ball here and what I’m gonna do
is just pull it over it’s gonna be real
sticky right now and then that’s fine
because we’re gonna knead it a little
bit and as we move it around it will
become less sticky now this is a dense
dough so it’s gonna be a firmer dough
than some of the other ones that we’ve
made and it’s gonna stay that way and
that’s gonna that’s just characteristic
of the bagel dough okay so I’ve got some
sticking here so I want to add a little
bit more flour you just have to use your
judgement if it’s really sticking to
your surface or sticking to your hands
add a little bit more flour but be
careful you don’t want to go overboard
and add so much that it changes the
bread texture so I’m just gonna need for
a few minutes I don’t need to do this
long at all and we’re gonna go through
the same proofing process that we did in
the homemade bread recipe so we’re going
to use the dehydration
function on the Ninja Foodi
all right I can tell it’s becoming a lot
less sticky so we are just about
finished and literally I think I needed
this maybe two minutes
all right it’s pulling up nicely it also
has a nice little stretch to it so we’re
ready for the for the proofing and this
is going to take 30 minutes in the Ninja
Foodi on the dehydration setting and
I’m just gonna add in a little bit of
olive oil here to the bottom of the
inner pot maybe a half of a tablespoon
or so fold this over to get get the top
here roll it around and then flip it
over and we’re also going to use a damp
towel this is a flour sack and I talked
about them all the time and I will
definitely link to it below and we’re
gonna just lay it over the reason why we
do this is because when the dehydration
mode is on on the Ninja Foodi
the fan runs and we don’t want the fan
to dry out the top of the bread so we
definitely want to cover it if you don’t
have a flour sack or another super clean
kitchen towel that you want to use you
can certainly lightly wrap it with saran
wrap but I found that the fans still
kind of blew the saran wrap around the
edges so you’re gonna want to make a big
enough sheet and check on it maybe
periodically to make sure it hasn’t come
off the bread turn the Ninja Foodi on
go to the dehydration we’re going to go
all the way down to the lowest setting
which is 105 and you can only set the
time from an hour I think up to 8 hours
maybe we want 30 minutes but I’m gonna
go to the hour and then I’ll just check
it in 30 minutes and and we will then
get to the second process of making
homemade bagels
so we just have a few more seconds left
to go on the proofing of our bagel dough
and I have a kitchen scale here with
just a little plastic container I am
gonna weigh the the dough and then I’m
going to divide it into six equal
portions now this is totally optional
you do not have to do this but I want my
bagels to be almost exactly the same
size and that’s the way to get that done
so lift their lid remove our damp towel
and we’re gonna take out our dough now
when you take out the dough you’re gonna
notice it’s really stretchy it’s just
beautiful like this is my favorite part
I think of bread making it’s a little
tacky don’t worry about that it’s fine
okay so so it is about one pound six and
a half ounces so we’re gonna go with
about like three and a half ounces per
big so I’m just going to squeeze off
some and let’s see what that is that’s
probably about for us as well it’s 3.7
let’s go ahead and go with that and
and that one is 3.6 that’s fine
that one’s a little light I can tell yep
2.9 it’s a lot lighter. let’s add a bit more – that
now if this stickiness polishing you can
coat your hands in a little bit of flour
all right that’s 3.8
just put these in half right
right 3.5
and three point well so let’s take some
of this one and give it to this one now
we got three point five here three point
nine here so let’s split the difference
or if that’s good again totally optional
you do not have to do that okay so now
we’re gonna go ahead and form our bagels
and what I’m gonna do is just to prevent
some sticking is put a little bit of
cornmeal down all right so what I want
to do is I don’t want to work with this
too much I I like the way it’s feeling
right now but I do kind of want to
smooth out the top a little bit and make
a round so just kind of pat it down now
it’s gonna rise again so we don’t have
to worry about about it being perfect
cuz as it rises it’s gonna kind of
perfect itself now what you want to do
is put your finger and your thumb here
and just push a hole through now I
didn’t make my holes
I don’t think big enough on the last one
so I’m gonna make these a little bit
bigger and you just set them down like
that so I like that size it’s probably
about a half dollar size and just lay
them down here on the corn meal again
and do it with all six of the dough
okay so we have our six bagels formed
and you can already see the first one
that I did is already starting to rise
it’s already starting to fill in that
circle and that’s why you want to make
the circle about twice as big as what
you want and to be in the middle of your
bagel now we’re going to use that same
cloth and we’re gonna cover these bagels
and they’re gonna rest for about 15 to
20 minutes during this time we’re gonna
get our Ninja Foodi inner pot
filled with about 12 to 14 cups of warm
water I like to start with warm water
it’s not necessary but it will speed up
the process then we’re going to go ahead
