April 2, 2020
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I’m diving into another flavor from
Keto-specific ice cream company
Killer Whey this week. I’m doing “No
Judge Mint”, starting now.
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the bell. All right, guys. This is the third
of four flavors that I’m reviewing from
Killer Whey. They’re a company, an
ice-cream company, out of Boise, Idaho.
They do keto-specific ice creams. Awesome.
So a couple weeks ago, I did Coco You
Know, which is their chocolate flavor.
Really quite enjoyed it. And then last
week, I did a review of their Chilla in
Vanilla flavor, also very good. That
review you can see right up there. This
week, it’s No Judge Mint, and it’s got one
more net carb per serving. But I want to
read you what they have to say about it
here from their website. It says:
“Refreshing mint chocolate chip keto ice
cream is our most indulgent flavor, made
with all-natural peppermint extract and
just the right amount of chocolate chips.
It’s 3 grams of net carbs per serving…”
There shouldn’t be an apostrophe
there, guys. Its 3 grams of net carbs per
serving make for a refreshingly healthy
treat. It all contains MCT oil, sourced
100% from coconut. Our mint chip ice
cream contains only 3 grams of sugar per
serving, from just the right amount of
chocolate chips*. It feels and
tastes like a real ice cream without the
consequences of high amounts of sugar. So let’s see what that asterisk means.
You’ll notice our mint chip has 3 grams
of sugar on the Nutrition Facts. Two
grams are from the dairy ingredients (lactose is rated 45 on the glycemic
index) and the chocolate chips have only
1 gram of sugar per serving.
Cool. So this is their most indulgent
flavor. One more gram of net carbs per
serving. I will say, I like those other two
flavors — the vanilla, in particular, felt
more natural, you know —
If that makes sense — than then other ice
creams. And if you haven’t watched either
of those other two videos, I’ll just tell
you a little bit about these guys in
Boise, Idaho. They’re making two lines of
ice creams. One is a protein… high protein
ice cream, which in itself could fit into
someone’s keto diet. But they also do a
keto-specific ice cream for low carbers
like us. Higher in fat, really good ratios,
really good macros in each pint.
So I’ll get into that a little bit more
in just a moment, but first I want to
review No Judge Mint. Now this has been
out of my freezer for one hour.
I’m just gonna dump ice cream all over
my computer, how’s that? There it is.
Smooth. Silky smooth. Some chocolate chips in there. The only mint ice creams I
really can compare it to, from off the
top my head, are the Halo Top Mint Chip
ice cream, which has definitely that…you know, synthetic-y
feeling mint. I don’t particularly
care for that kind, and I think I’ve had
Enlightened’s. There’s an Enlightened Mint
Chip, which I like a little bit more.
We’ll see how this guy stacks up. So I’m
gonna take…Oh, and three parts of the
review: first part is the texture — what’s it
feel like coming out of the pint? How’s
it feel once it’s inside my mouth? Second
part of the review is the taste. I’m
expecting this to taste like natural
mint. And then the third part is the
carbs. So we already know it’s pretty low
in carbs, but we’ll get there. All right.
So I’m gonna dig in here. Let me put that so you guys can see it.
I’m blown out, there. This is what you get
when you have just your phone. Oh, that’s
nice. That’s a good-looking… good-looking scoop. They’re one
Whoo! One hour. One hour is the amount of time to leave this thing out, because
that… that’s an ideal texture. Fatty. Oh,
it’s… you can tell it’s fattier. I really
like the texture and the taste.
The taste — I mean, it tastes like peppermint. So I’ll get
some of these chocolate chunks, here. See if that does anything for me.
I was like, “Where is it that crunch?” That was it. I can get behind this flavor, you
guys. These guys are batting three for three.
Man, this is quite good. All right, last
bite, I promise.
Texture and taste are really working for
me. If ya got an hour, leave this thing
out. If not, probably 20 or 30 seconds in the microwave will get you there. I prefer
not to do that. I’ve had some people suggest that. “Just put it
in the microwave.” Which I’ve done in a
pinch, when I really want ice cream NOW.
I don’t like… I don’t like the way it comes out. I don’t like warmth… warm.
I don’t like warm at all in my ice cream.
At any rate, I’ll read you the nutrition
information, here. Nutrition Facts: Serving
size is one-half cup. Servings per
container: four. The same as the other guys. This is where it starts to diverge.
Wildly diverge from the other guys.
Calories:160 per serving, so that’s
640 calories per pint. Total fat: 15
grams. Great. Normally, in the other guys,
they give you one. Two. 15!! Saturated fat: 10 grams. Carbohydrates: 13 grams total carbs.
Two dietary fiber. Sugar alcohol: 3 grams
of net carbs per serving.
Excuse me. 12 net carbs per pint.
Fantastic. I’ll read the
ingredients. Ingredients are: cream,
filtered water, erythritol, whey protein
concentrate, chocolate chips (which
contains sugar, chocolate, and liquor)
Liqueur? Chocolate liqueur? Is that liquor
or liqueur? Chocolate liquor. That’s how
it’s spelled. Cocoa butter, soy lecithin — thank you for
helping me pronounce that, everybody who helped me pronounce it — and vanilla.
So that was just the ingredients of the
chocolate chips, those last a few
ingredients. Then there’s chicory root
fiber, MCT oil, which is cool that there’s
MCT oil in here,
vegetable glycerin, peppermint flavor,
natural stevia, and then gums: xanthan,
locust bean, and guar. Contains milk, soy,
and coconut. Pretty clean. So another win
for these guys, and if you haven’t
watched the other two videos, I’ll have
you know that I got in touch with
them a little while ago, and asked them if
they’d like me to review this stuff. They
said yes. They gave me a discount code to give to you guys, and it is KETOAD10.
And in the first video, I thought it only
gave you 10% off, but then I realized I
was wrong, and you get $10 off. So this is
a little pricier because it’s online
only, except for three markets, and it’s
nine bucks a pint. But you got ten bucks
off with that promo code. It pays for the
shipping. So check these guys out if you
can. I’m really excited about how they’re
going about making these ice creams for
keto people. Really cool. So that’s No
Judge Mint, a pun that’s as delicious as the
ice cream. And that’s gonna wrap it up
for this video, guys. Hope you enjoyed it.
Hope you get some use out of that
discount code. Hope you try this stuff.
Let me know in the comments if you do
try this stuff, how you like it. What do
you think? And that’s gonna wrap it up. So
I hope you have a fantastic day, and I’ll
see you next time.
so let’s see what that asterisk… asterisk.
Our key tasted more like natural vanilla
then hey ding so no judgment
they say it’s

Randall Smitham