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No Bake Keto Cheesecake Fluff

– Hey guys, I’m Jennifer Banz. And today, on Low Carb with Jennifer, we are going to make my Keto
no-bake cheesecake fluff. And we’re also going to make my granola that we are gonna use to
top the cheesecake fluff. And it’s super delicious. You are not gonna believe
how easy it is as well. So let’s get started. So before we get to our cheesecake fluff, the no-bake cheesecake fluff,
I’m gonna make the granola that I’m gonna use to
top the cheesecake fluff. So in this bowl, I have already chopped some walnuts, some pecans, and some slivered or sliced almonds. And they’re in here. So now we’re gonna add
all the other ingredients that we need for the granola. This is some white sesame
seeds, but you can also use black sesame seeds if you want. And we have some chia seeds, and some salt, and some cinnamon, and this is some Swerve sweetener. (upbeat music) And then we’ve got some almond flour. And you don’t have to just use this for to top your cheesecake fluff. You can use it just as a snack. It’s really good granola. We’re also gonna add in some coconut oil, just to bring it all together. Now we’re gonna stir this up. Okay we’ve got this all stirred up. So now, we can dump it
onto our sheet tray. And we’re gonna bake
this in a 375 degree oven for about 10 minutes. That’s all it takes and
then you’re gonna have some delicious granola,
keto granola for snacking. Or you can have it for
breakfast, to top your yogurt or your keto cheesecake fluff. Alright. This is ready for the oven. Okay while our granola
is cooking in the oven, I’m gonna get started on the
no-bake cheesecake fluff. So the first thing we have to do is beat our heavy cream to stiff peaks. So I’m just gonna use my hand mixer and do that really quick. (mixer whizzing) Okay now we can add in our cream cheese. This is one block of cream cheese, and we’re also gonna add
in some Swerve sweetener. This recipe is super easy. It’s only four ingredients. And we’re also going to
add the zest of one lemon. And you don’t have to add this but I think it gives the mousse such good flavor. And it’s really good if you
use like a lemon bar crumble which I have used in the past. I used these Atkins lemon bars. I just crumble it up, and
it is super delicious. And I know not everyone
eats the Atkins food. That’s why we’re also doing the granola. So I think that’s enough lemon zest. So now we’re just going to beat this until it’s all combined. (mixer whizzing) And you need to make sure
that your cream cheese is super soft or else you’re gonna have really lumpy cheesecake mousse. Mine was super soft. It’s gonna come together in no time. Mm that lemon smells so good. And so does the granola in the oven. It smells amazing. Okay so now, we can take these off. (metal banging) Mm, and you can see how
smooth our mousse is. And it looks amazing. This serves this is a very very rich dessert. And it’s gonna serve four to six people ’cause you’re not gonna be able to eat a whole lot of it ’cause it’s super rich. So whenever our granola is all ready, we will put it all together. Okay our granola is all ready, our keto granola crumble. And I’ve also chopped
up an Atkins lemon bar so we can put this all together now. We’ll just put a nice
spoonful of the mousse, and then we’ll put, I’m
gonna make this one with this granola bar or this lemon bar. And then another spoonful of mousse. And top it with a little more lemon bar. Doesn’t that look amazing? Let me get a spoon. Isn’t that so cute? This would be the perfect
like a dinner party, if you wanna have a keto dinner party, this is perfect. So let’s or anytime you want to have some keto cheesecake mousse. So let’s make one with the granola. Little bit of mousse, a little bit, a spoonful of granola, and do a little bit more. A little bit more granola. And there you have it. That one’s a little bit messier. (laughs) So you can find all of
these recipes on my blog, and
you can just search for no-bake cheesecake mousse or
the keto granola’s on there. It’s two separate recipes. Or you can go into the description below where I have the links
to the printable recipes and I also have the
recipes listed down there. You’ll be happy to hear. Now you don’t have to
click over to my website. You can just go down to the description and the recipes are right there. But guys, I hope you love this recipe and serve it to your friends. It is super delicious. And I will see you guys later. Bye. (upbeat music)

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    Thank you!

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    Looks awesome!!!
    I love those Atkins lemon bars.

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    Thanks for making an egg less recipe!!! Love it!!!

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    Thank you so much Jennifer!