and put the Ninja Foodi under pressure
for about five minutes that’s gonna
really heat that that water up and then
we’ll do an immediate release and we
will start to boil our bagels okay so I
have 14 cups of warm tap water in here
and although I rinsed out the Foodi I
didn’t like worry about scrubbing the
bottom or anything like that so there’s
like little pieces of the dough that’s
not gonna bother anything I also have
one tablespoon of sugar now this is
important to add and there’s different
things you can add when you’re making
bagels but this is easy everybody’s got
sugar at home so put in one tablespoon
of sugar what that is going to do is
create the Maillard reaction with the
bagels and help with browning at the end
turn it to seal turn the Ninja Foodi on
go to the pressure mode hi is what we
want and we’re just going to do this for
about five minutes the time is not that
important so if you really want it to
get it done quicker you know you could
do it for two minutes that’s not
important what’s important is that it
comes up to pressure so it’s really
boiling that water in there and then hit
the start so these will rest underneath
the towel for about 15 minutes you know
real quick I’m going to move these
they’re already starting to get bigger
so I’m going to move them kind of
further apart and add a little bit more
of this so it doesn’t stick
there’s so they’re so cool I mean you’re
making you’re making bagels that’s like
so awesome they look great they don’t
have to be perfect like that one’s not
perfect it’s fine as it rises it’s gonna
almost perfect itself and you will end
up with great looking and tasting bagels
at the end of this I promise
okay so it has finished coming up to
pressure and I let it be under pressure
for about five minutes that’s not
absolutely necessary but I thought I
would just give it a good chance to you
know really build up that temperature
now we’re gonna turn it off and hit the quick release
our red button has depressed which means
we can open up the pressure cooker lid
now we want to do that pretty quickly
because we want this to still be boiling
when we put in our bagels and this
allowed the perfect amount of time for
our bagels to do their second little
rise and they look great so we’re gonna
go ahead and pop one and you can do
three at a time they will immediately
start to cook and boil and that’s what
we want all right perfect
now I’m gonna let this go cuz this
waters really had I’m gonna let this go
just for about a minute or so and then
I’m gonna flip them and I’m gonna put
the steam function on for two minutes
now you could do this completely using
the saute saute button you can
boil your water you can keep your water
boiling that’s fine I did that the first
time I made homemade bagels in the Ninja
Foodi but I found this produced a
better bagel for my liking but if it
seems a little too complicated you don’t
want all these steps you can certainly
use the seer saute so I’m just gonna
gently flip these over
they look real craggly right now don’t
worry about that okay so I’m gonna put
this the lid back on and sometimes it
takes a little finess to get this lid
back on because there is some pressure
still built up and you just kind of have
to play with it so we’re gonna go to the
steam function and the time is gonna be
two minutes
and hit start now the thing about the
steam function is your lids not locked
so you can certainly open it up and
check on them so what this is gonna do
is just to help to keep that water
really hot in there and finish cooking
those bagels and then we’ll get on to
the second ones here okay so we’ve gone
just a little over a minute I’m just
gonna take a peek here and oh my gosh
they’re big they look great and I think
they’re pretty much done so I’m gonna go
ahead and take them out and we can get
the second ones in so I’m just gonna
gently lift now don’t touch this water
okay because the water is really hot so
I’m just gonna gently lift these out put
them on our rack here
these look great alright so let’s get
the second ones in the second set of
three be careful don’t touch that water
because the water is really really hot
they will immediately start to cook and
I’m gonna do the same thing I’m gonna
put this lid back on steam and we’re
gonna do four minutes so that should
start to steam right away because that
water is really super hot I’m gonna keep
this to the vent setting now alright so
I’m gonna grab this bagel and pull it
over here and we’re gonna brush it with
a little bit of egg yolk and water
that’s gonna also help with the Browning
and it’s gonna let all of our toppings
stick to this bagel so you can top them
with whatever you like or nothing you
can leave them plain you can leave the
egg wash off that’s fine my husband
really likes sesame seeds and so I
combined a little bit of sesame seeds
with some fine grind sea salt and I just
sort of mix that up and I’m just gonna
sprinkle it right over the top these are
not toasted because we’re gonna bake
these bagels to finish them up and so I
figured that that would that would toast
the sesame seeds so I use none not
toasted alright here’s the next one now
this one the whole kind of closed up a
little bit but it’s still gonna be
same thing brush it with the egg yolk
only I only use the egg yolk and about a
tablespoon of water I mixed in there as
well give it a nice bath
and then this one I’m gonna do with and
everything seasoning that I just made up
