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Hello everyone, I’m just standing here having
a nice chilled glass of wine. Hey everybody it’s Chris Gibson. What is red and delicious and meaty and cheesy
that you pretty much cannot have on any diet? Pizza! Una rosa pizza! Anyway, so today’s recipe, today’s episode
is all about making a low carb keto friendly, Atkins friendly taste bud friendly pizza crust. And it’s really really really easy. And, I’ve gotta tell ya, I’ve tested a lot
of these crusts in the past and you know some of them can be really complicated with flax
seed flour and almond flour and all of this different stuff. This is so easy and tasty, and it tastes like
bread. It’s crazy, and there’s nothing in it that’s
even in bread except maybe one ingredient and that’s an egg. So let’s talk about ingredients as I always
tell you the recipe instructions, ingredients and nutritional content of this pizza will
be down in the video description box. So while we’re talking about that, if you
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topics on the show, so if you are enjoying these cooking episodes definitely leave me
some feedback on the recipes and how they work for you. Well let’s get right into it, let’s get into
the ingredients today. So you need 3 primarily, and this isn’t toppings,
this is for the crust. You need Parmesan cheese, and you need an
egg, and you need canned chicken. I know right? Canned chicken. So you need those three items, and actually
on the Parmesan cheese I’m kind of cheating, you need in my version of this 2 kinds of
Parmesan cheese. You need a fourth of a cup of the finely grated
Parmesan cheese like you sprinkle on, and then you need a fourth of a cup of the shredded
Parmesan, you can also use Romano, that works as well. But you need those to equal half a cup of
cheese. Then your gonna also need a couple of eggs
and a can of drained and pressed canned chicken. I mean I don’t know what else to call it,
it’s canned chicken. You could do your own if you want to boil
your chicken and cut it up and do all that, you can, but you can use canned. Again, check your labels, if you are on the
low carb, no carb keto diet because some of the canned goods that we have today, they
add dextrose, multidextrin, sugar, so you want to make sure you check that carb count
on the back of the label to make sure that it is zero or 1. Alright, so what you are going to do is your
going to take the canned chicken and put it in a bowl, and you’re going to press the juice
out of it. Now you should have drained it already, but
you’re going to press the juices out of it. Now if you’re making your own chicken, and
doing this in like the food processor, the same thing, you must press as much liquid
out of the chicken as possible. Then what you’re going to need to do is set
your oven to 350 degrees and you’re going to need to get a non stick baking sheet or
you can use non stick aluminum foil, and you’re going to spread the chicken out. The crumbled, chopped up, shredded chicken,
out on to the cookie sheet and place it into the oven for 10 minutes. And what that’s going to do is dry out the
chicken. It’s going to get more of the moisture out
, it’s really important that the chicken be somewhat dry, so that it helps bind the ingredients
in the crust where they stay together. So once you’ve done that, you take that out,
you put it in your bowl and you add to that your Parmesan cheese, your egg, and you mix
it up. Now I put some oregano in there for flavor,
and some garlic powder. You can do the same thing. You can make this any flavor. You can just go with the plain, or you can
add the Italian ingredients to help it taste better, which I think it just tastes better
depending on what kind of topics you’re going to use. Then you’re going to mix that up really really
well with a hand mixer. It’s going to be gooey. The egg and the cheese, all those proteins
are going to be really sticky, and they’re going to start to cling to the chicken. Everything in this is a huge huge amount of
protein in this when you look at the ingredients list you’re going to be shocked at how much
protein is in one serving of this crust is 122% of your daily need for protein, so it’s
very high protein. So you’re giong to press this out and make
your shell, make your crust, take your time, press it out, press it down, it usually won’t
stick to your fingers but you can use parchment paper over it if you have to but be sure you
create the little lip around the edge of the crust to hold in whatever toppings that you
plan on putting on there. So we’ve cooked the pizza crust for 10 minutes,
now we’re going to put toppings and I’m using a sugar free pizza topping sauce, pepperoni,
and more cheese, since I like more cheese. And you’re going to put all your ingredients
on there, you get your toppings olives, peppers, it doesn’t matter, whatever you want to use. And then you are going to cook the pizza an
additional minutes. Now what’s important here is, you need to
raise the oven temperature to 500 degrees. It’s real important that it be 500 degrees. So that way you’re going to bake the topping
without over baking the bottom or the crust so it doesn’t burn. So 8 – 10 minutes more at the max on this
pizza in the oven at 500 degrees. I can tell you usually 6 – 8 minutes is perfect
timing for it, it’s done right away. So, then what you have is, you have this delicious
looking pizza on a crust that has no carbs and it is really really good. I’m really excited, and a lot of you have
been waiting for this episode to hear about what you think, you’re going to be shocked. This is life changing if you’re on no-carb,
I’m telling you, and if you haven’t had pizza, you’re going to making pizza 7 nights a week
alright? So enjoy, comment, let me know how you like
it, buon appetito!

Randall Smitham



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