from stuff I have around so I have some
poppy seeds I have crushed rosemary
leaves some sesame seeds a little bit of
salt some garlic powder and onion powder
I’m just gonna mix that up pretty good
and sprinkle it on
you could do the backs as well if you
like I’m just gonna stick with doing the
tops though and our third one
all right before I top this we’re at the
two-minute mark so I want to go ahead
and open this up and flip these we want
to get them boiled on both sides so I’m
just taking this wooden spoon kind of
lifting them and flipping them it
doesn’t matter if they touch they will
they will come back apart he’s made some
really super big bagels that’s gonna be
great okay all right perfect put the lid
back on and again it might take just a
little bit of finesse to get it seated
in there and turned and then let it go
the other two minutes and we’ll finish
okay so we’re just gonna finish up
sprinkling this with the sesame seeds
and salt mixture and then we’ll get the
ninja foodie rack we’re gonna use it in
the low position to bake the bagels and
so I’m just gonna carefully set them on
and kind of fit them around so that they
fit on there these are pretty big bagels
so you can only bake three at a time
I don’t want air that should be good
let’s see what’s gonna happen when this
one comes up
yeah just said it like that okay great
so these should be just about done and
I’ll pull those out and then we will do
the same thing we’ll give them a
bathroom the egg wash and and sprinkle
on whatever toppings we want okay so
turn the foodie off open this up and
gently remove the other bagels they look
great egg wash first
and these three will be fine to sit here
while we bake the first three so that’s
no problem in letting them sit for a
little bit so let’s put some of our
everything seasoning
and then our just our plain salt and
sesame seeds
again you can put whatever toppings you
like you can actually saute some real
onions if you wanted to put like little
onions on top how would be really good
and red onions would be really pretty
all right so let me dump this water out
and then we’re gonna get those three
baking okay so let’s put this rack of
bagels in close the air crisp lid and
turn the ninja fruity on go to bake
we’re gonna go to 350 degrees and our
time is gonna be 15 minutes we will flip
them at 10 minutes
all right so they’ve been baking at 375
for 10 minutes I’m gonna go ahead and
lift the lid and remember you can always
lift the lid during any of the bake time
or air frying time with a ninja foodie
and I did I did a couple of times just
to make sure they were browning nicely
which they are now I’m gonna give them a
flip because I want the underside to get
brown as well now the first time I made
these the bagels kind of stuck a little
bit and so I would recommend going ahead
and brushing your great your wrap with a
little bit of olive oil before you put
those into bake just to prevent that so
we’ll go another five and they should be
ready to take out and then we’ll get the
other three in
okay so the 15 minutes is up we did 10
minutes with them upside right I guess
you’d say and then we flip them and we
did another five so we brown the bottoms
a little bit more and they look really
Wow oh my look at that that’s perfect
now we have to put them on a rack to
cool for a minute but just just for a
few minutes
Wow I cannot wait to eat these Wow
that one looks a little bit not quite
round but that’s okay all right so now
these guys can go in on the rack and we
do the same thing
these are a little bit bigger than the
ones I made this morning so they’re kind
of touching the sides a little bit so
what I would recommend doing if yours
are a little bit bigger is halfway
through the first bait the first ten
minutes go ahead and move them around a
little bit all right so we’re gonna put
the big roast back on 375 15 minutes
start I’m just gonna get this cleaned up
and by the time I do that well we’re
ready to taste these bagels okay so I’ve
just let these cool just a few minutes I
mean ordinarily I would let them cool a
little bit longer but I want to give
them a taste for you guys and so I’m
just gonna cut them with a serrated
bread knife now you can obviously toast
these which is ordinarily what we would
do if we were gonna have them for
breakfast but I’m just gonna go ahead
and take a piece and put a little butter
on it then you can see the inside so
it’s got that traditional look of a
bagel and it feels like a bagel
once these cool completely they like
they’re still hot inside these will
actually be better than this one because
I’m interrupting the cooking process and
so it’s a little bit gummy or here but I
wanted to do that because I want to
taste it on camera for you guys I’m just
gonna rip this apart
and get my handy dandy butter Bell here
and get a little butter out of course
you know butter jam peanut butter and
jelly anything you’d like you can go on
these days
that was my dog calli giving her cameo
oh my
really good so the outside is crunchy
but also chewy like a good bagel is
an inside is tender but still dense and
these are right
now I know there’s a lot of steps in
making bagels but it is so worth it I
mean just to know that you made them
yourself and they’re super easy to do so
if you like this video please give me a
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that group as well until next time bye

Randall Smitham



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